Where to sell stamps? What is the best way to do this?
Where to sell stamps? What is the best way to do this?

Recently, collecting has become a profitable business that allows you not only to collect stamps, but also to benefit financially from this. The fashion for philately has passed, but this does not mean that there are fewer collectors. Many have rare specimens that philatelists wish to sell. The question is where to sell the stamps for the most profit?

Stamp Collecting Rules

Collecting stamps is an exciting activity that can interest not only children, but also adults. Philately has always been considered a common hobby, especially popular during the Soviet period. This was also justified by the fact that, unlike any other type of collecting, collecting stamps is an affordable and very profitable activity.

How to start collecting

Where to sell stamps

It's easy to become a philatelist, it's much more problematic to figure out where to sell stamps, which are usually a lot. Acquiring the first copies is an important step. You can buy or exchange them from fellow philatelists.It is desirable that the collection has more than one type of stamps - variability will add value to the set.

They often buy stamps in whole series, because this option is financially more profitable. Buying or selling them individually usually costs more. An experienced philatelist must have tongs, which are very similar to tweezers, but these are completely different devices. Stamp tongs are essential for picking up and examining stamps. The philatelist's tweezers do not damage the paper, they can easily pick up any stamp even from a flat surface.

It is obligatory to sort stamps according to some attribute. This may be the year of creation or the country in which the collector's item was made. You can also sort stamps by topic, depending on what they depict. There have been cases when philatelists have collected stamps in groups according to size, color, and sometimes even shape.

It is worth taking care of the ordering of the collection. Improper storage often leads to the loss of the original appearance of stamps, which means that it will be more difficult to sell them, and the price of a copy will become much lower. Accordingly, the question inevitably arises of where to sell postage stamps that are not very good in appearance, the most profitable.

At first, the stamps can be neatly folded into envelopes, but later it is wiser to purchase special albums. Experienced philatelists also purchase a magnifying glass to examine the stamps carefully, admiring what is depicted on them.

How to determine brand value

Where to sell postage stamps

Before implementationcollectibles, it is necessary not only to know where you can sell postage stamps, but also to determine what their value is in order for the deal to be profitable. First of all, you should pay attention to the year of issue of the brand. But this is not an easy task, because on some copies such information is not indicated. Then you should determine the year of issue of the stamp from the image, pay attention to what date or event it is dedicated to.

It is known that the stamps that were made several decades ago were made of coarse and thick paper. To determine the country or at least the city in which this copy was released, you should carefully consider the captions covering the image. If the stamp is of high quality, then the image on it is placed symmetrically, but this fact can only be determined using a magnifying glass.

Stamps on which stickers have been preserved are considered valuable, and if the paper tastes like peppermint, then the copy is safely classified as expensive. The value of a collectible item can also be assessed by the perforation, which makes it easy to separate each stamp. It is believed that a stamp with a rounded and medium-sized perforation belongs to the old ones, therefore it is more valuable. Sometimes a prong gauge is used to measure perforations.

If the stamp is marked, the cost of the copy will be reduced. But without a stamp, it is considered very valuable. Stamps are expensive if they are collected by topic and sold as a whole collection, the price of individual copies will be lower than the cost of a full collection. Preferable for sale are unique stamps that have been issuedover 60 years ago.

Those specimens that were once defective are also valued: the date is incorrectly written on them or the image is of poor quality. After all, there are very few such vintage copies, which ensures their uniqueness. But for punctured, torn and dirty stamps, you won’t be able to get a decent price - you have to either keep them or throw them away.

Sales nuances

Some philatelists are faced with the problem of where to sell stamps of the USSR. But there are no particular difficulties here. First of all, you need to find a buyer. He will carefully examine the stamps, but will offer a small price - these are the unspoken rules. If copies of Polish or Hungarian origin, released in the sixties - eighties, then you can safely sell them for a small amount. But if the collection has a large number of postal characters, then you should not rush.

