How to make a beautiful hair clip with your own hands?
How to make a beautiful hair clip with your own hands?

Do you love stylish jewelry? Do you like doing complicated hairstyles? Then you are unlikely to like what they sell in stores. The same type of hairpins and elastic bands look too simple. But it's easy to fix. Make your own hair clips. Find decor tips and ideas below.


DIY hairpins

DIY hairpins can be made from ribbons or from any unnecessary piece of fabric. You can choose the shade you need to make a decorative element that fits perfectly into the image. Make a light and effective hair clip with your own hands. Kanzashi are fabric flowers that can decorate any metal or wooden frame. All you need to make jewelry is ribbons or fabric of the right color, a soldering iron and glue. Let's start making flowers. Take the material in white or any other color and cut it into small rectangles 3 x 4 cm. Collect the petals. We sew the bottom edge with a thread, collecting it into an accordion. We fix the petal in this position withusing a lighter. Now we need to make the leaves. Cut out a square from the green ribbon and fold it diagonally and then horizontally. In this position, we fix the tips with a lighter. We take all the blanks and begin to collect flowers from them first, and then the overall composition. You can glue the petals to each other on the “Moment”, or you can also on a hot gun. When the flowers are collected, they will need to decorate the clasp frame.


DIY ribbon hairpins

Even a child can make such a hair clip with their own hands. To make it, you need a ribbon or any piece of fabric that holds its shape well. Take two strips 14 cm long and 18 cm long. Loop the blanks. This can be done with a lighter or a sewing machine. When the blanks are made, you can begin to make a decorative middle. Take a small plastic or metal ring and large beads. Instead of beads, you can use beads, rhinestones, ribbons, shells, or something similar. Glue a small ring around the entire perimeter, leaving only the place for the fastener empty. Attach decor. When this part of the work has come to an end, glue the inside of the ring with glue. Glue a smaller ring of tape to its front wall, and a larger one to the inside. Naturally, you need to fasten the tapes in the middle. It remains to glue the clasp itself directly, and the hair clip made of ribbons, made with your own hands, will be ready.


hair clips and hair tieshands

Such unusual do-it-yourself hair clips and hair bands can be made from various materials: fur, cotton or fabric. Of course, to make the feathers look more natural and feel softer, you should use fur or cotton wool. How to make a feather hairpin? Take a wide metal frame and stick cotton wool on it. Glue the material in layers and do not crumple the cotton too much so that it does not roll. When this is done, take a piece of gauze. Paint the material in any pastel colors. Now wrap the finished cotton blank with gauze. It remains to do a difficult but interesting job. You need to create a feather relief. Make separate villi and fluff. For greater effect, the lower part of the pen can not be tightened with gauze. Create a vein in the middle of the beaded feather and attach various decorative elements.


hairpin hedgehog

Do you know how to embroider with beads? Then it will be easy for you to create such a hair clip with your own hands. To get a beautiful picture, you need to draw a sketch before starting work. You can depict an animal, a bird or something vegetable. Now draw the location of the beads on the workpiece. Immediately consider its length, width and volume. You may need glass beads, cutting, or large beads for work. When the preparatory work is completed, you can start creating the decor. Cut out a blank from felt, and then draw the main parts of your image with soap. Armed with a needle and thread, you can begin to embroider. Beads need to be placed close to each other in order tothe base itself was not conspicuous. If necessary, you can create some decorative details from any improvised means. For example, from a wire, a spring, a metal bead, etc. When the work on the front part is completed, you will need to cut out another base and close the wrong side of the embroidered product with it.

Simple hairpin

simple hairpin

Do you want to make your own hair clip from a satin ribbon? Then implement this idea. Very simple in execution, but at the same time a very effective hairpin is obtained from a satin ribbon and beads. Tie a beautiful big bow on the ribbon. Now make a brochure. Cut out a circle from the felt. Decorate it with large beads in the color of the ribbon or decorate the dense base with rhinestones. Now you need to connect the two parts of the product. Glue the blank to the hairpin, and the decoration will be ready.

Based on this idea, you can create different variations of the accessory. For example, make the center part of the bow on a contrasting tape. You can embroider the bow with beads or decorate it with embroidery or perforation.

Barette for kids

Hairpin for children

A child who goes to kindergarten often manages to lose or forget things there. It is especially common for girls to lose their bobby pins if they decide to let their hair down during nap time. Buying hair accessories is an expensive pleasure. Therefore, you can make beautiful hair clips with your own hands. As a basis, you can take the usual metal "crocodile". Find the right fabric. fitdense satin ribbons, tulle, nets or guipure. Cut out a rectangle from the prepared fabric. Using a needle, assemble the workpiece into an accordion and fasten it in the middle. Hide the threads with something decorative. For example, you can tighten a thin satin ribbon in the center or make a couple of turns with metal wire. Now you need to decorate the resulting bow. You can use various accessories for creativity: beads, rhinestones, sparkles, sequins. It is desirable to sew accessories to the material, and not to glue. But the hot gun will help to attach the bow to the crocodile base.


hairpin butterfly

How to make a hair clip with your own hands? Decorate an existing but already peeling base. To transform it beyond recognition, you will need acrylic paint and felt. Degrease the base, and then apply two coats of paint to it. To prevent the hairpin from being one-colored, you can decorate it with contrasting dots. While the workpiece is drying, you can make a decorative detail. Draw an arbitrary shape of a butterfly. But do not try to portray something complicated. Felt is a rough material, you won't be able to cut something particularly fancy out of it. It is quite possible to get by with a primitive form. Now cut out the pattern and transfer it to the fabric. You can make all the butterflies the same color, or you can create a gradient on a nuance. In the second case, you will need to choose a material that differs by several tones. Cut out the butterflies and sew them down the middle. It remains to glue the decorative element on the hairpin.


hairpin with flowers

From foamiran you can make very beautiful hair clips with your own hands. A photo of a product sample is attached above. How to replicate such beauty? You need to purchase sheets of material in four colors: pink, white and two shades of green. Before you get started, you need to draw a pattern of flower petals and leaves. Cut out the templates and transfer them to the material. Now you need to cut the blanks. Stretch the leaves of the rose so that they become wavy, and then, alternately heating each detail on the iron, collect the half-opened buds. According to a similar scheme, you need to create white flowers. When these blanks are created, you can start decorating the scallop. We degrease the workpiece and then use the glue gun to attach the leaves to it. We arrange the greens so that two shades of green harmoniously complement each other, and do not create separate islands. When the leaves have taken their place, place the flowers. They can be glued to the greenery by preheating on the iron.

Stylized flowers

Stylized flowers

A beautiful hair ornament can be made from wire and large beads. If you have any natural stones in your arsenal, you can use them. Before starting work, you need to think over the concept of creating jewelry. Draw a sketch. Place several flowers side by side, and fill the space between them with pebbles placed at different heights. If you wish, you can form branches from them. When the sketch is ready, you will need to make the base. Bend a piece of wire in half and twist on top. Repeat thisprocedure 5 times. As a result, you will have 6 hairpin teeth. They should be soldered to any metal plate. It is advisable to use something decorative for this purpose, for example, with engraving. But if there is nothing suitable, you can simply coil the wire with a spring. We fasten the teeth with the frame. Now let's move on to the decorative part. We create a drawing according to a previously drawn sketch. You can string beads on one long wire or create elements in parts. We collect decorative details into a single whole and attach to the base. If necessary, the wire can be soldered.

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