Crochet crochet doll: master class
Crochet crochet doll: master class

Today, many needlewomen are fond of crocheting. They create various toys: vegetables, fruits, funny animals and much more. Beginners in this art are lost, not knowing where to start. For example, a crochet doll is very easy to knit. How to do it, the master class in the article will tell. Surely, it will be of interest to experienced needlewomen too.

Knitting doll ideas

Craftswomen came up with a lot of options for how to crochet a doll and decorate it with your own hands. Toys with national costumes are very popular. They are very bright and beautiful, so they attract the attention of children. Also, kids like dolls in the form of their favorite cartoon characters. For example, it can be the Little Mermaid, Masha, Strawberry, Aladdin or Lalaloopsy.

Baby dolls seem very interesting to children. They are very convenient to dress, swaddle, lull, ride in a stroller, that is, to do what a mother does with her baby.

crochet doll for beginners

When crocheting a doll, it is worth considering thatgirls love to change the hairstyles of their toys. Therefore, it is better to stop your choice on a magnificent-haired princess. She will bring a lot of joy to the young stylist.

In general, there are a huge number of ideas for knitted toys. So turn on your imagination, consider your capabilities and start creating!

Materials for stuffing dolls

Needlewomen do not recommend using cotton wool as stuffing material. Over time, the doll will lose its shape, and lumps will form in places in the details. To fill the head, torso and limbs of the toy, it is best to take a high-quality synthetic winterizer or holofiber. Sintepukh is also suitable if you want to make the toy more voluminous. If you know how to work with foam, then you can take it.

To fill the legs and handles, some craftswomen advise buying special plastic balls. They are very evenly distributed in the details of the crocheted doll. You can find them in craft stores.

Sometimes needlewomen use copper wire to make the frame of a complex toy with many details. It should be easy to bend and hold its shape, so the optimal diameter is three millimeters.

Face Design Tips

When making individual parts of the head, pay attention to the following fact. If you take as a basis a master class of a crochet crocheted doll with diagrams and descriptions, but use a different yarn, then the result can be unpredictable. If the threads are not very different, then this is not so critical.

For the design of the eyes, you can take ready-made false eyelashes(Choose the thickest). For two centuries, one blank will be enough. Cut it into pieces and stick with transparent glue from the outer edge of the eye to the center.

how to crochet a doll

To create eyebrows, the remnants of yarn of the same length are suitable. They can also be glued using curved tweezers.

Sponges are most conveniently embroidered with vertical stitches in three threads. It is better to make the contour thin. After that, you need to smear with transparent glue on the wrong side of the edge, so that when cutting out, the embroidery does not bloom. Lips are optional, some dolls look much prettier without them.

Cheeks are decorated with artistic pastels or dry blush. From paper, you need to make a square template, and cut an oval in its center. Attach the workpiece to the cheek of the toy and apply dry blush with a brush. After they need to be shaded with a piece of cloth.

Helpful tips for beginners

Sometimes for beginners, knitted toys seem very difficult to perform. Actually, it is not. It is enough to pick up a simple crochet doll with diagrams and descriptions, then everything will become clear. So you save time, and, most importantly, nerves and effort. Try to choose master classes without small details.

Use only simple stitches. As a beginner, this will be enough for you. For example, this is a single crochet, a connecting stitch and a single crochet.

Take the hook that fits the thickness of the yarn. Usually, manufacturers indicate recommendations for tools on the packaging.

Knitting well behavedacrylic yarn. In addition, she has a pleasant texture and a huge selection of colors. You can also buy iris or wool.

It may be difficult for beginners to make small details themselves (eyes, nose, mouth). Then you can buy ready-made ones, or replace them with buttons, beads and sequins.

Knitting a baby doll in a scarf

To make crochet crocheted dolls, you can take any diagrams and descriptions for them. The article will present a simple master class that will tell you how to make a cute baby doll. He will be about seventeen centimeters tall.

crochet doll

On average, the process of knitting such a doll takes about nine hours. But it already depends on the speed of the craftswoman herself. The craft can be modified to your liking, from color to small details.

