Amigurumi ring as the basis of miniature knitted toys
Amigurumi ring as the basis of miniature knitted toys

Amigurumi are insanely attractive crochet toys. Their characteristic features are small size and irregular proportions - a large head, small paws and tails. The technique of knitting these bizarre animals was invented in Japan.

Amigurumi for beginners

amigurumi ring

To fully understand how these toys differ from other knitted products and move on to mastering the knitting technique, you need to consider ready-made samples from needlework magazines or the Internet. Upon careful study, it becomes clear that all amigurumi are connected from elements that are parts of a spherical or cylindrical shape. Then the individual parts are tightly stuffed with soft elastic material and tied together where necessary. These elements can be stitched together so that the end result is a movable toy. The individual image of each product is complemented by plastic accessories in the form of eyes, nose, mouth. However, the muzzle and other details are sometimes performed with the help of embroidery. The next concept that beginner needlewomen need to familiarize themselves with is the amigurumi ring. Itis a composition of several loops. Knitting of each element of the future product begins with this pattern.

Amigurumi double ring

This row will be the first element that beginner needlewomen need to get the hang of. The amigurumi ring is used to ensure that any part of the toy (whether it be a head or a small foot) must be obtained without extra holes and is a homogeneous canvas.

double ring amigurumi

At the preparatory stage, pull out a sufficient amount of yarn from the ball of thread, wrap its tip twice around the index finger. In the event that thick yarn was chosen for knitting, then you can wrap it around once around the index finger, and the second around the middle finger.

In order to get a good amigurumi ring, you need to remove these two loops from your finger, while holding the very tip of the yarn. Now, with the help of a hook, you need to stretch a loop from the main thread and pass it through the finished rings.

The next step is usually a single air loop, after which the knitting of the required number of single crochets begins. Traditionally, when making an amigurumi ring, six such columns are placed in the base. When they are ready, you need to pull the tail of the thread, carefully making sure that the columns do not bloom. To make this operation more convenient, you can first remove the hook. One of the rings in the base should stretch. You need to continue to gently tighten both rings in order to achieve their finalcontractions.

amigurumi for beginners

Usually, these last steps are done with some effort, so that the foundation will subsequently turn out to be really dense and of high quality. In order to simplify your task, it is more convenient to pull the thread from top to bottom. When the amigurumi ring is ready, you can mark the beginning of the row with a thread of a different color or a paper clip, and then continue knitting.

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