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Tamron lenses: specifications and reviews
Tamron lenses: specifications and reviews

Tamron lenses are a global brand. The high quality of products manufactured under this brand is hard to miss. For creative people, this option is the best fit, because this company produces products that satisfy absolutely all the needs of photographers. Lenses are presented to customers in a wide range, so that anyone can find a product with a perfect fit.

tamron lenses

Deciphering symbols

As you know, there are certain designations on goods related to technology. "Tamron" is also no exception, so you can find encryption on any lens. Unfortunately, even a professional photographer may not know these designations, which makes it difficult to work. To avoid trouble, you should understand and remember the combinations:

Di A lens designed for digital cameras. Although this marking is not a ban on the use of the lensfor digital SLR cameras.
Di II This marking indicates that it can only be used with modern digital cameras.
SP Super Performance (translated as "professional model"). This designation is placed on lenses that meet the highest design requirements. The best technical parameters are immediately determined on the model bearing this marking.
IF/ZL Indicates a unique internal focusing system. This is quite an important marking for any photographer, because it is such a function that is often required. Thanks to it, the optical performance is significantly improved and presented to the owner at a high level.
LD Confirms the presence of low dispersion glass elements. This enhances the quality of the shot and ensures that there are no problematic moments that sometimes appear with lenses with a large focus.
XR Tamron lenses with this designation operate using small elements that guarantee a high refractive index. It took a lot of time and effort to create such a model, but now it pleases every owner.
VC System that makes vibrations almost imperceptible. This is a pretty good plus, since the loud operation of the camera (and the lens in particular) often causes inconvenience.
AS/ASL Aspherical elements in such models contribute tolight weight and compact size. To get the best quality, Tamron uses several hybrids, so fast models have no idea about distortion.
AD Anomalous Scattering - An optical glass that boasts a sufficient scattering (partial) ratio. Professional photographers appreciate and respect lenses with this marking, because they are really indispensable in their work. And you can find this designation on some models with automatic or auto and manual focus.
HID An element that helps to minimize aberration (obstacle to optimal quality) along the axis and at the corners.
DG There is more enlightenment for the rear lens, which helps to get rid of or slightly reduce reflections from the matrix.
HSM Indicates a proprietary ultrasonic type motor that contributes to automatic and near-silent focusing.
SHM Special mechanism to help you easily mount the lens on your camera.
ZL Proprietary lock mechanism that prevents the tube from extending when the device is moved over a long distance.

Best lenses

Many people have already purchased Tamron lenses and were happy with their choice. As mentioned above, a large assortment is always a difficult choice. Therefore, you should consider those options that are very popular in recent times.time.

tamron lenses for canon

SP AF 90mm

Pretty good telephoto lens that got five stars from buyers. Its main advantage is its 90mm focal length, which is a pretty good value for an amateur photographer. Focusing can be either automatic or manual. In terms of weight, this option is not so heavy - only 550 grams.

Ideal for shooting outdoors. Often it is bought in order to capture the most important and interesting moments during the trip. The compact size makes it easy to carry the lens in your bag.

AF 18-200mm

The universal Tamron 18-200mm lens differs from other models in the presence of a filter thread of as much as 62 mm. Its weight is much less than that of the previous model - 398 grams.

tamron 18 200mm lens

The price is acceptable for almost all people, so it is very popular among beginners. The lens will help you create a masterpiece shot in any terrain. After use, positive emotions are guaranteed.

SP 24-70mm

The Tamron SP lens is a high-end model designed for SLR digital cameras. It is equipped with an optical stabilizer as well as ultrasonic focusing.

The SP class is high performance in itself. Its most important feature is the presence of a proprietary addition - a three-dimensional vibration compensation system. This fact guarantees sharp pictures duringlong exposure time. Focusing is quite fast and without noise.

On top of everything else, the lens is made of durable material that resists water, dust and so on.

