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How to make a heart out of paper with your own hands - a step-by-step description, diagrams and recommendations
How to make a heart out of paper with your own hands - a step-by-step description, diagrams and recommendations

The heart is the most famous symbol of love. Often, to express their feelings, people make crafts in the shape of a heart. They can be made from anything, but the largest variety of shapes and techniques is available, of course, in paper form. You can make a voluminous heart out of paper with your own hands, you can fold a small origami heart, you can make a panel of small figures - fantasy is practically unlimited. Such a creation will be a great gift for any occasion for your soulmate or loved one. It will be especially relevant to make a gift in the shape of a heart on February 14 or a wedding anniversary.

How to make a paper heart box?

If you want to make a DIY gift box, it's easy to do. The Internet is full of ready-made templates for boxes of various shapes. You don’t have to rack your brains on how to make a box out of paper - a heart, if you just print the template on a printer, cut it out, transfer it to thick cardboard and glue it on all sides. Then the box must be decorated in your own way.taste. If it is made of plain paper, then the decor can be made brighter and more voluminous, but if the cardboard from which the box is made is bright, with flowers or other ornaments, then you should give preference to a minimalist design.

Heart shaped box

Another way to make a heart out of paper is to draw all the details on thick cardboard yourself, cut them out and glue them with a glue gun. This way is more difficult, but the box will look smoother and more perfect. All parts are best made from boxed cardboard. To make it arch in the shape of a heart, on one of its sides you need to make notches from edge to edge vertically at a distance of about a centimeter from each other. To keep the shape, it is better to fix it inside and out with paper tape. Next, you need to paste over the box with wrapping paper and add decorative elements. Artificial flowers, beads, buttons, ribbons will look great on the lid.

Origami heart

Origami is a technique of folding a square sheet of paper into figures of various shapes without the use of glue and scissors. To master the secret of how to make a heart out of paper - origami, even a child can. The most popular addition scheme looks very simple. The result is a plump paper heart with air inside. It is better to make it from double-sided pink or red paper.

  1. In order to get a voluminous heart, you need to take a square sheet and fold it in half twice: first horizontally, then vertically.
  2. Expand sheet:in the middle you should get a cross from additions.
  3. Fold the sheet in half: a trace of the second fold will be visible in the middle.
  4. To this strip you need to bend the corners, not reaching 5 mm to the center.
  5. Turn the workpiece so that the top of the triangle looks up.
  6. Then you need to raise the edges of the lowered flaps up so that they are flush with the sides of the triangles.
  7. Next, you need to lower the edges of the wings again. In their place will be the fold lines.
  8. You need to bend the corners of the triangle with sharp edges to the fold line, to its very beginning. You should get triangular "ears".
  9. Corners formed under the so-called ears, which must be lifted, bent and hidden under the upper triangles.
  10. After these simple manipulations, you should get a pentagon with sharp corners. So that these corners do not spoil the soft outlines of the heart, they need to be slightly crushed with your fingers.
  11. You need to turn the craft over and inflate it through the hole made from below.
Paper origami heart

With such voluminous hearts, if they are small, you can fill a box with a gift for Valentine's Day, and hang a thread from them to decorate the room.

Paper heart panel of butterflies

It will be very interesting to look like a panel of paper in the shape of a heart. It will require the following materials and tools:

  • Thick paper - large sheet.
  • Pastel colored paper.
  • A small piece of cardboard.
  • Square photo frame.
  • Scissors.
  • Simple pencil.

In order to make such a panel, you need to stretch thick paper over the frame and fix it so that the blank looks like a canvas stretched over the frame. These papers can be purchased at craft stores or art stores. It is usually used for pencil or pastel work and is sold in large format sheets. Next on the cardboard you need to draw a small butterfly and cut it out - this will be a stencil. On paper of a delicate shade, circle the butterfly many times. Butterflies of pale blue, pink, beige shades will look good. It will be interesting to look at a combination of two or three colors. On an impromptu canvas, you need to draw a heart with a simple pencil and stick it along the contour of the butterflies in the middle, bending the edges up. Next, you need to fill the whole heart with butterflies. Such a picture will look good in almost any interior.

