Do-it-yourself frame doll: photo, step-by-step instructions and interesting ideas
Do-it-yourself frame doll: photo, step-by-step instructions and interesting ideas

The frame doll is an original toy that will be an ideal addition to a private collection or room decoration. The cost of such toys is quite high, some copies are generally made to order. You can make a doll yourself, showing skills in needlework, imagination in creating an image, enjoying the process. This saves the family budget.

Making a "skeleton" toy

The frame doll is a toy whose base is made of flexible material. Often, wire is used for these purposes, as it is strong, bends well, easily deforms, and takes the necessary shape.

making a wire frame

Experienced masters do not use any wire in their work, but a certain type. It is convenient to work with copper, aluminum and steel. Often, a material with a diameter of 4 millimeters is selected. This parameter may increase depending on the need for rigidity of the frame and the size of the doll.

To strengthen the overall frame, sometimes several wires are intertwined with each other. In order not to overload the “skeleton” with wire too much, it is worth strengtheningseveral bindings only the most functional areas: legs, arms, the torso itself.

Having decided on the size, you should cut off two identical pieces of wire, from which the legs, torso and head will be formed. Having measured the length of the legs, you can begin to twist the blanks. The place of twist is the torso. Having reached the position of the hands, you need to take the third piece of wire and twist it with the workpiece. After completing the skeleton under the arms from the main strips of wire, you should continue to form the neck and head in the form of a loop.

There are other techniques for forming a wire frame. Each master selects the option with which it is most easier to work. Experienced craftsmen make the torso movable and flexible by connecting all parts of the toy's body with loops.

Which material is suitable for trimming the torso

When the "skeleton" of the toy is ready, you can start making the torso. There are many options here that involve the use of one or another execution technique, depending on the material chosen.

the process of creating a body for a skeleton doll

The body of a skeleton doll can be made from the following types of materials:

  • Polymer clay is suitable for those masters who have modeling skills. A polymer clay product will be strong but not flexible.
  • The work uses textiles and synthetic winterizer, the process is similar to the creation of a soft toy: a base is sewn, which is stuffed with soft material.
  • The metal frame can be tied with a hook or knitting needles. Creationsimilar to working with textiles.
  • The torso, made using papier-mâché technique, exactly repeats all the lines of a person, but remains too fragile.
  • With the help of the technique by which the winding dolls are created, you can easily create a body. Threads, strips of fabric, ribbons are wound on the frame.
  • Formation of the base with cotton wool and paperglue. Cotton wool is used to create volume, and paper glue fixes the soft base.

Sometimes several techniques are combined in one product, each element of the doll's body is created from a certain type of material.

Design Tips

Design is formed with the help of little things: the colors of the doll, clothes, hairstyles, jewelry. But the general image needs to be thought out initially, when choosing a topic. The most popular version of frame dolls is Colombina, which is available in any collection of a self-respecting collector.

Harlequin, clown, gypsy, gothic style doll are no less interesting. More romantic and bright images are: a fairy, an angel, a girl in a light dress, an elf and other fairy-tale characters.

Handmade skeleton dolls can have any theme and design that suits the master to complete the collection. To make the product bright, memorable and original, you should pay special attention to the costume, pose and face painting.

Secrets about details

In any product that is made by hand, it is important to think over the details and little things of appearance. For a better understanding of the process of creating a unique toy, it is useful to familiarize yourself with master classes. ATOn frame dolls, professionals mostly focus the viewer's attention on making hair, eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

themes for creating dolls

Masters say that the hardest thing to make eyes. There are several options for preparing this element: buy ready-made parts made of plastic, glass, ceramics, or make eyes for the doll yourself: from transparent beads, by drawing on the material, using embroidery.

Eyelashes and eyebrows are shaped in several ways. Most often, these details of the doll's appearance are made from false eyelashes. Natural fur hairs are used. If the doll is made in a playful style, then the eyelashes are made from loose braid.

To make the doll look more natural, it is better to use natural or synthetic hair. In special departments you can buy hairpins, hairpieces, strands. Fluffy threads, brocade divided into fibers are less commonly used. This option will move the doll away from the resemblance to a person.

What you need to crochet a doll

Creating a skeleton crochet doll is easy enough for those who know how to knit. With such a product, you can decorate the interior, give it as a gift or use it for games.

crochet dolls

To bring the idea to life, it is worth preparing the necessary tools and materials:

  • Cotton yarn is suitable for creating the torso. It is recommended to choose beige, white, peach and pink tones.
  • Buttons will be needed for movable attachment of arms and legs.
  • According to thread diameterhook number is selected.
  • If the details of the torso are sewn together, silk threads and a needle will be required.
  • Catonic yarn is suitable for making hair.
  • Beads and several floss colors will become relevant when creating a face.
  • Any knitting threads are needed for the outfit.
  • Decorative materials: ribbons, capron, buttons.
  • Prepared wire frame.
  • Filler to create volume.

