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What properties does camel hair have?
What properties does camel hair have?

In the old days, the power of all eastern states almost completely depended on camels and their endurance. The territory of these countries is cut off from the outside world by many kilometers of deserts that only such hardy animals can overcome. After all, a camel can replace a horse, a ram, and a cow. From him, a person could get such valuable products as felt, milk and meat.

Camel wool. Reviews. Properties

Firstly, this material is very warm. First of all, it is an excellent insulator, which tends to constantly maintain body temperature. Many, probably, have thought more than once about whether it is hot for a camel with such wool. In the heat, this animal feels more than comfortable. His coat in the sun can heat up to eighty degrees, while the body temperature will not exceed forty. In a storm and cold, the body of a camel will always remain dry, as wool will provide not only the fastest absorption of moisture, but also its rapid evaporation.

camel wool blanket

Camel wool is an excellent temperature regulator. It retains heat well and protects from moisture. No wonder in our country in winter it is popularclothing made from this material. A good gift for the New Year can be, for example, a blanket. Camel wool will keep its owner warm even in the coldest winters.

Up to about one year, a camel's coat is white. It is this fluff that is most valued, as it is the thinnest, softest and most delicate. The color of the camel changes as the outer hair grows. By the way, camel wool cannot be dyed, so the color palette of products made from it is not too wide. Judging by customer reviews, it is white camel wool that best shows its positive properties.

Camel hair pricing

Fabrics made from premium camel wool will cost about ten times more than similar ones made from sheep. And all due to the fact that camel hair is very difficult and time-consuming to process. All products made from this material are highly valued for their lightness, softness, hygroscopicity and durability. That's why you can't buy a cheap wool blanket.

camel's wool

Camel hair is a valuable material for making clothes

The first thing that catches your eye when looking at a camel is two large humps covered with thick thick hair. It performs several functions at once. Firstly, camel hair protects its owner from sudden changes in temperature. The structure of the camel's coat is very heterogeneous. The outer hair is coarse and thicker, while the inner hair is fluff. The length of camel hair depends on the age of the animal. Than itolder, the bigger it is. According to world standards, Mongolian camel wool is considered the highest quality. If you calculate, then on average from one animal you can get from 400 to 900 grams of fluff. This makes up about eighty-three percent of the animal's fur.

camel wool reviews

Camel wool products. Yarn

Today you can see on sale a variety of things made from this material. These are stoles, blankets, pillows and bedding, mattresses and much more. In addition, excellent clothes and the best knitting yarn are obtained from this wool, from which delightful items of women's, men's and children's knitwear are then created. Camel wool yarn is popular with needlewomen. In addition, it is used in the textile industry.

A little about healing properties

Since ancient times, camel hair has been used by man to treat diseases such as neuritis, arthritis, rheumatic pain and osteochondrosis. Warming up the skin, camel hair improves blood microcirculation and dilates blood vessels. Thus, tissue repair is faster. In addition, people have used bandages for bruises and sprains for centuries.

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