Butterfly panel

Paper pom-pom heart

If you are wondering how to make a paper heart with your own hands, then an interesting solution will be a pom-pom heart. You can buy ready-made pompoms - they are sold in stores with goods for the holidays, as well as on Aliexpress, or you can make them yourself. In order to make paper pom-poms, you need to take crepe paper, which can be found in any stationery store. But how to make a heart out of paper in stages:

  1. First you need to cut the paper into identical rectangles about 20 cm wide (the width of the strips is the diameter of the pompom),and 30 cm long. There should be at least eight such rectangles. The more sheets of paper, the bigger the pompom will be.
  2. Sheets should be stacked and folded into an accordion.
  3. In the middle of the accordion, you need to make a mark and drag it with a thread.
  4. On the sides of the accordion you need to round the edges with scissors.
  5. Now the pompom needs to be fluffed up, lifting the edges up and straightening them.
  6. Twelve of these pom-poms will make a very beautiful voluminous fluffy heart, which can be used to decorate a wedding celebration or any other holiday. It is most convenient to fasten them together with a stapler. Pompoms can be made smaller, then there can be several ready-made hearts. They can decorate a children's room or a bedroom decorated in a shabby chic style.
paper pompoms

How to make a paper heart?

To make a small paper heart with origami wings, you need:

  1. Fold a square sheet with sides of 20 cm in half, then in half again.
  2. Unfold and fold the top and bottom of the square to the fold line.
  3. Next, you need to turn the future heart over to the other side and bend the lower corners to the center along the fold line.
  4. The next step is to turn the craft back and bend the strip to the center. Its upper part must be folded back and the corners straightened in the middle.
  5. At the ends of the strip it is necessary to bend the corners - triangles.
  6. Turn the workpiece over again and bend the corners on the top of the heart.
Heart with wings

Wall decor with voluminous hearts

The wall decorated with small voluminous hearts looks very beautiful and original. But how to make a heart out of paper with your own hands? In order to decorate the wall in the room in this way, you need to cut out a lot of small hearts from thick paper. Next, you need to make small cuts on each piece between the round sides. Now these sides need to be slightly crossed so that the heart acquires volume and fix everything with glue. Such a simple technique will allow you to transform the interior in the room of a romantic young lady. An interesting solution would be the alternation of hearts with three-dimensional stars.

Volumetric hearts

Big paper heart

Recently it has become fashionable to decorate children's birthdays and weddings with large paper flowers. And if you also fold them in the shape of a heart on the wall, then the composition will become twice as romantic. To make paper flowers you will need:

  • Large format paper - available at craft stores.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue "Moment" or glue gun with rods.
  • Simple pencil.
  • Thick cardboard.

On a sheet of cardboard, draw a large petal, on the other - a medium size and a small one. Cut them out and transfer them to paper. Make blanks for the flower. Now collect the craft in layers: first, fold the inner bud from small petals, then glue the middle tier of the flower edge. As the last step, attach the largest petals, as ifblooming a flower. Inside, glue small paper strips wrapped with scissors, like stamens. Place the composition on the wall in the form of a heart with double-sided tape and do not think about how to make a heart out of paper.

Paper flowers

What else can you do with heart-shaped paper?

You have learned how to make a big heart out of paper, how to make small three-dimensional figures, how to assemble a hanging structure from paper pom-poms to decorate a holiday, but you can make so much more out of paper in the form of the main symbol of love.

origami scheme

You can give your loved one a beautiful postcard by cutting out a heart from paper and writing nice words inside, you can fold an origami figure that is put on the edge of the page like a bookmark, you can glue wings made of light paper or napkins to the craft and hang them from the ceiling. Experiment, because after reading this article, you will definitely no longer wonder how to make a heart out of paper.

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