Choosing a New Year's costume for a boy
Choosing a New Year's costume for a boy

The people's favorite New Year's holiday is dear to us not only with a special atmosphere of family unity and expectation of a miracle, but also with the good old tradition of dressing up in carnival costumes, arranging masquerades, and having fun round dances around a Christmas tree sparkling with lights.

Suit Selection Criteria

New Year's costume for a boy

If it is customary in your family to sew costumes for the New Year, or your children go to kindergarten, school, and costumed matinees are held there, then the question of what to dress the children in is not idle and secondary. After all, you need to come up with something original, not very expensive in terms of money and time, and at the same time be sure to please your offspring.

Which New Year's costume for a boy can we choose? What criteria should be met?

1. Age

Good for kindergarten:

  • costumes of animals - bears, bunnies, cats, dogs, including the hero of a fairy taleCh.Perro Puss in Boots or Basilio the Cat from The Adventures of Pinocchio, Dog from The Bremen Town Musicians, etc.;
  • New Year's costume for a boy in the form of a bird - a cheerful Sparrow, King Raven, Cockerel - Golden Scallop, etc. In principle, the same outfits will look good on primary school students;
  • funny costumes of vegetables and fruits, also heroes of fairy tales - Senior Tomato, Prince Lemon, Uncle Pumpkin, cheerful Chippolino, Gnome.
New Year's costumes for a boy

2. Interests and tastes

New Year's costume for an older boy should reflect his hobbies for certain heroes of films, comics, books. Fakirs and magicians, magicians and clowns, pirates, musketeers, cowboys and Indians, pilots, hussars - the choice is wide. Of course, these outfits are sewn or made for students in grades 5-7, and they themselves can take part in their creation. Do not forget about fabulous, fantastic and even fantasy motifs. Artemon, Pierrot from the already familiar Pinocchio, and Karabas Barabas - why not a wonderful New Year's costume for a boy? What about Robot or Alien, vampire Dracula or Goblin, Harry Potter? The outfit for each of them, in principle, is not very difficult, but if you show a little imagination, it can become the “nail” of the masquerade. The role will be especially successful if the child presents some kind of reprise related to his costume, plays the appropriate scene.

3. Convenience and comfort

We must not forget that the New Year's costumes for the boy you choose should not hamper movements or deliver a differentdiscomfort. It is important that the child does not freeze or, on the contrary, does not sweat under heroic armor or in knightly armor, does not feel awkward. After all, masquerades are organized precisely in order to create a joyful, fun environment that children enjoy!

4. your possibilities. Of course, the best option is to buy a ready-made outfit, in extreme cases, adjust it a little according to the figure of the child. But not always the family can afford to carve out a large enough amount for such a purchase. But you can make DIY Christmas costumes for a boy, and your son will be very pleased with it.

do-it-yourself Christmas costumes for a boy

Summing up

The most important principle that should be observed in any business, including when sewing carnival costumes, is to do work with love and pleasure.

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