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Circular knitting needles "ADDI": reviews
Circular knitting needles "ADDI": reviews

As a rule, when someone just learns the basics of knitting, he does not think too much about the quality of the material and the characteristics of the tool. Later, when the first steps have been taken and basic skills have been obtained, the needlewomen begin to pay attention to the quality of the yarn. And only already quite experienced craftsmen carefully choose the tool with which they knit. They study its characteristics, pay attention to the smallest details: the material, the smoothness of the knitting needle, the ease of movement of the loops, rigidity, durability, the shape of the tip, and many others. And in this case, not the cost, but the quality is more important. Particular attention when searching for the perfect tool is paid to reviews. Knitting needles "Addy" occupy, according to most needlewomen, a leading position among analogues.


Packing Addy spokes

Addy is a family business that has been in existence for 6 generations. LocatedThis company is based in Germany and has been operating since 1829. Such a long existence, as well as attention to detail and respect for customers, has made it possible to create an almost perfect tool for needlework. This company sells its product in more than 55 countries around the world.


Since the company closely follows the wishes of customers and their feedback, Addy knitting needles, like other products of this company, are presented in a wide range, which allows customers to choose the tool according to the highest criteria.

Company "Addy" produces knitting needles and hooks from natural materials (olive wood, bamboo), plastic and metal. There is also a division according to age characteristics: here you can find both classic knitting needles and educational knitting needles for children. In addition, the company produces three-stage knitting machines, a variety of hooks, ranging from classic to tools with an ergonomic handle, as well as various useful little things: electronic row counters, measuring grids, tips and templates for measuring needle sizes.

However, the largest assortment is presented among knitting needles. In addition to differences in composition, instruments differ in shape and length.

Circular needles

Knitting in a circle

Most of all positive feedback about circular knitting needles "Addy". The special connection of the fishing line with the working part makes it so easy to move the loops around the tool that you can even forget that these are not simple straight knitting needles. Moreover, the transition is smooth at any size. Special attentionwas given in reviews of the "Addi" knitting needles to the quality of the connecting line. As practice has shown, with a small length (up to 50 cm), it behaves very well and does not twist. Longer models tangle a little, but still less than other firms' instruments. In addition, the manufacturer himself on the packaging indicates what actions must be taken with the fishing line so that it stops twisting. Also, it is on the fishing line that the size of the knitting needles is indicated, the location of the inscription is not accidental, since the classic marking directly on the knitting needles is erased over time due to active contact with the skin of the hands.

short knitting needles

Another original solution is the production of circular knitting needles in mini format, with one knitting needle extended and with curved tips, which allows knitting products with a sufficiently small diameter, for example, socks or cuffs, with a fishing line length of 25 cm.


Set of circular needles

Sets from "Addy" deserve special attention. And we will not talk about those that include a tool (knitting needles or a hook), yarn and a pattern, although there are such in the range, but about the famous Addy knitting needle set. According to reviews, needlewomen unanimously recognized him as their dream. Its equipment is quite diverse: from 3 to 10 pairs of tips of circular knitting needles of different sizes, fishing lines of different lengths and a connecting rod that allows you to fix 2 knitting needles into one long one, increase the length of the fishing line by connecting it to the second one, and also loop the tool with an unknitted product, if necessaryuse knitting needles of this size for knitting another thing. The manufacturer provides a choice of material: there are sets with bamboo, plastic, metal knitting needles, as well as mixed ones.

Special attention deserves the system of fastening the fishing line to the tip. Here it does not twist, as with many manufacturers, but snaps into place. To do this, just insert it into the tip and turn it a little. Thus, the fishing line is securely fixed and does not fall out during operation. It is this fastening system that gave the name to the circular knitting needles "Addy Click". Reviews about them are only positive, but there were also several shortcomings regarding the quality of the product. Over time, the markings of both the knitting needles and the fishing line of one needlewoman were erased (possibly a factory defect). Wooden tools break, and metal ones bend (in both cases they were stepped on, they are not deformed during operation). In addition, it turned out to be not very convenient to knit using the magic loop method due to the junction of the knitting needle with the fishing line.


In addition to circular, this company produces classic straight, for knitting braids and stocking needles. The latter deserve special attention. Everyone is used to seeing sets of 5 knitting needles. These are present in the range, however, experts have created a unique tool - stocking knitting needles "Addi". According to reviews, needlewomen have already managed to appreciate their convenience. The kit consists of three pairs of shortened knitting needles connected by a fishing line 4 cm long. When knitting, the loops are not on four, but on two knitting needles, the third is working. Such a designallows you to reduce the risk of losing loops, as well as the formation of stretch marks at the intersection of the instruments. In addition, these spokes have a different shape of the tips. If on one side it is blunt and rounded, then the opposite will be with an elongated end, as for knitting lace.

elongated tip

When switching from classic knitting on 4-5 knitting needles, there may be problems with the calculation of rows and loops, and at first paths are formed at the transition points from one knitting needle to another.


If we summarize all the reviews about Addy knitting needles, we can get the following characteristics of this product: light, slippery, comfortable, durable, knitting is a pleasure, hands do not get tired, and the speed of making things increases. May bend or break under heavy load, but not in use.

The company's management believes that if a person buys their product, he should get the best. And their philosophy is reflected in the slogan:

Quality is a luxury for hands. It's the only way to make knitting fun!

And any needlewoman after the very first loop knitted on the knitting needles "Addy" will completely agree with this.

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