Mark Dvoretsky: biography, achievements, books
Mark Dvoretsky: biography, achievements, books

Mark Dvoretsky is a great, intelligent and educated person. He was a competitive chess champion, but he decided to leave practice alone and move on to theory. Dvoretsky was an excellent coach, thanks to his training, many grandmaster players are developing in our country.

A little about chess

Chess is the oldest game that originated in India. It has a long history. Chess, in its essence, is a logical and sports game. But it also develops willpower, concentration, creative thinking.

The game has a 64-cell board and 32 pieces. Black and white cells alternate with each other, 16 black and 16 white pieces. The essence of the game of chess is to checkmate the opponent's king piece. To do this, you need to think through every move, so you need to think logically and know the rules well.

One game can drag on for several hours or even days, which contributes to the formation of willpower and character. Many people have learned this. Someone became a famous player throughout the country or the world, while someone remained an amateur. One of the great players and bestworld coaches became Mark Izrailevich Dvoretsky, who became famous for his victories in chess games in Georgia, Russia and the USSR.

Mark Butler

Mark Butler: biography

Dvoretsky was born in Moscow on December 9, 1947. He received a mathematical education at Moscow State University, but continued his life path in the direction of chess. A few years after graduation, he became a professional chess player.

Dvoretsky Mark Izrailevich

After victories at the world level, Dvoretsky Mark Izrailevich began to write books teaching chess skills, at the same time he began to train chess players, who later became masters of sports in chess and great grandmasters not only in the USSR and Russia, but also abroad. These people include: Sergey Dolmatov, Artur Yusupov, Nana Alexandria, Evgeny Bareev.

cause of death of Mark Dvoretsky

Mark Dvoretsky has written many very useful quality theoretical and practical books. You can study them on your own and achieve good results. Now these books are highly popular, they are studied by everyone: from small to great. More than one generation of chess players grew up on these books, among which there are champions.

Mark Dvoretsky was endowed with an excellent analytical mindset. The “Endgame Manual”, which he wrote, reveals very well the talent of mastering chess techniques, as well as the coaching skills of Mark Dvoretsky. He could quickly find the right solution in any situation, whether life or chess.problem.

Butler Mark Izrailevich was a very smart and educated person. You could talk to him about everything. He sincerely cared about his students and worried about them, always supported and gave instructions if they began to give up. Mark Dvoretsky was very hardworking. Chess - that's what he did not get tired of thinking, thinking and writing, choosing various methods and tactics. Even when he began to fall ill, he did not stop writing books, correcting the mistakes that his students gently pointed out to him. And for this, Mark Dvoretsky was not angry with them, but, on the contrary, thanked them. He was worried that because of these mistakes, the most important chess competitions could fail, and his students would lose.

Mark Dvoretsky endgame tutorial

Mark Butler's Achievements

1973 was a significant year for Mark Dvoretsky in that he became the Moscow chess champion. In the 1974 USSR Championship, Mark Dvoretsky took 5th and 7th places. In the same year, he also became the champion in the foreign tournaments of Polanice-Zdrój and Wijk aan Zee.

Dvoretsky was just a little bit away from the title of grandmaster, but he decided to teach and train other people, to give them his experience of playing chess. Soon the skill of transferring experience surpassed his practical skills, and in 1979, 1981 and 1987 he became an honored chess coach of the RSFSR, Georgia and the USSR, and also became an honored coach of FIDE.

Today, Mark Izrailevich is the most authoritative, successful and professional coach in the world. From his theoretical and practical methods, his greatgeneration of disciples.

Mark Dvoretsky chess

During his life, the honored master taught chess skills to Nana Alexandria, Artur Yusupov, Alexei Dreev, Alexander Motylev, Sergei Dolmatov, Ivan Popov, Viorel Bologan, Vadim Zvyagintsev, Ernesto Inarkiev, Vladimir Potkin and other chess players. Thanks to this training, they became world, country, European champions in the youth categories, and also claimed the highest chess title. Butler had the experience of teaching not only an individual student, but the whole team at once.

Mark Dvoretsky biography

Mark Dvoretsky became the author of many books and articles in which he expressed his thoughts and ideas. They have gained great popularity and are used by almost all chess players in the world to this day. These books include: "Mark Dvoretsky's Endgame Textbook", "The Development of Creative Thinking in a Chess Player", "Positional Play", "Technique in Chess Game", "Secrets of Opening Preparation", "Chess Teaching Methods", "Etudes for Practitioners", " Combination game” and other famous books.

The book “School of the highest skill. Endgame. Matching game"

The very first book that is intended for chess beginners as well as grandmasters. The author describes various approaches for making any decisions that arise when playing chess. The book has four parts.

“A school of excellence. Matching game"

This is the second book in the series from the title. Written in order to make a top-class chess student out of a student. She firstpublished in Russian with additions and corrections. It contains various test tasks and exercises that should develop the tactics of chess mastery, a sharp eye for combinations and the tactics of thinking through moves in advance.

“A school of excellence. Strategy"

The third part, which tells memorable fragments from the games of Mark Izrailevich's students. There are even full batches of games. Also answers are given to questions that arose during the competition between top-level chess players.

“A school of excellence. Difficult parties"

The fourth part of the book from the title series, it is the final one. In the book, up to its middle, questions are described on how to become a grandmaster, the search for the secrets of theoretical and practical moves. The second half of the book describes the most difficult game of chess by Mark Dvoretsky, his thoughts at that moment, ideas, analysis of each move, mistakes and mechanisms for correcting them. It also provides tips and advice on how to prepare well for a chess game, game, or competition. Only this one describes tactics and methods, analyzes and materials of chess mastery.

Mark Butler analyzes. A tutorial for future champions

The book was published in two volumes. They include absolutely all the moves of the author, his decisions, analyses, findings and thoughts. The psychological struggle of the writer is also described. Since the author is a very sensitive, intelligent and educated person, he outlined everything to the smallest detail in this book so that the student, while reading, would delve into the very essence of the game, learn to control his thoughts,movements and think through all your moves.

Cause of death of Mark Butler

The chess coach died on September 26, 2016 in Moscow. He was 68 years old. Sources are silent about why he died. One of his students said that in August he fell seriously ill, but continued to work on his manuscripts, correct and supplement errors, and therefore it was difficult to say that the writer and trainer was getting sick. What he was sick with was not named. Therefore, the cause of Mark Dvoretsky's death is unknown. He was buried at the Mitinsky cemetery.

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