The main sculptor's tools for working with wood, clay, stone
The main sculptor's tools for working with wood, clay, stone

What tools do sculptors use in their professional work? How is stone, clay, wood processed? The answers to these and other questions can be found in our article.

Sculpting machine

The basic tool of a sculptor, regardless of the specifics of the activity, is a sculptural machine. It is a kind of stool with a rotating work surface. There are options with adjustment according to height and changing the degree of rigidity of rotation around the axis.

stone sculptor's tool

Preference should be given to metal sculpting machines. Such devices contain bearings that contribute to the easy rotation of the working surface. The screw thread on the tripod allows for easy height adjustment. Among other things, metal machines are heavier than their wooden counterparts, which ensures stability during operation.

Stone tools

The main tools of a sculptor who works with stone,protrude chisel, hammer and file. Such devices can be purchased as a kit. They are sold in art shops.

sculptor's tools

Beginners are advised to pay attention to light hammers, the weight of which is from 600 to 900 grams. The tool should have two flat surfaces that are wider than a regular nailer. This feature is due to the need to apply frequent blows to the chisel. At the same time, a heavy hammer will allow you to get the job done faster. However, for an inept master, too large pieces may break off from the blanks.

The main tool of a stone sculptor is a flat chisel. Some varieties contain pointed hooks that vaguely resemble a miniature fork. Such elements are optional when working with stone, but they can significantly facilitate the carving of the material and ensure that fine details are given the desired shape.

Another sculptor's tool for stone processing is a file. With its help, the sculpture takes on a complete look. It is desirable that a whole set of such devices be available. When performing work, you need to stop at the option that best suits the dimensions of the product.

The finished sculpture must be polished to eliminate traces of rough processing. For these purposes, it is advisable to use sandpaper 220. Only with this approach, the product will look sophisticated and complete.

stone sculptor tools

Clay sculptor's tools

Obviously, fingers are the best tools for working with clay. However, when finalizing the product, one cannot do without a set of special devices. So, what is the tool used by the sculptor to process the surface of a clay sculpture? The following should be noted here:

  1. Metal or wooden stacks - make it possible to cope with fairly rough processing of the workpiece.
  2. Compass - required for measuring models and making drawings.
  3. Pantograph - used when it is necessary to reduce or increase the size of the model.
  4. Mernik - makes it possible to determine the parameters of individual elements of the sculpture protruding above the planes.
  5. Square and ruler - make it easy to measure the length of vertical and horizontal lines.
  6. Brushes - used to sweep surfaces, remove clay crumbs from products.
  7. Syringe - Needed to hydrate models.

Woodwork tool

An indispensable tool for a sculptor who creates wood products is a pattern. This is a drawing device that provides the ability to transfer the desired lines to the surface of the workpiece.

Knives-jambs are used for artistic carving. Such tools contain a cutting surface with a slope. With their help, contours are cut and ornaments are made.

Geometric carving becomes more complicated in the absence of cutter knives. They are convenient to perform all kinds of rounding. In addition, such a wood sculptor's tool providesthe ability to create product elements with curved lines.

a tool with which the sculptor processes the surface of the sculpture

Among other things, masters often use the so-called "Tatyanka". Similar knives are used for power carving. Most often they are used to create figures of animals and people. "Tatyanka" provides easy processing of soft wood, because the extended handle transfers maximum force to the surface.

The mandatory set also includes all kinds of chisels. The latter make it possible to grind models and create various kinds of recesses.


Stone carvers and woodworkers recommend the use of respirators. However, the advice is more for professionals who use electric tools and do large amounts of work. For beginners, a regular gauze bandage or a cheap paper mask will do.

In order to work safely, it is important to wear safety goggles. It is better to purchase products that do not fit too tightly to the face. In this case, the lenses will not fog up during processing of workpieces.

clay sculptor tools

The more experience a sculptor has, the less often he rubs blisters. However, beginners can not do without tight gloves. Such protection for hands will allow you to avoid chafing the skin, as well as cuts when in contact with the tool and materials.

In closing

As you can see, there are a lot of special tools for working with individual materials. For beginners completelyYou don't need to have all of these devices. After all, most of them are required only by professional craftsmen. To begin with, a few basic tools will fit, with which you need to make friends, and only then move on to more complex tasks.

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