Original wooden gifts with their own hands. Wooden gift for wedding anniversary
Original wooden gifts with their own hands. Wooden gift for wedding anniversary

If you are a fan of natural materials, then it's time to pay attention to original wooden souvenirs. Handmade gifts using natural objects will become memorable and memorable. Choose your favorite technique for working with wooden blanks. Create beauty by yourself.

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Variants and ideas

Unusual wood products (gifts or just decorations for the home) can be made with your own hands from what is easy to find in nature and prepare yourself or on the basis of purchased objects for decoration. It is easy to choose a gift idea from the following list:

  • Cutting board, panel, element of dishes or kitchen utensils, decorated with a pattern and text, made by burning with a special device.
  • The same or different objects (key holders, flower pots, furniture elements, photo frames or mirrors), decorated with color drawings using decoupage technique.
  • The same as in the previous paragraph, only hand-painted (more complex, but exclusive).
  • Decorating any suitable object with a carved pattern (relief).
  • Photo frame, mirrors, stand, decoration of a glass, bottles decorated with branches.
  • A souvenir made from tree cuts or thin branches (frames, panels, coasters for hot dishes, figurines of people and animals).

So, there are many options. There is a choice. Some methods are very simple, others require special tools and skills.

Twig decorations

Unusual gifts made of wood for a man can be made by February 23, New Year or birthday. The branches will make a beautiful frame for a photo or packaging, decor for a bottle of cognac or other alcohol.

woodents for men

Work goes like this:

  1. Cut branches in nature.
  2. Divide each long blank into several short pieces along the length of your object, for example, the height of the vertical part of the bottle. Cuts can be made perpendicular to the central axis or at an angle. In the second case, the cut will not be round, but oval.
  3. Connect the blanks together in the form of a three-dimensional structure or flat, if you are making a frame, using a thermal gun or braid with wire, twine. The latter will easily fulfill the role of decor. This method will allow you to create original gifts in a marine or rustic theme.


You can buy wooden souvenirs made in this technique. Hand-made gifts are now becoming more and more popular. But it is not difficult to make such an object yourself.

original woodents

Work goes like this:

  1. Buya wooden blank in the form of a heart, a house or letters. A simple cutting board is easy to make yourself.
  2. Prime a clean sanded surface with a special compound or any white acrylic primer. Even paint will do. As a tool for work, use a brush or sponge (sponge).
  3. Let the blank dry.
  4. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times until a smooth surface without smudges and stains is obtained.
  5. Take a special decoupage card with drawings, rice paper or a regular table napkin and cut it out, or rather pluck it out with your fingers, gently images, leaving a little white background around the edges.
  6. For napkins, be sure to separate the layer with the image from the base, otherwise the white part will remain on the wooden blank, and the drawing itself will peel off.
  7. Apply PVA glue or special decoupage glue to the picture laid on a primed wooden blank.
  8. Gently smooth the brush over the surface of the wooden object from the center to the edges.
  9. Stick all images like this.
  10. After drying, paint the details with a brush (you can use a stencil).
  11. Paint with varnish. If necessary, make several layers with pre-drying of the previous one.


In this way you can make a personalized gift from wood with your own hands, as with the help of a burning device you can make any inscription. The job is simple:

  1. A contour drawing of the desired pattern or image is applied to the wooden base.
  2. With the device for burning out, you accurately trace the contours of objects, make strokes - in a word, work like a pencil or pen.
  3. DIY woodent


You can make original gifts made of wood by decorating the finished object with a pattern carved in relief. It is so good to arrange a panel, a cutting board. Cutting on a rounded surface, for example, on a wooden glass, and especially a repeating ornament is much more difficult than a composition of different objects, for example, on a New Year's theme. As an idea, you can choose a bouquet of flowers in a vase. For carving, special tools are used - sharp knives and chisels. The image is cut in the form of a relief according to a previously applied outline image.

make at out of wood

Wood painting

If you know how to work with a brush and paints, then you can easily make exclusive wooden gifts for a wedding anniversary, anniversary or other holiday. The decoupage technique described above is a lightweight version of painting. If you know how to make complex images with a brush and paints on your own, you don’t need any napkins and glue. Select or develop themed pictures on your own, apply contour templates to a wooden surface and start working. The rest of the steps are the same as the decoupage technique (priming, drying, varnishing).

Original clothespin souvenir

If you can draw, paints and brushes are available, but there is very little time, but you definitely want toto make a gift from a tree for newlyweds, lovers or for a wedding anniversary, use the original idea presented in this section.

wooden wedding anniversaryt

Work like this:

  1. Take an ordinary wooden clothespin.
  2. Draw the contours of the details according to the sample so that you get a hugging couple.
  3. Color the blank in the colors of those items of clothing that your friends usually wear, or in wedding dresses.
  4. Dry item.
  5. Apply varnish, just dry it so that it does not stick together, that is, open.

Wedding gift: saw cut tree

An original souvenir can be made in the form of a wall panel. The created tree will symbolize strong family ties. In addition, on each saw, if the size allows, it is easy to write a wish or the names of guests.

weddingt tree

To make such a souvenir, work like this:

  1. Prepare saw cuts in accordance with the dimensions of your product. Don't make them too thick.
  2. Remove the bark, dry and sand the surface of the blanks.
  3. Write the text on large saw cuts or use the burning technique. You can also make some thematic drawings on the surface of each element.
  4. If an image is drawn on the saw cuts or applied using the decoupage technique, varnish the surface of the workpiece. Burnout is usually not varnished.
  5. Prepare a base (such as a sheet of plywood) or a wire frame, although a small design can be done without them.
  6. Connect the saw cuts in turn with each other, for example, using hot glue.
  7. Varnish the finished structure if you have not done this step with each element separately.

According to this principle, absolutely any structure can be assembled by combining saw cuts of different sizes. Crafts using this technique are easy to make for the New Year in the form of a simplified triangular Christmas tree, a wreath, a month; for Valentine's Day or for a wedding, make hearts, swans. In a word, there are a lot of opportunities to show imagination.

Wood Anniversary Gift

For every holiday I want to present something unusual and memorable to a dear person. On such a date as a wedding anniversary, you definitely need to present a special souvenir, and no matter how many years it is celebrated: a year, five, ten or forty.

If you decide to buy or make an exclusive gift for spouses with your own hands, pay attention to ideas such as rings, a pair of trees connected into a single crown, hugging figures. They also often make numbers, names, initials. An interesting option is medals made of wood with text.

Such souvenirs are especially relevant for the five-year wedding anniversary, as it is called a wooden wedding. In general, any of the above methods of making a gift is suitable as a decoration for a wedding souvenir. The main thing is to choose the right template for a suitable topic.

You can make gifts with a touch of irony. Such options are suitable for spouses with a sense of humor. They are good to give to a friendfriend.


For example, the idea is:

  1. Cut logs from branches.
  2. Assemble a support for sawing firewood from them.
  3. Put a large workpiece on the goats.
  4. You mount a decorative saw in a log, which can be made from the remaining sheet metal or even a cardboard blank covered with foil.
  5. Be sure to add a playful inscription to the souvenir (on the saw or next to the composition) "drank, but know when to stop" or something similar with a hint of the wife's reproaches.

So, you can make completely different wooden souvenirs with your own hands. Gifts made by any of the proposed methods will be very original and memorable. Choose the appropriate method based on the materials available and the amount of time you are willing to spend on the job.

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