Crochet toys from Elena Belova with a description. DIY toys
Crochet toys from Elena Belova with a description. DIY toys

Children are the flowers of life. What do kids love the most? Well, toys, of course. There are many of them now, because we live in the 21st century. It is not worth the trouble to go to a children's goods store and buy a gift for your child, because the markets offer us a huge selection of toys for children of various shapes and materials. What about making your own toys?

Toys (crocheted) from Elena Belova are especially attractive and professional. You will get acquainted with the description of her work in this article.

Who is Elena Belova?

Elena Belova is a master of her craft. Her main activity is knitting toys. She started knitting at the age of 10-11, and her first teacher was, of course, her grandmother. Elena knits not only with a hook, but also with knitting needles. Her wonderful toys, well, simply cannot but cause delight! Elena's works deserve only positive comments.

On the Internet you can find a huge number of her knitted cartoon characters thatvery believable, and it seems that they have just come down to us from the TV screen. Elena's work is in high demand among the female half of the population, and this is not at all surprising. A toy associated with love, warmth and desire, of course, will never be compared with a store-bought toy. Elena's activity is a vivid example of how you can combine business with pleasure. You can even purchase a book that contains all the crochet toys from Elena Belova with a description.

Elena also has her own website - an online store where photos of all her works are published. Elena herself claims that knitting toys gives her great pleasure!

About the work of Elena Belova

Elena's work inspires all readers of her blog. Wonderful do-it-yourself soft toys delight even adults! And what about our children and grandchildren? They will definitely like crochet toys from Elena Belova. With a description, step-by-step instructions and a photo, you can easily knit a fun toy!

crochet toys from Elena Belova with a description

By her example, Elena shows that knitting is not only a favorite activity for the soul, but also a great way to earn money.

Crochet toys from Elena Belova, the description of which can be found later, you can knit yourself! Detailed instructions, which are accompanied by photographs, will greatly simplify the process of creating a soft friend for your child.

DIY toys

It's not necessary to shop for expensive stuffed animals when you canmake them yourself. DIY soft toys are not only friends for your child, but also an original and unusual gift for a loved one. If knitting is your favorite pastime, then this process will not only bring you a lot of positive emotions, but also surprise you with an excellent result that will delight you and your loved ones.

Do-it-yourself soft toys can be different. They can be crafted in many ways.


Before you start knitting, you need to read some useful tips:

1. Yarn should be the same thickness. If the instructions indicate a different one, then follow it.

2. Pay attention to the thickness of the hook - this is also very important.

3. It is advisable not to use cotton wool as a filler, otherwise your toy will lose its original shape over time. The most optimal filler will be holofiber.

4. Before you start knitting, familiarize yourself with the basic conventions, otherwise you simply won’t be able to understand the patterns. The main symbols are shown below.

DIY toys

Denotations can also be verbal:

VP - air loop;

SBN - single crochet;

PSBN - last single crochet;

STSN - double crochet;P - loop.

Pillow cat

So, the first toy we will look at is a cat (crocheted).

crochet cat

In order to knit such a cute tabby cat pillow, you will need yarn, a hook, buttons for the eyes.

Torso: 45 ch and knit RLS, alternating the colors of the stripes. (6 rows black, 4 rows orange). Repeat 5 times. Then another 14 rows of black yarn RLS. Then we begin to decrease, knitting the extreme loops together in every second row. After 22 rows, close the remaining loops. Tie the back in the same way.

Tail: with black thread 3 VP, close in a circle and knit RLS in a circle for 6 rows, knitting in the 1st and 2nd row 2 p. from one. Change to orange yarn and knit 6 rows. Repeat alternating stripes 3 p. Knit another 14 p. With black thread, close the loops. Stuff the tail.

Paws: orange. tie 3 VPs with a thread, close in a circle and knit 6 sc in a circle for 7 rows, knitting in the 1st and 2nd row 2 p. from one. Go to the black thread and knit another 14 p. Close all loops. Tie 4 paws in this way. Stuff them.

Ears: orange. tie 15 ch with a thread and knit 2 rows of sc. Next, knit RLS, knitting 2 sts together in the middle of the fabric. Should be 2 parts.

Eyes: tie 3 ch with white thread. Close in a circle and knit 3 rows of RLS, knitting two from one p. Embroider pupils with black thread.

Nose: pink or orange. tie 3 VPs with a thread, close out in a circle and tie 5 rows of RLS, knitting in the 1st and 2nd row from one p. two. Close all loops. Sew all pieces together.

If you do everything right, then you will get a wonderful crochet cat!

Flying birds

Wonderful and very simple birds you can knit yourself. Everything ingenious is simple! In order to knit these birds, you will need yarn, a crochet hook and a little inspiration.

crochet bird

You need to first knit a circle, and then bend it in half. Then you should fill the toy with soft material, and your crochet bird is ready! Such wonderful knitted creations can be hung on a silk ribbon and used as a piece of furniture. Your birds will look very unusual and create an atmosphere of home.

Funny ball

Everyone is used to seeing rubber balls, but why can't the ball be made of yarn? Children will be pleased to feel the soft and warm ball in their hands. There is nothing easier than crocheting a ball. You need to tie several parts according to the diagram below, and then just sew them together. See symbols above.

crochet ball

Crochet Penguin

Crochet penguin knits quite simply. In order to knit such a cute inhabitant of Antarctica, you will need a little: yarn (black, yellow, white), hook, eyes.

So, we knit the body. Work 2 chs then 6 sc in 2nd st from hook. With the next two rows, you need to expand the body, knitting 2 sc in 1 loop. The result should be 24 P. We alternate the next row: 2 RLS in 1P, RLS and in a circle. Then we knit one sc in each loop. Thus we knit 10 rows. Next row, 15, knit like this: 3 sc, knit 2 together. Repeat 7 times. St. BN in the last p. Total - 29 p. Stuff. Next row: 2 sc, work 2 sc together. Repeat this algorithm until the hole is completely closed. Fasten the thread.

Knit belly. We knit 2 VP, 5 RLS in the 2nd P fromhook. We knit the next two rows in this way: 2 St. BN in 1 loop in a circle. The number of Ps should be 20. Next row: RLS, 2 RLS in 1 loop. Round. Total - 30 P, PSBN. Fasten the thread. Sew to body.

Make wings, 2 pcs. With a black thread we knit 4 VP, RLS in the 2nd P from the hook to the end of the chain, 1 VP, repeat. Track. row: 2 sc in the 1st loop, sc, 2 sc in the last. P., 1 VP, repeat. Third row: 2 RLS in the 1st P, 3 RLS, 2 St. BN in the last. P, 1 VP, repeat. Row 4-5: Sc to end of row, ch 1, repeat. Row 6: 3 sc, 4 dc. Fasten the thread. Sew to body.

Knit paws (4 parts).

  • Row 1: yellow. n.: 3 VP, St. BN in the 2nd p. from the hook and in the next. ch 1, repeat;
  • Row 2: 2 sc in 1 st to end of row. Ch 1, repeat;
  • 3 row: 2 St. BN in the 1st p., 2 PRS, 2 PRS in the last p. Ch 1, repeat;
  • Row 4: 2 sc in 1st st, 5 sc. Ch 1, repeat;
  • 5 - 9 rows: Sc to the end of the row. ch 1, repeat;
  • Row 10: (STSN, 1 VP, 2 PSBN) twice, STSN in the last. p.
  • Fix the thread. Sew in 2 pieces and sew to the body.
  • crochet penguin

This is such a wonderful penguin that will delight the eyes of you and your loved ones!

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