SP AF 70-200mm

Professional model has, first of all, an ideal ratio of price and quality. Experienced photographers can afford to purchase such a lens, and in return receive a high-quality product that will last for many years.

Really high image quality is achieved by low dispersion glass, which is not found in every product of this type. Any kind of shooting will be pleasant with it: macro, portrait, landscape and so on.

And the package includes two covers (front and back) that protect against dirt penetration, as well as a case, thanks to which the lens can be taken on hikes.

tamron sp lens

AF 18-270mm

The compact Tamron 18-200mm (f/3.5-6.3 aperture) Sony E-mount lens is a versatile model weighing just over 500 grams. 7 aperture blades and 67 mm filter thread are the main features that attract buyers. Professional photographers with extensive experience recommend it to beginners, as the low price and high enough quality will allow you to learn the basic nuances in this profession.

AF 70-300mm

The unusual Tamron 70-300mm lens has a lot of advantages, for which it is loved by all buyers. First of all, it should be noted thatweight, compared to previous models, a little more - 765 grams. In addition, it boasts 8 aperture blades, as well as manual and auto focus. Any important moment will be captured in the picture, taking into account all the small details. The result is a beautiful photo with high quality.

Professionals buy this product more often than beginners or amateurs.

AF 28-75mm

Zoom lens, fairly compact and lightweight. The design distinguishes it from similar options and immediately attracts buyers to itself. The fast model is intended for shots that require a long exposure time. Focusing (manual and auto) does a great job. With this lens, you can capture clear, high-quality images from various holidays, competitions or travel.

Tamron or Nikon

The two most popular firms make good products, so customers often have to choose the best product. For comparison, you can take a Tamron f2.8 lens and a Nikon model with similar characteristics. As a result, it will be clearly understood that similar data is not at all an indication that both lenses guarantee the same high image quality.


Judging by the catalog, Tamron lenses are inferior to the second production in terms of price. But the winner is the "Tamron", which has a large aperture. In all other respects, the options are similar: image stabilization, appearance, equipment, and so on.

tamron lens reviews

SoThus, if you choose only by price, not taking into account the technical characteristics, then the favorite is immediately determined.

Sharpness and contrast

Judging by the testing, some nuances were clarified, after which the Tamron product was recognized as the winner. During the test, the settings were set exactly the same, so there was no catch here. As a result, photographers noted the excellent performance of both lenses. But the winner was unanimously identified, because the contrast, and, accordingly, the sharpness of the finished image, were much weaker in Nikon.

Professional photographers recommend these Tamron lenses for Canon. In this combination, anyone can independently verify and confirm its high quality.

Long Distance

At the next stage of testing, the settings were set not only "by default". The city was chosen as the subject of shooting. In the first case, despite the better aperture, the Tamron showed a slightly worse result, although there were no serious differences between the shots.

But when setting other settings, our favorite successfully rehabilitated and became the winner again. This fact indicates that the owner of the lens will have to deal with all its nuances and learn how to set the correct parameters to get the perfect photo.


Tamron lenses have successfully passed one more stage of testing. 17 attempts to take a better photo did not help Nikon, so the unanimous victory is givenfavorite, who showed his power at the very first stage.

Compared to Tamron, Nikon showed, one might say, terrible performance. Although the quality of bokeh is not important for every photographer, it should still be considered when choosing a purchase.

tamron f lens


Any commercially available Tamron lens receives reviews, of course, from its owners. And on their basis, the buyer will be able to decide whether to take the products of this manufacturer.

Real people's opinions are not negative. And in fact, how can you find flaws in lenses that have compact dimensions, suitable equipment, fast focusing, and so on. In addition, when buying a product, a person receives a warranty card for a long period. It is quite rare for Tamron lenses to require repair at this time.

tamron 18 200mm f 3 5 6 3 lens

Very often, photographers switch to this product of this company, replacing the product of other manufacturers. The popularity of the described lenses is only increasing day by day, and with it the quality is growing.

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