The novel "The Rebinder Effect" by E. Minkina-Taicher
The novel "The Rebinder Effect" by E. Minkina-Taicher

The Rebinder Effect is a novel published in 2014. The book has collected several prestigious awards and many positive reviews. The author of the novel is Elena Minkina-Taicher.

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"The Rebinder Effect" is a book whose author says about himself: "I'm more of a doctor than a writer." The writer was born in Moscow, graduated from a medical institute. The author of The Rebinder Effect is currently a medical practitioner.

Minkina-Taicher lives in Israel, works a lot. When he finds time to write works of art is unknown. Nevertheless, the reviews about the work of the Israeli writer are completely enthusiastic. So, what is the book that Elena Minkina published not so long ago about?

Rebinder Effect Features

This novel is a collection of chapters, each of which is named after a line from Pushkin's work. The book contains a wide variety of characters: from a gifted musician to a nondescript dreamy schoolgirl. The author called the work "The Rebinder Effect" a family saga.

Why does the book have that title? The Rebinder effect is a change in the strength of a material, which increases its ability to deform. Minkina-Taicherwrites about people who survived the Stalin era, the thaw. Their characters have acquired flexibility over these difficult years, the ability to adapt to life circumstances.

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A storm covers the sky with darkness…

This story is about a boy who grew up in an ordinary Moscow communal apartment. My father died at the front in 1942. He was raised by his mother and grandmother. One day a woman came to their house. She was crying out loud. Later, when the boy matured, he learned that an unfamiliar guest was involved in the “Doctors' Case”.

Leva was only five years old when he was brought to a music school. A well-known teacher was present at the audition, who spotted a gifted child and accepted him into his violin class. Since then, Leva has been making music for four hours a day.

Mother and grandmother constantly fought for his love. This continued until a new person appeared in the house. He was bald, overweight, but extremely positive. Mom's fiancé offered her a hand and a heart. And then he took with him to the distant city of Khabarovsk. Soon both the grandmother and the beloved teacher died.

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Her sister's name was Tatyana…

They were not sisters, not even distant relatives. Olya and Tanya have been friends since elementary school. Tanya's mother was the same woman who once came to Leva's grandmother. The woman was suspected of wrecking. Tanya's mother was fired. BUTher daughter nearly lost a friend. Olya's father had nothing against the Jews and admitted that there could be mistakes in this high-profile case. However, he forbade his daughter to be friends with Tanya. But soon Stalin died. Suspected saboteurs released and reinstated.

When Lyova Krasnopolsky's grandmother died, Tanya volunteered to help this young genius. She took care of him until his parents arrived. And then Leva left with his mother for the Far East, without even saying goodbye.

“Happiness does not love everyone…”

The fates of the characters in the book are intertwined. Tanya and Olya are school friends. One of their classmates is an unusual girl named Kira. She is different from her peers in every way. And the manner of dressing, and appearance, and family. Her house has an unusual atmosphere. Grandmother addresses her granddaughter exclusively in French. There are many amazing and beautiful things in Kira's room. And most importantly, this family has a secret.

In one of the short stories, the author talks about Kira's mother's own sister. The girl was convicted under Article 58. In prison, she gave birth to a girl, but soon died. Kira's daughter (a friend of Olya and Tanya was named after a relative) was raised by a simple and uneducated Evdokia. The woman raised the daughter of an enemy of the people in a deep province. And no one ever found out that Kira was not her native.

Not the fate assigned to me…

Olga's father knowingly convinced her of the need to end her friendship with her only friend. He knew firsthand what a punitive state machine was. Ivan's parents were dispossessed at the time when he receivededucation in the city. Neither mother nor father reached Siberia: they died on the way. Since then, Ivan lived quietly, fearing unnecessary conversations, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible. And he raised his children in the same spirit.

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The destinies broken by the revolution are discussed in the book "The Rebinder Effect". Elena Minkina-Taicher does not divide her heroes into positive and negative ones. It tells about the tragedy of the victims of dispossession, and the sad fate of children whose parents once stood at the origins of the so-called war communism.

Life has not spared anyone. But the heroes of Minkina-Taicher, despite the betrayal and death of their parents, continue to live. The protagonists of the novel are an outstanding physicist, a talented musician, doctors who fulfill their duty selflessly, despite adversity and poverty. The heroes of the book "The Rebinder Effect" are people who have dedicated their lives to the profession.

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