We knit a small crochet doll without separation

The easiest option for beginners will be a crocheted skeleton doll (a description of the process in the text below). The product is knitted entirely without joining parts. The height of the toy will be approximately 15-18 centimeters.

To create a wireframe you will need the following materials:

  1. 50 grams of beige cotton yarn.
  2. Hook 3.
  3. Sintepon.
  4. 2mm wire.
  5. Long skewers.

Getting Started: Crochet a Skeleton Doll

The manufacturing master class consists in describing the procedure. You need to start by knitting certain parts of the body, it is better - from the hands. Diagram for getting started:

  1. Create a 6 single crochet amigurumi ring.
  2. In the 2nd row, increase the number of loops by 2 single crochet.
  3. The 3rd and 4th rows are knitted according to the given algorithm.
  4. 5th row: Single crochet 1, double crochet 2 in 1 stitch, single crochet 6.
  5. 1 double crochet, makedecrease and knit 5 single crochet.
  6. Decrease stitches again and knit 5 single crochets.
  7. 3 rows knit 6 single crochet.
  8. Single crochet, add, 4 single crochet.
  9. 2 rows knit the resulting 7 single crochets.
  10. 2 single crochet + increase + 4 single crochet.
  11. 14 rows, knit 8 single crochets in each row.

Knit legs

Now you need to make legs for a knitted frame doll:

  1. Start with the right foot.
  2. The first row is the same as for the hands.
  3. Increase in 3 subsequent rows of 1 single crochet.
  4. Knit 3 rows x 9 single crochet.
  5. Knitting 4 single crochets, turn the work 4 times.
  6. In the next row, decreasing after a single crochet, knit 1 loop in a circle.
  7. Increase stitches until you have 12 stitches.
  8. In each subsequent row, decrease the columns until you get 9 loops.
  9. Knit 6 rows like this.
  10. Inc 1 st.
  11. 2 rows in 10 sts.
  12. Inc 2 sts=12 sts.
  13. 7 rows knit 12 single crochet.
  14. Reduce bar.
  15. Reduce the column again.

To create a knee, it is worth making a smooth decrease in loops to 10, and then again gradually restore the initial number. To create the shape of the hips, it is better not to do any subtractions / additions.

amigurumi dolls in the making

Under constructionthe torso and legs will be exactly visible where to reduce and where to increase the number of rows. Sometimes such a correction "by eye" is simply necessary, because knitting often has a different density.

Knit body and head

Amigurumi frame dolls are very easy to knit if you follow the pattern. The next step will be the manufacture of the torso:

  1. One leg joins the first air loop, then 11 single crochet stitches, add 3 stitches. Make an air loop, which is the basis for the second leg. 3 more additions and again knit 11 columns. Close the circle.
  2. Increase one column in each subsequent row until the total is 19.
  3. Knit 12 rows with 19 stitches.
  4. Next, join the hands in the same way as the legs.
  5. In each row there is a decrease 2 times.
  6. When moving to the neck, only 5 bars should remain.

Without breaking away from the body, it is worth starting to knit the transition for the head:

  1. In the next four rows, add 5 columns each.
  2. 11 rows knit 40 stitches unchanged.
  3. Reduce 4 columns, and in 4 subsequent rows, 6 columns each.
  4. After 12 bars are left, it is worth making another cut to leave 6 bars.
knitting legs with a torso

Assembling the product

For an experienced craftsman, a crocheted frame doll is made without seams if knitting is done by crocheting or knitting. In the process there is a successiveassembly, by attaching body parts to air loops.

assembling a frame doll crochet

Eyes and other facial features are usually embroidered on knitted dolls. "Hair" is threaded with a hook. Next, an outfit is made and decoration is made. An outfit with textile elements will suit a knitted doll.

Creating costumes and accessories

The finished frame doll needs to be beautifully dressed. Sometimes the production of a costume takes longer than the creation of the doll itself. Suits can be sewn by hand or on a sewing machine.

Some masters sew an outfit directly on the doll. This fixes a lot of problems:

  • The outfit will definitely match the size of the doll.
  • The manufacturing procedure is simplified and accelerated.
  • If you put on separately sewn items, you can damage the doll.

There are many options and design solutions for creating outfits. Sections can be trimmed with ribbons, lace, braid, damage - it all depends on the design of the doll itself.

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