Polymer clay for beginners and the secrets of working with it
Polymer clay for beginners and the secrets of working with it

Perhaps every person in childhood picked up plasticine. It is understandable: modeling classes remarkably develop fine motor skills. But why not return to such an exciting activity as an adult? Especially if the modeling material can now harden! Polymer clay is indispensable for beginners who are just getting acquainted with this amazing material.

polymer clay for beginners

About the material and its properties

The main ability of polymer clay (plastics) is the ability to harden at certain temperatures. That is, a molded product can be easily turned from soft to hard, for this you just need to bake it in the oven. Polymer clay is often a mystery to beginners. The fact is that it consists of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and the so-called plasticizers. When exposed to high temperatures, plasticizers disappear, soaking into PVC.

It is thanks to this property that she is so loved by many needlewomen. From it you can create various jewelry: earrings, bracelets, pendants, ormake small souvenirs. It is even used to make dolls and design nails.


It is important to observe certain precautions when working with various chemical compounds, which include polymer clay. For beginners, it will be useful to know some safety rules:

  1. Remember to wash your hands after sculpting.
  2. Keep separate hobby tools that will never be used as kitchen tools.
  3. Never microwave polymer clay.
  4. If the products are overheated, then you need to quickly open the windows and doors wide open, and then leave the room and wait for the harmful fumes to leave the apartment.
  5. If you are sculpting with children, then make sure that the clay does not get into their mouths.
  6. polymer clay jewelry for beginners

Be sure to pay attention to the recommendations that are indicated on the plastic packaging! It says baking temperature. The fact is that for different types of polymer clay, it can be different.


So, when working with plastic, you will need the following tools: a knife, gloves, a needle or a knitting needle to pierce holes. We also recommend getting sandpaper - it will help to make the product perfectly even. If you are thinking of a complex creative move, then you can’t do without part templates. Do not forget about the decor: sequins, beads, rhinestones. This minimum will already allow you to create unique polymer clay jewelry. For beginnersthe above will suffice. A special set of tools can be purchased later.

polymer clay for beginners

From polymer clay for beginners, for example, you can make small beads that can turn into earrings or become part of another piece of jewelry. In general, there are a lot of techniques for mixing different types of clay together. Using them, you can create a wooden or glass structure, even come close to imitation of gold and precious stones. For example, to make jewelry look like marble, you need to mix several colors together, but not completely. You just need to twist together several different strips - and the multi-layered pattern is ready.

Polymer clay for beginners is a great opportunity for self-expression. And with a certain experience and diligence, things made from this material simply will not be worth the price.

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