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How the "cat" application is used by creative people
How the "cat" application is used by creative people

It turns out that the application "cat" can be used in an extremely diverse way. And not only kids can do their work in this technique. If you use a creative approach, then the application "cat" will help decorate life around and bring new colors to it.

Kids activities

Of course, this is the first thought where the application "cat" can be used. Moreover, kids really like these cute pets. And their life experience allows them to imagine how these animals look in reality.

applique cat

But for applique classes with children, you should prepare a cat template. You can cut out details from colored paper in advance - this is if the children are very small, 2-3 years old. And for older kids, you can just give a ready-made cat template from cardboard so that they circle it and cut it out themselves.

You need to stick the parts in turn. Moreover, the eyes and nose are already attached to the cat's head. It is recommended that younger students be offered only a body template, and let them model and cut out all the small details on their own.

Scrapbooking card

Almost everyone is touched bythe shape of an adorable cat. Therefore, postcards with pussies and kittens are in such demand. Making such a lovely picture, on which you can then decorate a congratulatory inscription, is not difficult at all.

paper cat applique

If you plan to make a vintage postcard in the style of scrapbooking, then an application “cat” made of paper and a few leaves and flowers is quite suitable to achieve the goal. You can additionally use bows made of satin ribbons or "grandmother's" lace, miniature fabric roses and beads. It already depends on the flight of fancy. But the cat itself is better to make more natural. As the main application, a real photo taken by oneself or taken from the Internet is suitable.

Funny postcards with cats

But you can create a creative greeting, almost without bothering to find the right picture or template. This postcard is also an application. The cat is made in a primitive technique. Having carefully examined the sample, everyone can easily draw the same one. Although a creative person will still try to create his own version in a similar technique.

cat pattern

The cat itself can be cut out of pieces of wallpaper. A small drawing will only emphasize the originality of the idea.

Wallpaper application

This is a new way to design walls. Cats pasted on wallpaper look especially cute in children's bedrooms and playrooms. Although some adults are not averse to decorating the walls in their bedrooms with them.

Cats can be cut from wallpaper in other bright colors or fromadvertising materials, magazines. It turns out very creative if the master manages to combine several colors in one application. And it will turn out just fine if the cats on the walls are completely different.

cat applique templates

Templates are suitable for making applications on fabric, and pictures from children's albums for coloring.

Fabric cat appliqué

Many needlewomen love to decorate babies' clothes. Such an application will make the outfit unusual, give the child a uniqueness. You can sew a cat on a T-shirt or dress, on a pocket or even on a jacket, hat.

fabric cat applique

Appliques are sewn both on the product itself and on the fabric of a different color, which is then already on the thing. Some make appliqués with hot glue.

To do this, the master first puts the fabric with the circled pattern on the wrong side on pure polyethylene. Put a newspaper down. Then this “sandwich” is ironed over the fabric with a heated iron so that the polyethylene layer and the fabric are slightly “grabbed”. You need to be careful: if the iron is too hot, then the paper will stick to the polyethylene. And that should be avoided.

Then a part is cut out of the fabric with adhered polyethylene. Now comes the second critical moment. The part is applied to a permanent location, polyethylene down, and carefully smoothed down with a hot iron. Now you need to try to make the application stick tightly to the base.

Appliques with catsin home furnishings

Handmade things for household use are very much appreciated today. And with the help of the application, you can simply transform the design of the room. For example, sofa cushions with funny pussies sewn on them look amazing and make the home cozy.

application cat on the pillow

You can also make rugs on the walls or on the floor, napkins and tablecloths, decorate curtains in the kitchen and in the nursery with applications.

Many today are fond of patchwork technique. When creating a patchwork bedspread, you can sew cat appliqués on every detail. Although it will look good little thing in which bright rectangles will alternate with calm monochromatic ones in a checkerboard pattern.

patchwork with appliqué cat

Primitive stylized cats are quite suitable for such applications. Even those who absolutely cannot draw can draw them with a ruler.

Here's how much fun you can do with the appliqué technique.

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