How to make a flower out of wire and nail polish
How to make a flower out of wire and nail polish

Have you been doing needlework for a long time, but have you never heard that you can make a flower out of wire and nail polish? It's easy, and most importantly - cheap, and the varnish just needs to be used thickened, so if you have left unused colored bottles, it's time to get creative.

wire and varnish flower


To make a flower out of wire and varnish, you need the following:

  • Thin wire for the frame.
  • Pliers, round nose pliers.
  • Nail polish in various shades with a wide brush.

To work with wire, you can use scissors and a winding rod instead of special tools. Prepare a flat surface on which you will dry the blanks.

How to make a flower out of lacquer and wire

These handmade masterpieces are really easy to make. The point is that the previously created wire frame is covered with a slightly thickened varnish, connecting the wire rings and forming flat internal "fills" of the contour on their basis.

wire flower and nail polish

Frameworkyou can create both for each petal and leaf separately, and then assemble, or twist the flowers and twigs first, and then decorate them.

Details to be painted should be small, ideally such that the lacquer brush covers them completely in one go. You can, of course, take any other synthetic brush of a suitable size. Only it will be problematic to wash when changing colors. At the same time, the varnish should also be thicker so that it dries out before it drains into your petal.

Wire flower and nail polish step by step

If you have prepared all the materials and necessary tools, you can get to work. The sequence is:

  1. Take a thin wire (ideally special for needlework) and cut it with pliers or even scissors, although they may become unusable after your creativity. You can prepare pieces of such a length that it is enough to twist one petal or the entire product. A flower made of wire and varnish is made exactly on the frame and starting from it.
  2. Using round nose pliers, any available rod or other suitable tool, give the wire part the shape of a ring (petal). At the bottom where the petals will join, twist the ends of the wire to secure the outline of the petal.
  3. how to make a flower out of lacquer and wire
  4. If the flower is made on a common frame, proceed to twisting the remaining petals in sequence, and then immediately form a stalk from the two ends of the wire. For thisyou will need to pre-leave a longer edge at the beginning of the manufacture of the frame. If each petal is created separately, make as many blanks as needed. Assembly will be done last.
  5. Prepare your desired nail polish colors. They should be with standard brushes, not thin ones for painting on nails. Think in advance how you will dry the blanks so that the varnish does not smear and stain neighboring parts of a different shade. Consider where to put the petals, or rather, dry them by sticking them into a prepared solid but plastic material (for example, a piece of polymer clay). After that, you need to gently wipe the frame of the stem.
  6. Take varnish on the brush and cover the petal with it. Go to the back to remove excess so that there is no drop or too thick part of the petal.
  7. Make the required number of blanks of the required shades.
  8. Leave to dry.
  9. After drying, assemble the product.
  10. To complete the wire and lacquer flowers, complete the decoration (if desired) with beads, beads or other details that harmoniously fit into the composition.

Flower products

Now you know how to make a beautiful flower out of wire and nail polish. If you complete several of these elements, you can easily compose an unusual decoration, for example, this:

  • Brooch.
  • Earrings.
  • Pendant.
  • Necklace.
  • Ring.
  • Bracelet.
  • A hairpin.
  • Hair band.
  • Decor for the bag,handmade jewelry boxes.
  • Interior decoration items.

There are many options. Connect your imagination and create your own unique item.

wire and varnish flowers

As you can see, it is not difficult to make a flower out of wire and nail polish, and jewelry made in this way looks like real jewelry made from the finest decorative material.

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