Knitting materials

What do you need?

This is:

  • Blue yarn. Needed for knitting the body and hats. One doll will take about one-third of a skein weighing one hundred grams with a thread length of 330 meters.
  • Light beige yarn. For hands and head. It will take about one-fifth of the skein.
  • Yellow yarn for a scarf. You can use leftovers from any skein.
  • Hook number 1, 25.
  • Two buttons or beads for eyes with a diameter of about 0.7 ml.
  • Sintepon or holofiber for stuffing (about one hundred grams).
  • A piece of wire twenty centimeters long.
  • Long needle.
  • Five cotton buds or nylon dowel (12 x 60mm).
  • A piece of Band-Aidabout ten centimeters long.
  • Pink dry pastel or blush.
  • Knitting markers and pins.
  • Two buttons or other decor to decorate the hat.

Amigurumi ring

Crocheting a doll should start with an amigurumi ring. From the end of the blue yarn, make a loop at a distance of about 2.5 centimeters. Hold the working thread between your middle and index fingers. Now insert your hook into the loop. Grab the working thread with it and pull it forward. Pull the yarn through the loop formed and tighten. Please note that it will not be considered the first column in the ring.

From the bottom, bring the hook under both threads, which form a large loop. Grab the working yarn and pull up a loop. Pull the main thread through the two loops that are already on the hook. Thus, the first single crochet is made in the amigurumi ring. Further, knitting will take place quite tightly, in a spiral for two loops.


In the amigurumi ring, knit five single crochets (SC). Start the next row with one column, and then increase in each loop. That is, it should turn out 9 sc. Knit the next fourteen rows in simple columns on nine loops. At the end, break off the thread, leaving a fairly long tail.

In the same way you need to make the left leg. You do not need to break the thread, continue to crochet the body of the doll with it. For beginner needlewomen, it will be very simple

crochet dolls with patterns


Connect the legs together by making an increase for thissides. On the left, knit five sc and hang a marker. Next comes a chain of ten air loops (VP). Then on the right leg, do 3 sc, raise, sc, raise and 3 sc. Then knit ten VPs. Again, but on the left leg, do 3 sc, increase, sc, increase and 3 sc. A total of 42 sc should come out. Please note that on the legs you need to knit in two loops, and on an air chain - in one.

Knit the next 12 rows without changes with regular sc. Sew the hole between the limbs with the thread that was left from the right leg. At this stage, you need to fill the craft tightly.

On the next row, work 5 sc and decrease. So repeat 6 times. You should get 36 sc. Knit the next two rows without changes. Now do 4 sc and decrease. Repeat the process 6 times. 30 sc will remain on the canvas. Knit the next two rows again without changes. Now decrease every 3 sc. You should get 24 sc. It remains to finish two rows with simple columns.

It's time to stuff the crocheted doll's body tightly up to about the middle. On the next row, do 2 sc and decrease. Repeat this 6 times to make 18 sc. Knit the last two rows without changes.


Take a light beige yarn and continue knitting the toy according to the following pattern. In each row, repeat the rapport six times to get a certain number of loops.

  • 2 sc, inc=24 sts.
  • 3 sc, inc=30 sts.
  • 4 sc, inc=36 sts.
  • 5 sc, inc=42 sts.
  • 6 sc, inc=48 sts.
  • 7 sc, inc=54 sts.
  • 8 sc, inc=60 sts.
  • 9 sc, inc=66 sts.

As you can see, according to this description, crocheting a doll is not difficult at all. Stuff your body well. Insert cotton swabs, previously fastened with adhesive tape, or a dowel into the neck. Now enter the wire between the 23rd and 22nd rows of the calf. Insert it into the crevice in the dowel or wrap the sticks around. Pull the wire out from the other side.

crochet doll with diagrams and description

After that, in the next 12 rows, knit 66 sc. Make a doll according to the following pattern, repeating each rapport 6 times.

