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The most valuable and most expensive coin of Ukraine
The most valuable and most expensive coin of Ukraine

In circulation in Ukraine you can find many different coins of different years. Among them there are also expensive coins of Ukraine. There are two types of rare coins: changeable and commemorative (commemorative and investment).

General provisions

What are the rare and expensive coins of Ukraine? An indicator of such a phenomenon as a rare coin is, first of all, its circulation. It is he who forms its value. The second component is the market price. The simplest and most common misconception is that the older the coin, the more expensive it is. This is not true. In the history of numismatics, it also happened that 300-year-old coins were simply worth nothing because of the large circulation.

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List of expensive coins of Ukraine

The cost of rare coins of Ukraine varies from hundreds to thousands of rubles. These are coins of 1996 and 1994, 2003 and 2001, and also 1992. Price List:

  • 1 kopeck, minted in 1994, costs 1600 rubles, and in 1996 - no more than 550 rubles.
  • 2 kopecks, issued back in 1992, cost 10,000 rubles. 1996 and 2003 - less rare - are valued at 550 and 1600 rubles, respectively.
  • 5 kopecks in 1994 cost 15,000 rubles, in 1996 - 450-550 rubles, and in 2003 - around six hundred Russianrubles.
  • 10 kopecks minted in 2001 are worth 600-800 rubles.
  • 25 kopecks of 1995 issue cost up to 2500 rubles, and 2001 - 550-800 rubles. But the most expensive 25 kopecks were issued in 2003 - their cost varies between 2500-3000 rubles.
  • 50 kopecks, 2001 issue - not the rarest, but cost 550-700 rubles, and the rarest, 2003 - 1600-1900 rubles.
  • 1 hryvnia, which appeared in 1992, is the most expensive coin in Ukraine. It can cost numismatists from 14,000 to 16,000 rubles. The hryvnia of 1995 is less valued - 150-250 rubles. And one hryvnia in 2008 - 300-500 rubles.

The most expensive coin of Ukraine

There are also non-standard coins of Ukraine, which do not indicate the year of issue. They were first minted at the Luhansk Machine-Building Plant in 1992, along with standard coins. They were put into circulation in 1996, during the monetary reform. These defective (experimental) coins differed in metal, dimensions, and weight. It is to them that numismatists are of particular interest, since they have survived to this day. So, commemorative, commemorative and investment coins are rare and expensive coins of Ukraine.

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Ukrainian 5 hryvnia coins are only commemorative and commemorative. They are classified according to the metal from which they are made. There are 4 types in total:

  1. From nickel silver. There are many of them (unlike others). Nickel silver was used to make coins that were dedicated to the dates of the founding of important cities in Ukraine.
  2. Made of silver. The cost of such a coin is almost the same as the cost of the metal from which it is made + margins. For example, the anniversary coin "100 years of the Kyiv National Economic University" with a face value of 5 hryvnia, issued in 2006.
  3. From cupronickel-nordic. Bimetallic coins with high mintage and low market value. These were in the series "Anniversaries of the creation of regions".
  4. From gold.
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Investment coins

Investment Ukrainian coins are divided into two categories. These categories are determined by the metal from which they were made - gold and silver. The issue itself began in 2011, a series of coins was called "Archangel Michael". This series was made from different metals, and the coins were of different weights. Also in this series there are several coins that can be referred to as the most expensive coin of Ukraine. Nowadays there are 5 types of such coins:

  • 20 UAH. She is the most expensive coin of Ukraine from this series. Its cost is 60,000 rubles. Together with the edge, its thickness is 2.4 mm. The mass of the metal is 31.10 g, and the diameter of the coin is 32 mm
  • 10 hryvnia. Such a coin costs 26,000 rubles. Weight - fifteen and a half grams, and diameter - 25 mm. The very thickness of the coin, together with the edge, is 2 mm.
  • 5 UAH. It costs 14,000 rubles. Its diameter is 20 millimeters, its weight is 7.78 g, and the thickness together with the edge is 1.6 mm. One of the distinguishing features of this coin is the quality of the "uncirculated" minting.
  • 2hryvnia. Quite small, and the price is the same, only 4800 rubles. The edged thickness is 1.1 mm, the diameter of the coin is 16 mm, and the weight of the metal is 3.11 grams.
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All of the above valuable coins of Ukraine are made of 999 gold, and their edge is sectoral corrugation.

1 hryvnia. It costs only 1200 rubles. This is the only coin made of 999 silver. Its edge is corrugated, its diameter is 38.6 mm, weight is 31.10 g, and the thickness together with the edge is three millimeters

The reverse of each coin depicts the Archangel Michael, mentioned in the Bible as the patron saint of warriors and the conqueror of evil. At the top of the coin is the State Emblem of Ukraine, and on the shield is the logo of the National Bank of Ukraine: griffins, between which the hryvnia.

The main thing is not to miscalculate

The cost of any investment coins depends on the prices of the metal from which they were produced. Therefore, before buying, you need to study the cost of an ounce of silver and gold and compare it with the weight of the coin, only then you can understand whether its price is real.

rare and expensive coins of Ukraine

EURO 2012

The most expensive coin of Ukraine in our time is 500 hryvnia, dedicated to the finals of EURO-2012. The high cost of such a coin is determined by the material from which it was created - 500 grams of gold, as well as the mintage - 500 pieces. This makes it truly the most expensive coin. According to some reports, its exact cost is 1,012,388 rubles. All the coins that have value in our time will not fit on the page if you make a list. Actuallythe high value of most commemorative coins is due to their high content of precious metals, and only a small part will be expensive due to the rarity and small issue.

Interesting facts

A valuable coin can also act as a symbol of power. There is a rumor that coins with the inscription "10 years of independence of Ukraine" with a denomination of twenty hryvnias, containing 62 grams of silver, were issued in a rather small circulation - 1000 coins, and only deputies and ministers of Ukraine received them. There is nothing left for collectors. But the rarest coins of Ukraine are silver, weighing 1 kilogram.

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