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Knitting for kids: features, choice of yarn, knitted toys
Knitting for kids: features, choice of yarn, knitted toys

Knitting for babies is good for calming nerves and does not take much time. Even a large piece of clothing takes only a few evenings. Every mother wants her child to look stylish and original and to be comfortable at the same time. Do-it-yourself wardrobe items are the best suited for these purposes. The simplicity of the patterns and a detailed description of knitting for kids make them accessible even to novice craftswomen. In the article we will talk about the features of modeling clothes for newborns and help you choose the right yarn.

Features of knitting for babies

Clothes for newborns should not only please the eyes of parents, but also be comfortable for the child. It is necessary to give preference to spacious models with external seams. When knitting for babies, do not make the neck and cuffs too tight. They should not pinch and cause discomfort. For overalls, rompers and panties, you must provide enough space for a diaper. In addition, convenient fasteners will be useful for easy change.

The color scheme of clothes for babies is based on delicate pastel shades: beige, mint, lavender, blue, pink, white, pale yellow. They do not have an exciting effect on the psyche of the child, do not irritate and do not prevent falling asleep. The general neutrality of the background can be diluted with bright details: buttons, ribbons, applique, stripes on the cuffs. Small decor in the form of beads, beads or sequins should not be used.

set for girls

Large buttons that the baby will not be able to swallow, and a variety of ribbons are suitable as fasteners.

It is important to remember that in the first months of life, babies grow very quickly, so the wardrobe should be knitted with some margin in size. One of the beauties of knitting is that when the baby outgrows the clothes, they can be unraveled and re-tied into something new.

Yarn Selection

Children's skin is very delicate, so when choosing yarn for knitting for babies, this feature should be taken into account. Children's things are knitted from natural yarn: cotton, viscose, bamboo, acrylic, wool. Do not use synthetic threads, they can cause allergies. In addition, synthetics do not breathe well, which is of great importance for children's skin, which is prone to diaper rash. The yarn should be lint-free, as the child can inhale or swallow the fibers. Threads should be chosen smooth, without the addition of lurex and beads.

Wool is a natural and warm material, but it can irritate baby's delicate skin or provoke an allergic reaction. When choosing woolthreads, you need to attach the yarn to your face to make sure that it does not prick. For knitting children's clothes, mercerized wool is suitable, it is soft and has a smooth structure.

Popular models

The most popular knitted things for babies are all kinds of hats, mittens and booties. For summer models of hats, thin cotton and bamboo yarn is suitable, it is breathable. Winter hats made of acrylic and wool retain heat and do not allow the head to sweat. Mittens for kids are knitted without a thumb. Beautiful and neat booties are obtained by crocheting. They keep their shape well and allow you to experiment with design. But it is better to knit socks with knitting needles, the knitting structure is softer and more elastic.

cute booties bunnies

Knitting for kids allows you to create beautiful models of envelopes and overalls. Knitting needles are also suitable for knitting blankets. They come out very warm and soft.

Little girls in romantic fishnet dresses and crocheted sundresses look like real princesses. Not far behind are young gentlemen in neatly patterned cardigans.

Knitted toys

Knitted toys - an independent type of needlework. Any kid will like cute little animals and little men, especially if the toy is made by mom or grandmother, putting love and warmth into it.

The amigurumi technique, which came from Japan, has recently become the most popular. These are small animals and dolls crocheted or knitted. Knit the details of the toy in a circle, seamlessway. For work, use a thinner hook than the selected thread. This allows the toy to easily retain its shape. Cotton wool or synthetic winterizer is suitable as a filler.

Small toys can be hung on the carousel above the crib or on the stretch in the stroller. And a cute bunny or a teddy bear can become a baby's first friend.

knitted toy amigurumi

Do-it-yourself things have a special energy, so the baby will be cozy and comfortable in them. Children's clothes are knitted only from natural threads without impurities. Preference should be given to pastel shades. Things should be spacious, not hinder the movement of the baby, do not rub delicate skin and let the air through.

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