How to make a robot out of boxes with your own hands? Instruction and photo
How to make a robot out of boxes with your own hands? Instruction and photo

Childhood is a wonderful time when even a simple cardboard box can easily become a house for dolls, a spaceship or a funny robot. Making a robot out of boxes with your own hands is not difficult for any parent, especially since you can easily involve your child in this process, who will be delighted with both the result and the manufacture of crafts. In this article you will find detailed instructions for making a variety of robots from scrap materials.

Candy robots

What you may need

Before you start making a robot out of boxes with your own hands, check that you have prepared all the tools that you may need during the work:

  • Several boxes of different sizes.
  • A stationery knife and additional blades for it.
  • Scissors.
  • White paper.
  • Glue moment.
  • Paper tape.
  • Aqueous emulsion white paint.
  • Spray of silver paint.
  • Bottle caps.
  • Other decor.
  • Robot from boxes

Helpful tips

To ensure that work brings you only joy, read these simple tips:

  1. Do not glue the boxes to each other with PVA glue - it soaks the cardboard and does not allow the product to stick well. Also, do not resort to the help of a glue stick - it is too unreliable. The best solution would be glue - a moment or a glue gun.
  2. Let the water-based paint dry well before spray-painting the item.
  3. Only spray your robot outside, on a balcony, or in an entryway to avoid inhaling large amounts of harmful fumes.

Do-it-yourself box robot

Robot blank

In order to make such a blank for the robot:

  1. Choose boxes of different sizes and stack them one on top of the other.
  2. Swap the boxes, try different compositions.
  3. Secure the boxes with glue.
  4. Glue all the joints of the boxes with paper tape so that these joints are not visible under the paper or paint.
  5. If desired, glue the entire surface of your future robot with white paper or just paint it with water-based white paint.
  6. Decorate your robot however you want.

Craft with a child "big robot"

A great way to cheer up your baby at a time when it is impossible to go for a walk and you need to occupy him with somethingat home, it can be making a robot out of boxes with your own hands. A great feature of this type of creativity is that you, most likely, will not fully represent the final version of your product, because you will come up with the appearance of your robot on the go. To get started, collect all the boxes that you have around the house. Immediately remove those in which equipment was sold, the warranty period of which has not yet expired. With the rest of the boxes, you can create as much as you like. It is desirable that the cardboard on the boxes is not glossy, as other materials do not adhere well to it.

Fold the boxes several ways. Mark the arms, legs, head. Experiment! Perhaps your robot's arms will not be made from boxes at all, but, for example, from an old hose or a foil pipe for ventilation. Do not be too lazy to find the materials left after the repair - the remains of skirting boards, ceiling tiles, wallpaper and more.

When the image of your craft is thought out, glue the parts together with a glue moment. Working with material such as fast-drying glue is best not to trust a child under 10 years old. Take on this part of the work.

Now smear the whole robot with PVA glue or a pencil and glue the paper on top. You can leave the robot in its original form.

Include all the imagination when decorating it: give the child plasticine, paints, matchboxes, ropes, bottle caps of different sizes and colors. Imitate levers and light bulbs. Such an evening activity will definitely be a great pastime for a child from 5 to 12 years old, most importantly,so that the parent himself is carried away at this moment.

craft with a child

Handmade box robot suit

Halloween, popular in the West, is firmly holding its positions in Russia. Now, in many educational institutions, a party is held dedicated to the day of all saints, when both children and adults dress up as various characters with pleasure. A great idea for a costume party can be a robot costume. To make it you will need:

  1. Pick up two boxes for the head and torso. One more, and the other, respectively, somewhat less. Check that the head can easily fit into one, and the child's body into the second.
  2. Cut a hole for the head in one box, and in the second, remove the bottom edge, also cut a hole for the head and two holes for the hands on top.
  3. In the box that should serve as the head of the robot, cut a hole for the eyes. You can make antennas out of wire and attach them from the inside.
  4. Paint and decorate both boxes. Choose silver paint to mimic the steel body of the robot.
  5. Put foil pipes on hands and feet or just wrap them with foil.

In such a handmade robot suit out of the box, your child will definitely not be able to go unnoticed.

robot suit

Matchbox robot

The robot you are going to make with your child doesn't have to be full size. It can easily fit in the palm of your hand,while remaining absolutely charming. In order to make a matchbox robot with your own hands, take 8-10 boxes, fold the robot out of them and glue the boxes together with any glue. Here you can even use a regular glue stick, as the boxes are very light.

Now gently paint the product with a brush, after waiting for the glue to dry completely. Decorate the product to your liking.

Robot head out of the box

In the event that you don't need a whole robot costume, and the child really wants to feel like this particular character, you can limit yourself to one helmet. Make him a robot head out of the box with your own hands, and he will be incredibly happy. To make this toy:

  1. Find a box that fits your child's head or slightly larger.
  2. Glue it well so it doesn't open.
  3. Cut a hole to fit the head.
  4. Cut out a hole for the eyes.
  5. Ties can be made at the bottom to keep the helmet firmly on the baby's head.
  6. Paint the box with emulsion and spray-tint it.
  7. Add a grin or a smile, make antennas or ears-locators, glue a couple of temperature sensors.

Done! Your child will be addicted to playing robot for days.

Robot from boxes

So you learned how to make a robot out of boxes with your own hands and realized that such an activity can be turned into a hobby for you and your child. Show a little imagination and even an ordinarymaterial can make your child happy.

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