Beautiful DIY beaded brooches: step by step description and reviews
Beautiful DIY beaded brooches: step by step description and reviews

Affordable and simple material for needlework is beads. As for the number of its shades and varieties, the choice is huge. You can create many different interesting products from beads, from bracelets-baubles to large compositions.

Beads are used both in decorating clothes and in some decorative elements. From this article you will learn how to make brooches with your own hands from beads. Schemes of the original brooches are presented below.

do-it-yourself beaded brooches

Do you like it? It's worth trying to make them. According to most beginners, working with beads is an exciting activity that allows you to turn the most original ideas into reality.

do-it-yourself beaded brooch

In this article we will look at some options for making brooches for clothes or hair.

DIY beaded brooches, master class

Do not assume that beading is a purely female hobby. Some representatives of the stronghalf of humanity could find themselves in this exciting activity, creating unique products. According to the reviews of male craftsmen, weaving jewelry from beads is not only an exciting, but also a profitable hobby. There is always a buyer for original jewelry, whether it be a necklace, bracelet or brooch.

If you are ready, then let's start learning and look at how to make a beaded brooch with your own hands and to your liking.

Required materials and tools

Before you learn how to master the creation of a beaded brooch with your own hands and get started, you will need to prepare some materials and tools:

  • dense fabric;
  • cardboard;
  • piece of leather, for lining;
  • glue "Moment" or any other analogue, at your discretion;
  • cabochon - semi-precious stone, round or oval;
  • beads, size 7 and 11 - three colors;
  • needle and thread;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • pencil.

All of the above items you will need in the process of creating a brooch. With your own hands, you can make an original accessory from beads, for example, a brooch for an evening dress. It all depends on your vision of the end result.

Cabochon braiding

Make brooches with your own hands from beads using a simple technique:

First row:

Take a piece of fabric and glue the cabochon.

DIY beaded brooches

Then take the largest bead and sew two beads near the cabochon with a needle-forward stitch.

DIY beaded brooch for beginners

Pass the needle and thread through the beads again and then add two more.You should have four beads sewn to the fabric.

how to make a beaded brooch with your own hands

Then pass the needle and thread through the final three and attach two more. Pass the needle through the last three beads again and add two again.

do-it-yourself beaded brooches master class

Keep doing this until you return to the beginning of the row.You should get a “ring” around the cabochon.

do-it-yourself beaded brooches

In order for it to lie flat, go through all the beads with a needle and thread several times.

Second row:

To create the second row, take small beads. This row is sewn inside the first row to strengthen the cabochon.

DIY beaded brooches

Beads are sewn in the same way as in the first row.

DIY beaded brooches

After the line is completed, go through all the beads of the new row with a needle and thread a couple of times.

Third row:

Let's start weaving the third row.

DIY beaded brooches

It is located outside the first row. You need to embroider it with the same beads as in the second line.

DIY beaded brooches

The weaving technique remains the same.

Mounting the brooch tobasis

To secure the brooch, do the following:

  1. When all three rows of beads are ready, take the brooch blank and cut all the material around, exactly along the contour. According to the reviews of the masters who worked with the brooch, this must be done carefully so as not to spoil the inside out. Otherwise, everything will have to be redone.
  2. Take the skin, turn it on the wrong side and attach the brooch to it. Now circle the brooch with a pencil.

    DIY beaded brooches

    Do the same with the cardboard.

  3. Take a cardboard blank and, stepping back 5 millimeters, cut along the edge. The circle should be slightly smaller than your brooch embroidered blank. Glue the pin exactly in the center of the cardboard circle.
  4. Then, after the glue has dried, take a leather item and mark the location of the brooch on it. Now you can glue the element with a hairpin to the future brooch.

    how to make a beaded brooch with your own hands
  5. When the glue is completely dry, you can put a circle of leather on the pin.

Decoration of the brooch

  1. Take the beads that were used for weaving the first row. Fix the thread and string two beads on it. Sew to the edge of the brooch using brick stitch.

