Getting ready for the New Year: sewing a Batman costume
Getting ready for the New Year: sewing a Batman costume

A costume ball is an important event in a child's life. You need to properly prepare for it. After all, your son wants his outfit to be “the very best”, special, to cause delight and praise of those present.

Costume choice

When choosing which hero your son will represent at the Christmas tree (unless it is specifically agreed by the teacher or the organizer of the holiday), you should definitely take into account the wishes of the child himself. Therefore, if your son wants a Batman costume, you should not convince him. It is better to involve the child in joint work.

Getting Started

batman costume

Before you start building the outfit, you should stock up on everything you need. These are pieces of black material, several old black umbrellas. A piece of golden fabric, cotton wool or batting, synthetic winterizer, cardboard, glue, paints will also do.It's good if you have a black tracksuit or a sweater of this color. The hero "Bat" has voluminous muscles. Therefore, under a sweater or trowel, cotton wool or a synthetic winterizer should be sewn in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe shoulders and chest. Then your batman costumetakes the necessary forms. As a decoration, you will need a corporate logo - the identification mark of our super-hero. It can be done in two versions, as you like. The first option - a circle of golden material is sewn on the chest. And already on it from black velvet you can stick the silhouette of a bat flattened in flight. And the second version of the emblem for the Batman costume is a golden silhouette of a mouse on a dark background.

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The bottom of the outfit is dark panties or trousers. It’s great if they are of the same material as the trowel, but you can also take things of different textures. From shoes you need boots, also in black colors - the legs are tucked into them. It may seem that Batman's costume is somewhat gloomy, but bats are nocturnal, dark gray, mysterious creatures.We must not forget such an important detail as gloves. Suitable for leather or regular. You can also sew, and with bells - they are even more consistent with our image.

batman costume

And here's something that a Batman costume can't do without - a child or an adult - a cap with a mask and a raincoat. We cut out the last one and make it from umbrellas. This dense fabric perfectly imitates wings. The neckline is finished with a dark lace, the ends of which are used as ties. The cloak is made fluffy so that the child can wrap himself in it. The length varies - to the middle of the thighs, to the knees or to the heels. How will it work out for you, and how it will be convenient for the boy. On top of the umbrella fabric, wash plush or velvet, if not on the entire cloak, then as a cape.Batman- a suit with a mask. You can pull an ordinary male cockerel hat on your face, unfolding all the lapels, and make cutouts for the eyes and mouth. Cut out sharp ears from cardboard and attach to a hat.

Finishing touches

It's good when all the details in a suit are taken into account, but we must not forget what it was made for. The costume is New Year's, festive, and it must be decorated. For this, multi-colored shiny circles of confetti, Christmas tree “rain” and tinsel are suitable. Stick confetti randomly on the outside of the raincoat. There should not be too many of them, but rare ones will not look either. Therefore, it is better to observe a reasonable middle ground. Sheathe the floors of the cloak and the bottom with a silver "rain" piping. They can also trim the tops of boots. And from silver tinsel, make an applique of another silhouette of a flying mouse on the center of the cloak.From tinsel, only golden, make a belt. And your chic costume is ready!

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