Decorate our house. Original do-it-yourself curtains
Decorate our house. Original do-it-yourself curtains
original curtains

Every woman knows how important the role of curtains in the appearance of an apartment or any other room, such as a cafe or restaurant.Original curtains, curtains, blinds create style and mood - business, solemn, or have easy communication and relaxation in a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, do not neglect this interior detail, it is better to make the most of its opportunities for self-expression and the formation of a unique style for your home.

original curtains with your own hands

Creative Design Options

So, what design options can we use in order to get completely original curtains, one and only?

Firstly, this is an application. Requires some skill, but not too difficult to perform. But the result will justify itself, no doubt! (See first photo)

original curtains for the kitchen

Secondly, this is a game with color. The colors you choose for the set of curtainscan be harmoniously combined with each other and with the color of the rest of the textiles and objects, for example, furniture upholstery or the color of bedspreads and pillows. But you can also use contrasting colors. Very decorateany curtains have numerous folds, and flounces and frills give them a romantic look. This is especially true for kitchen curtains. This form of curtains, as in the second photo, will allow you to put a lot of flowering indoor plants in pots on the windowsill, which will undoubtedly decorate and enliven the interior even more. In addition, the very combination of deep emerald and cream colors in this model is very successful. Isn't it very effective and original curtains?

original curtains with your own hands

Original curtains for the kitchen are often decorated in the "country" style, that is, rustic. They use funny "calico" drawings for this: peas, flowers, floral ornaments. The ideal option is a coupon ornament, that is, the pattern printed along the edge of the fabric is more saturated, its motifs are larger and brighter.

The third creative thought about the decor of curtains is directly related to lovers of knitting. Knitting curtains on knitting needles is hardly a good idea, but to assemble such a curtain from crocheted motifs, and even ingeniously match them by color, is quite feasible and not so difficult. But such beauty certainly will not go unnoticed and will be appreciated by everyone who sees it in your home. Economically budget, but extremely interesting option.

Now let's talk a little about the issue price. Of course, good quality fabric and spectacular colors cost money. Yarn for knitting will also require money. And there are not always extra finances that can be easily spent on the purchase of new curtains.But we are not ordinary women. we are with you Mary the master.

Therefore, now we will creatively solve the issue of creating a new masterpiece from a piece of ordinary, very gray, very unattractive and very cheap fabric, and make original curtains with our own hands

So, we take the fabric and cut it into pieces of the length we need. In a wide and deep basin, we dilute the aniline dye in hot water, and preferably in boiling water. We lower our fabric there and stand for a while. the time depends on how intense the color you want to get. Then we pull out part of the future curtain, and leave the part to be stained further. Thus, you get a spectacular version of the "graded", i.e. gradually passing from light to dark, the color of the fabric. Dry and hang. Your most original curtains are ready!

Good luck with your work!

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