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How is sequin embroidery done? Helpful Hints
How is sequin embroidery done? Helpful Hints

It is not at all necessary to use too expensive fabric for sewing a festive dress. You can try to decorate it with some decorative elements - beads, sequins, glass beads, etc. This design will give the outfit a special charm and originality. Consider in this article how embroidery is done with sequins. And as an example, let's give a master class on decorating a handbag.

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Decor element properties

Translated from French, the word "sequins" (sometimes written "sequins") means golden grains of sand. Most often, these original decorative elements are round plates with a hole in the middle for attaching to the fabric. Some do not have it, and the elements are simply glued to the material. There is another form - stars, squares, leaves, flowers, hearts, etc. Decorations vary in thickness, bulge, size and, of course, colors. Particularly elegant sequins with a shiny or mother-of-pearl surface. But even noble-matte ones look great with a successful selection of ornament and color palette. As for the material from which these things are made, it is plastic or a soft metal alloy. Some have a hologram applied to the surface, making themespecially sparkling.

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Why is sequin embroidery done?

For what purposes is this element used when decorating wardrobe items? Even a little sequin embroidery on clothes makes it especially elegant. It is very popular to design carnival or dance costumes using these elements. The presence of just a few rows of sequins on the collar, belt or cuffs is enough, and the dress will “sparkle” with fresh colors. This method is also great for transforming old dull things into new and stylish ones. Make, for example, a small sequin ornament on the pockets of jeans, the lapel of a knitted hat, or the collar of a knitted blouse. This will give things a special charm and originality. Decoration with shiny circles of belts and bags is also widespread. How is sequin embroidery done? The master class is presented below in the article in the form of a step-by-step guide to designing a small handbag, clutch or wallet.

sequin embroidery on clothes

Methods of embroidery with single sequins

Piece decorations or braid from one (two) threads can be used for work. Sequin embroidery in the first case is done in the following ways.

  • Securing with beads. In this variant, the thread is successfully masked, especially with single plates. You can easily create whole compositions from several different elements by combining beads with sequins.
  • Tambour stitch embroidery. This is how a row of sequins arrangedoverlap.
  • Needle-back stitching. This method is suitable for attaching sequins to fabric in the form of an even, closely joined chain.

Options for attaching sequin strips

When using single decorations, it is sometimes quite difficult to embroider with sequins. Schemes will help make the process much easier. If a ribbon canvas is used, embroidery can be done much faster and easier. As in the first case, first a pattern is applied to the fabric, and then an ornament of sequin stripes is laid out over it. Fastening is carried out with hidden stitches with a strong thread to match the fabric. Often the ends of some ribbons are left loose, thus creating a kind of three-dimensional pattern. You can also design other elements from eyelets - flowers, bows, spirals, etc.

sequin embroidery master class

Master class: "Sequin embroidery bags"

Required materials:

  • a piece of dense fabric or leather;
  • hoop;
  • golden orange, green and blue sequins (substitution available upon request);
  • shiny threads in red, silver and green;
  • needle or special hook for chain stitch;
  • drawing pencil.

Step by step work

  1. Put a piece of fabric on the hoop. Don't pull too hard.
  2. Draw the Miracle Butterfly pattern onto the material.
  3. Sew chain stitch along the outline with green threads.
  4. Finish the resulting pattern on top in silvercolor. At the same time, apply the chain stitch in a zigzag pattern.
  5. Inside the wings, torso and two adjoining small parts, sew a row of green sequins.
  6. Then, along their inner edge, make a line with a chain stitch with red threads.
  7. Finally, these parts of the butterfly are decorated with golden-orange sequins.
  8. The top three details are slightly different. Contour follow p. 3, 4.
  9. After that, sew golden-orange sequins inside the contours.
  10. The next step is a red chain stitch, after which the surface inside the parts is filled with blue particles.
  11. When finished embroidering, sew the bag according to the pattern (do not forget to make the inner lining).

Even with a complete lack of experience in performing such work, you can quickly learn how to decorate things with decorative elements.

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