How to sew a tutu skirt in one evening
How to sew a tutu skirt in one evening

The tutu skirt has been the trend of the season for several years. It is worn by the smallest fashionistas, and teenagers, and twenty-year-old girls. It is not surprising that Internet forums are full of questions about how to sew a tutu skirt. Mothers want to make their daughters fashionable new clothes, and beginner needlewomen are in a hurry to find a use for their talents in life.

how to sew a tutu skirt

The tutu is almost two hundred years old. Even the name of the ballerina who became the first owner of this model is known. It was a brilliant dancer from Italy, Maria Taglioni. It was for her, according to the sketch of the artist and admirer of the talent of the ballerina Eugene Louis Lamy, that the world's first ballet tutu was made. At first, these skirts were bulkier and longer. They were sewn only in black and white colors, and only in the middle of the twentieth century did the packs acquire their current, now classic, form. A tutu skirt, sewn according to all the canons, is found only on stage. The number of layers of fabric that this skirt consists of is from 10 to 15. The shape of the silhouette is kept by a special wire fixedbetween layers. Only experienced dressers and designers know how a tutu is sewn. It is better to make a simpler model with your own hands.

In fashion today, special emphasis is placed not on classic models, but on somewhat modified styles. And the most popular of them is the American tutu skirt. Moreover, it is interesting in that for the manufacture of such a skirt, tailoring as such is not required. So how to make or how to sew a tutu?

do-it-yourself tutu

First of all, you will need a piece of tulle measuring from 4 to 6 meters with a width of one and a half meters, and with a width of 3 meters, a length of 2 to 3 meters, as well as a thick elastic band with a width equal to the waist minus 3 cm. All tulle is cut into pieces with a width of 15 cm and a length equal to twice the length of the skirt plus 2 cm. When choosing a fabric, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the color of the skirt due to drapery will turn out to be paler than the color of the fabric in the roll. The same effect is obtained if a chiffon skirt is sewn. Therefore, it is better to choose brighter shades.

You can use not a piece of tulle, but tulle in rolls 15-20 cm wide. They are also cut into strips with a length equal to two skirt lengths plus 2 cm. In this case, 2 or 3 such rolls will be required. The required amount of fabric depends on the pomp of the skirt and its length. But in general, at least 60 ribbons should go to 1 skirt. If you want to create a more creative model, then the ends of the strips can be cut obliquely.

In this model of the skirt, you only need to make one seam: sew the elastic in a circle. No more stitches are required. Now let's start how to sew a tutu skirt.

chiffon skirt

To do this, pull the elastic band over the back of the chair. Now we twist each tulle ribbon, fold it in half and make a loop around the elastic band. In this case, the knot itself should be made free so that the elastic band does not twist. Then the next tape is taken and the procedure is repeated. The more stripes, the fuller the skirt. If you want to make a particularly lush version, then you can roll 2 tulle ribbons at once, but in this case more material will be left. The entire elastic band should be filled with knots with ribbons evenly. They should fit snugly against each other. Now it remains to fluff the tulle ribbons, and the skirt is ready.

But how to sew a tutu skirt from fabric of different colors or shades that blend into each other? To do this, choose tulle of different colors, depending on the composition. You can take several shades of pink and white or choose diametrically different tones: black and red. Then the tapes simply alternate.

Fabric with a pattern should not be taken, because the pattern will be lost in the cut ribbons. If you want the pattern of the top or accessories to be combined, then you should also choose several shades of the fabric of the main palette used.

The general principle of construction allows you to completely solve the question of how to sew a tutu skirt. For example, create an asymmetrical cut: a shorter hem in the front and a longer hem in the back. This effect is achieved through the use of strips of different lengths.

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