    DIY beaded brooch for beginners
  2. The brooch is almost ready, but in order to complete the work, you need to take small beads for decoration. From the first bead, draw a thread with a needle andstring an extra bead on it. Then thread through the second bead. Do the same until the end of the row.
  3. Then take five beads of the same size as in the second and third row. Thread five beads onto the needle and thread. They should be sewn in the same way.

    DIY beaded brooch for beginners

You should have a wonderful beaded brooch. With your own hands for beginners, making such an ornament will not be difficult. The product can be presented to loved ones as an original gift.

DIY beaded brooch for beginners

Stylish lips brooch

You can make an original brooch in the form of lips from beads with your own hands. So, you will need:

  • pieces of red felt;
  • strong threads - white and red, matching the color of beads;
  • monofilament - 15 millimeters;
  • beads red and white;
  • scissors;
  • transparent glue;
  • genuine or artificial leather;
  • ballpoint pen;
  • any non-woven fabric (spunbond or interlining);
  • beaded needle;
  • piece of cardboard;
  • basis for a brooch.

Draw and sew "lips" from beads

Learning to make brooches with your own hands from beads. So let's get started:

  1. Draw with a ballpoint pen a sketch of the lips on a piece of non-woven fabric.The line should not only be smooth and thin, but also clear. Then glue the pattern onto the felt.
  2. On a piece of cardboard, circle the lips along the contour. Draw the inner outline by stepping backabout 3-4 mm. Then cut and glue to embroidery. Then glue the base and sew with monofilament. This is done through and through, while the knot is hidden in the beads. Using red thread and red beads, embroider the contour of the lips.
  3. Put on three beads and go back two, go through them again. Continue along the line in the same way.
  4. When putting on the beads, pull the thread and move the beads to the rest so that you do not have gaps on the seam. Try to accurately hit the center of the line with the needle so that the line is even.

    DIY beaded lips brooch
  5. When all the beads are stitched, it is necessary to go through all the beads again. You should get a tight and even contour. Also watch the corners of the lips on the brooch. They should look up a little.
  6. From red felt, cut out the details for volume, carefully trimming the excess edges. Glue the resulting parts, for reliability, you can sew. In the process, adjust the corners and edges of the lips.

    DIY beaded lips brooch
  7. Start sewing from the middle, putting beads on the thread and trying on the right amount of beads.
  8. Tighten the thread so that the felt is not visible, but not too tight.
  9. Add or subtract beads as your lips get smaller or bigger. In the corners of the "mouth" if there is a lot of space, then you can add a few more small beads. Fill in the white voids with threads where small beads do not fit. Follow the line of the lips. It must not move.

Embroider "teeth" with white beads.Cut along the outline near the edge, but without damaging the threads.

DIY beaded lips brooch

If you have little experience, it is better to leave a place with a margin. Then turn the brooch over and trim the remaining edge on the wrong side.

Some Assembly Tips

In the process of work, at first you should not experiment. Use the material from the above lesson: "Do-it-yourself beaded brooches." The weaving patterns presented in the article will help you understand in detail some of the intricacies of the work.

  • When trying on the leather, draw lines where your base will be inserted into the leatherette. If it does not fit well, then it can be cut a little. Make the cuts as small as possible so that the base does not peek out. Use good leatherette that stretches easily and regains its shape.
  • Glue use carefully, the entire surface should be covered with a thin layer of glue. Smooth with your fingers, expelling its excess. Trim around leaving 1-2mm to cover the thickness of the felt.

Last recommendation: not everyone can make brooches embroidered with beads. Do not leave your own exclusive on a dusty shelf. Attach to a scarf, dress, blouse or bag and wear with pleasure.


Most people, both women and men, enjoy beading. For some, this hobby brings some profit.

DIY beaded brooches

Purchasing certainskills and learning how to work with beads, you can make not only brooches, but also other jewelry. By the way, a brooch can consist not only of beads. With a good skill, you can combine several of your favorite needlework in one work. The main thing is that the hobby brings pleasure and joy to you and others.

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