  • 9 sc, dec=60 sts.
  • 8 sc, dec=54 sts.
  • 7 sc, dec=48 sts.
  • 6 sc, dec=42 sts.
  • 5 sc, dec=36 sts.
  • 4 sc, dec=30 sts.

Stop knitting and stuff your head to about the middle. Continue to make the head of the chrysalis in the same way.

  • 3 sc, dec=24 sts.
  • 2 sc, dec=18 sts.
  • SC, dec=12 sts.

Stuff the rest of the doll's head. Cut the thread, but leave a long tail. Pull the hole tight.


Determine which side of the head the doll's face will be crocheted on. Although, this makes no difference. Mark the selected location of the eyes with pins. For example, it can be between the 11th and 12th rows of the head. Leave about seven loops between the eyes.

Thread the rest of the light beige thread into a long needleand stick in the center of the crown. Bring it out in the intended place of the left eye, in the adjacent loop of the same row, and then - at the intended point of the right. Repeat the steps several times, making a tightening of the eye sockets. Now put the thread on the top of the head and fix it with a knot. Sew buttons-eyes in places of tightenings.

crochet doll for beginners


With light beige yarn in the amigurumi ring, knit 4 sc. Increase in each loop. You should get 8 sc. Do the next row without changes. Knit 3 dc in one loop and 7 sc. For the other handle, this place must be done the other way around (7 sc and 3 dc in one loop). Work 8 sc in next row.

Now take the blue yarn. Continue to knit her 19 rows of 8 sc. Cut the thread, leaving a fairly long tail. You can take any version of crocheted doll handles with patterns. But this knitting method is very simple.

Bend the wire so that it is approximately equal to the length of the handles. It should be a loop. Fix the wire with adhesive tape. Put the tied handles on it, pull it to the body and sew it carefully.


A hat can be made from blue yarn. Work 6 sc into the amigurumi ring. In the next row, increase in each loop. You should get 12 sc. Then knit according to the following scheme, repeating the rapport in each row 6 times.

  • SC, inc=18 sts.
  • 2 sc, inc=24 sts.
  • 3 sc, inc=30 sts.
  • 4 sc, inc=36 sts.
  • 5 sc, inc=42 sts.
  • 6 sc,inc=48 sts.
  • 7 sc, inc=54 sts.
  • 8 sc, inc=60 sts.
  • 9 sc, inc=66 sts.

In the next 13 rows, knit 66 sc. Leave a long tail and cut the thread.


Knit a scarf with yellow yarn. Its desired width will be equal to the number of air loops. For example, do this. Cast on six air loops and two for lifting. Turn work and work 5 dc. Continue working in the same way until the required scarf length.

crochet doll

This accessory can be made not only by crocheting for a knitted doll. For beginners, it may be easier to make it with knitting needles. Knit any number of stitches in stockinette stitch to desired length. For example, you can take needles number two. Cast on 10 stitches. Knit one row with facial loops, and the other with purl. Alternate them until you get 140 rows.

Pupa assembly

Put a hat on your head, it should sit tight enough. If this is not the case, then you made a mistake somewhere in knitting. Sew the part by grabbing it in several places with a thread. With yellow yarn, make a navel on the body in the form of a cross. Sew embellishments on the side of the hat. In this case, two buttons will look harmonious (one is yellow, the other is white, smaller).

Use a brush to paint cheeks with pink dry pastel or blush. Blend thoroughly with a piece of cloth. It remains to tie a scarf on a baby doll, and she is ready! You can customize the toy by adding hair, a purse, or by makingremovable cap.

Now you know how to crochet a doll. As you can see, even a beginner needlewoman will cope with this task. Knit with pleasure and please your loved ones with your creations!

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