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Applique "Hedgehog" from different materials
Applique "Hedgehog" from different materials

To introduce the child to the properties of different materials, you need to come up with an interesting task that is easy to complete in several ways. Application "Hedgehog" - a good option for classes in artistic creativity. By sorting through different types of paper, natural material, the child will not only develop fine motor skills, creativity, but also replenish his knowledge of the world around him.

applique hedgehog

Production options

Applique "Hedgehog" can be made from various materials and their combinations, for example from:

  • colored paper;
  • corrugated paper;
  • fabrics;
  • dried leaves and petals;
  • cereals or seeds;
  • plasticine.

Choose an idea you like, or better, invite your child to try different techniques.

What you need for work

Application "Hedgehog" will require the preparation of the following:

  • basis for gluing (white or colored cardboard, paper);
  • template (outline drawing);
  • pencil and eraser to draw an outline (or a printer to print a blank);
  • stencils for cutting out details (torso, nose,eye);
  • glue.

The rest will depend on what you are going to use as the main material (leaves, cereals, paper, etc.).

Applique "Hedgehog" made of paper

This is the easiest material to process. A younger preschooler can easily do this craft. You can use this method:

  1. Find a ready-made applique template or just a hedgehog picture you like.
  2. Print the image in duplicate or according to the instructions that came with the template.
  3. Cut out blank elements (from one sheet), the second will be the base.
  4. Glue the parts to the appropriate places. If you use an intermediate layer of pieces of cardboard or foam for each part, you get a voluminous application.

Another way where no templates are needed, all you need is a base sheet, a blank body and a strip of any paper on which the fringe is cut.

paper hedgehog applique

It is convenient to use corrugated paper. It is easy not only to cut such wide needles from it, but also to twist thin flagella from each, which will look very natural and even voluminous. If such a fringe is cut not in strips, but in circles equal in diameter to the hedgehog's coat, which are glued on top of each other, you get a voluminous craft.

Applique of cereals and seeds

Now you know how to make a "Hedgehog" application from paper, but this is not the only material that can be used to make crafts. HighlyRelief images made of cereals and seeds look spectacular and unusual, as if from mosaic elements. To make such a work, proceed as follows:

  1. Find a suitable outline or color picture where the main character is a hedgehog. Print the template.
  2. Choose seeds or cereals that are suitable in color, shape and texture. Needles are good to lay out from sunflower seeds, although watermelon seeds are also suitable.
  3. applique hedgehog in the forest

    Melon or rice grains have a suitable shape, but they will have to be dyed. If you need to change the color of the seeds, you can do this after gluing or before, but with preliminary drying of the paint layer in the second case.

  4. Apply glue to the hedgehog's coat. Arrange needles in rows of seeds.
  5. If you will also make the body from cereals, use a smaller fraction, for example, semolina.
  6. You can either not lay out the eyes, but leave them drawn, or glue plastic purchased or made of paper (cardboard) on top of the decorative layer.

Hedgehog from leaves: applique

This version of the work will introduce the child to natural materials, teach you to compare shapes, colors. It is good to use bright motley autumn leaves. It is important to dry them properly. They must be freshly picked. The technology is simple: dry the blanks with an iron through paper or put them between the pages of an unnecessary book under a press. Dried multi-colored leaves will make a very beautiful application "Hedgehog in the forest".

hedgehog from leaves applique

The work is done like this:

  1. Take a colored cardboard of a suitable shade. All parts will stick on it, so lay the base on a flat surface.
  2. Draw, cut out a contour image of the hedgehog's body using a stencil or printed template. If you do not glue it with leaves, glue it to the base blank.
  3. To give the character an interesting natural color and a pleasant texture, glue the blank of the torso with leaves, for example, silver willow or poplar. After drying, cut along the contour and also glue to the base.
  4. A prickly fur coat is easy to make by gluing the leaves in rows in the direction of the needles.
  5. Eyes can be made from paper, as well as grass, mushrooms and other details. If there is enough natural material, time and patience, make each detail from the leaves, gluing a paper stencil, which, after cutting along the contour, you will later glue to the right place on your panel.

As you can see, the application "Hedgehog" can be done in different ways. Offer your child different ways to work. All options will appeal to the baby.

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