Summer blouses, models for magnificent beauty
Summer blouses, models for magnificent beauty

For some reason, very thin, masculine female figures are considered the ideal of female beauty. Unfortunately, only skinny girls have been favorite models of designers for a long time. And what to do with magnificent beauty? Indeed, sometimes it is so difficult to find standing clothes that will suit overall women and emphasize their dignity, which thin people can only dream of. What if there is nothing suitable on the market? The answer is simple - sew! Blouses, summer sundresses, dresses, jackets - all these clothes will fit perfectly on the figure if they are sewn individually.

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The right style is the key to a beautiful silhouette

Completeness is different, so every woman should pay attention to the features of her figure in order to choose the right cut for clothes:

  • Blouses, summer blouses should not be with open shoulders or ¾ sleeves, as this will emphasize the fullness of the arms.
  • Big-breasted ladies will not fit too open outfits, it will look too flashy.
  • A large fabric print will only add volume.
  • Tight outfit will not make you slimmer, but will emphasize fat deposits in the waist area. However, a baggy outfit will not make for a perfect silhouette.
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Which blouse shape to choose

Summer blouses for a full figure are of different types, and they must be selected depending on the problem area of ​​the body. A properly selected blouse model will not only hide all the flaws of the figure, but also emphasize the advantages and beautiful sides:

  • If your problem is full hips, then an A-line tunic blouse with a slightly high waist will be an ideal option. This form of blouse will hide the fullness of the hips and stomach.
  • Transparent insert in the chest area will lengthen the neck.
  • Fabric with small vertical stripes will tighten the figure. The more stripes, the slimmer the silhouette. A pattern with a diagonal pattern would also look good.
  • Fullness of arms will be hidden by flared sleeves.

How to choose a color

When choosing models of blouses for overweight women, it is worth stopping at plain, but rich colors. Tastes play an important role here, but you should also pay attention to the type of appearance and skin tone. But if you want something with a pattern, then the main rule for colored clothes is that the pattern should be vertical, such blouses, summer sundresses and blouses look original. If these are floral motifs, then they should not be too large.

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Where to sew clothes

Patterns for summer blouses, trousers, skirts and other clothes can be found in special magazines. As a rule, they come with ready-made patterns with a dimensional grid and detailed sewing instructions. But if you are not ready to take up sewing on your own, then it is better to turn to a professional seamstress. To save money, it’s better to find a home-made seamstress instead of an atelier, the quality of tailoring will be the same, but the price for the work will be much lower.

In conclusion, I would like to repeat the well-known truth that there are no ugly women, there are improperly selected clothes that spoil the figure. Someone may disagree, but practice shows that thousands of women who resort to individual tailoring, suffering from overweight, are convinced of this. A woman of any size can be attractive, charming and beautiful.

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