Implementing a collection in parts

Where to sell stamps in Moscow

It is believed that the most difficult question is not where to sell stamps of the USSR, but how to do it right. There are several ways to deal. One method is to sell the collection piecemeal, but this should only be used as a last resort.

First of all, you need to realistically assess the value of a unique collection. To date, all brands by value and significance are divided into several categories: unique, in demand, medium in demand and waste paper. Unique vintage items are highly valued, their price reaches $50 (3,359 rubles) apiece. Therefore they are bettersell separately. It all depends on what the appearance of the brand and the degree of its safety.

Demanded stamps are usually estimated at 10 to 50 dollars (671-3,359 rubles). It is also desirable to implement them separately. Where to sell postage stamps in Moscow? There are no problems with such copies: the better the brand is preserved, the more buyers it will be interested in and the more profitable its price. Sales methods and places in the capital of Russia are the same as in other regions - philatelic clubs, sale by ad, online auctions, etc.

Medium-demand vintage items cost no more than $10 (671 rubles), but they are rarely sold for this price. They can be implemented both separately and as whole collections. Particular attention is paid to how the brand has been externally preserved, and the completeness of the collection is also taken into account.

Waste paper is more convenient to sell in batches. No one will pay for it separately, so these stamps should be disposed of as part of the collection.

Introducing philatelic catalogs

Where can you sell postage stamps?

Another way how and where to sell stamps is to use special catalogs of philatelists. Expert information is published in many special publications in Switzerland, France, Germany and other countries. Most often, Russian philatelists draw the knowledge necessary for the sale of stamps in special German and American magazines. They not only publish the branded assortment, but also indicate the approximate cost per unit.

It should be remembered that usuallythe maximum price per stamp is indicated. And it fluctuates, as already mentioned, from 10 to 50 dollars (up to 3,559 rubles) for one copy. In order to control the state of his own collection, a philatelist needs to have a special notebook where he can make an inventory, indicating the number of each stamp and its approximate price.

Communication with the buyer

When a philatelist is considering where to sell stamps from his collection, you need to remember that you need to try to find a common language with the buyer. If a philatelist has a long experience in collecting, then it is difficult to impress such a person. To do this, you need, first of all, to know your collection perfectly and navigate the terminology.

If you agree with such a buyer, you can conclude a profitable and profitable deal. Subsequently, this person can introduce you to other philatelists.

Selling at online auctions

Where to sell stamps of the USSR

Many philatelists do not know, having Soviet stamps in their collection, where to sell them profitably and quickly. Therefore, it is better to sell your stamps at auctions. Foreign auctions are considered the most profitable, but this requires knowledge of foreign languages.

On modern online auctions, you must first go through the registration procedure, and then carefully study the instructions indicated on the site. But still, there are general tips for trading stamps at such auctions. First of all, putting up stamps for sale, it is necessary to set the longest period. This will attract more buyers. The description for each brand isexpanded and preferably such that it captivates the buyer.

To put up a stamp for sale, you need to scan a copy, but the quality of the photo must be at the highest level. If the stamp is unique, you can scan it on both sides.

How to sell stamps faster

Where can I sell stamps of the USSR

In order not to find out from your friends where to sell stamps in Moscow or another city, you need to carefully read the article - this will help you profitably sell your collection. One of the rules that allows you to quickly sell stamps in whatever location you are - setting the real price of a collector's item. It's hard to get rich selling stamps, so don't set the same price as in the catalog - it should be much lower.

Summarizing what has been said

Where to sell postage stamps in Moscow

Practically in every city a philatelic club is organized. Having found it, it is worth consulting with several experts about the value of stamps. For example, copies of the Soviet period cost no more than 50 kopecks.

You can advertise stamps in your local newspaper as older people don't often use the Internet. Some may be interested in advertising for the sale of your collection on a special bulletin board. You can also use groups in social networks, which are currently a large number. They will help publicize your selling proposition or provide an opportunity to meet other collectors.

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