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DIY stone compositions: original ideas
DIY stone compositions: original ideas

Stone is a unique natural material that is used to create various crafts, decorate surfaces in the house, in summer cottages. You can create wonderful pictures from them, fantasize using multi-colored sea or river pebbles of different sizes and colors.

Creative Ideas

Walking along the coast with children, you can find stones of such an unusual shape that some kind of comparison inevitably comes to mind. Some look like a cat, others look like a heart, others look like a banana.

And you can make compositions from stones right on the beach. At first, these are simple turrets or a fence. Then creative ideas become more original. All sorts of figures, animals, flowers, paths appear.

Growing up, people do not stop loving stones. After all, it is a beautiful eternal material. Now landscape designers are making beautiful stone compositions on the site, decorating flower beds. The most beautiful patterned paths are laid out from multi-colored elements. Even indoors, people like to use this natural material to decorate paintings, mirrors, walls, tables, etc.

In the article weconsider what products can be made as crafts for school, for home or for decorating a summer cottage.

Preparation of stones for work

To start working with stones, you need to carefully clean them from sand. S alt is present on the parts found on the seashore. You have to get rid of her. There may be a green coating on river pebbles. This is a living microflora that will ruin the picture.

To keep the stones dry and free from unnecessary trace elements, they must first be washed before use, then boiled for 10 minutes. All living things will die, the s alt will dissolve, and the stones will be ready for further work. After boiling, it remains only to dry them.

Stone flower

Even a child can make such a composition of stones for an exhibition of crafts at school. As a preparatory work, you will need to walk along the seashore and collect material in a contrasting color. Sea pebbles are all round, smooth, and a pleasure to work with. And the child will be very interested in collecting them on the coast. It's a whole adventure. After all, it is necessary to collect a lot of stones similar to each other.

stone compositions

How convenient is it to make a picture of stones? The fact that you can first lay them out right on the shore and check whether the parts fit or something needs to be replaced. When the picture fully satisfies the needs of a small artist, you can disassemble the composition of stones and take it home. It must be made on a solid basis. A piece of plywood, fiberboard or, in extreme cases, very thick cardboard will do. For the stem, you can take drybranch of a tree or bush. In order for the stones to hold, you need to buy a good glue, for example "Moment". Next, you need to make a background for the picture. Acrylic paint will do. It dries quickly and has no smell. Then we proceed to the painting itself.

First, the stalk is glued, then the main stones, representing the middle of the flower. Last but not least, the petals. Everything, the stone flower is ready. You can take it to the exhibition.

Flock of birds

Even a first-grader can create such a composition of stones for school. It is necessary to prepare the necessary materials: stones of different colors, preferably of the same size, having the shape of an oval or triangle, a couple of branches and Moment glue. After everything is assembled, you need to design the background. On thick cardboard we draw a blue sky. Then the branches are glued. They can be attached with wire. To begin with, it is worth piercing holes with an awl on one and the other side of the branch. Then insert the wire from the back of the picture and stretch it into another hole. Behind the picture, the wire is twisted, and the extra ends are bitten off with tongs.

stone Flower

Then the voluminous branch will hold on better, and there will be no need to worry that it will come off. Next we work with stones. We plant the birds at some distance from the branch, leaving room for the paws. To finish such a composition of stones with your own hands, you need to finish the small details. These are the contours of the beaks and paws. The child can complete the picture in a different way. For example, paint the details with paints, and draw the eyes and wings of the birds on the stones.

Footprints in the sand

Such a funny picture can be made by playing with a child at sea. This will help the child understand the definition of the size of objects. After all, for each trace you need to pick up stones that differ in size. The foot is the largest stone. Fingers are five parts that need to be laid out in decreasing order, from largest to smallest. This is a great way to keep the kids busy at sea so they don't get bored or annoy their parents.

DIY stone composition

In the end, even moms and dads will be interested. After all, this is such an exciting activity that you will not even notice how the whole family is connected to the process of composing a composition of stones.

This idea can be used as an arrow indicating the direction of passers-by to a store, cafe or just to a residential building. For example, when laying a walkway, you can insert several of these prints, recommending people to follow such footprints to your store.

Many make these marks by simply stenciling them on the pavement. The idea with stones is also very original. And yes, it will be durable. After all, the paint is erased, and the stones are the eternal material.

Painting "Tenderness"

This composition of natural stones can be hung indoors. The image of a couple in love embracing on top of a mountain will be very symbolic for the newlyweds. You can hang it in the bedroom opposite the bed. For such a picture, you need to find similar-shaped stones of different colors and sizes. You will also need round stones for the head, small and long -for the arms, more details for the torso.

stone composition for school

Having our sample in front of our eyes, it will not be difficult to find the necessary shape of pebbles. Moreover, you can first lay them out in the right order right on the sand. If everything is found, you can go home and get down to business.

A large light stone is placed in the center of the picture. Above it will be lovers, and below - a symbolic unstable pyramid. After all, any relationship will be strong if people support each other in everything. Only if mutual understanding passes and one of the spouses moves away, then the relationship pyramid falls, destroying the connection. This picture symbolizes the precariousness of love. Only reciprocity will keep the couple together.

Compositions in glass vases

Design compositions with stones are now very popular in glass vases, aquariums, large glasses, etc. It can be just a decorative element, as in the photo below, or it can be a candle holder.

stone patterns

Usually, stones of different sizes are selected for such a performance. Colored contrasting materials also look beautiful. The same elements are laid out in layers. At the bottom, you can pour a little sand, then there is a layer of larger stones, then lay out an even larger layer. There may be several layers. Also, not only evenly laid out stones look beautiful, but also unevenly laid ones. Layers can have different thickness and angle of inclination. Contrasting shades look especially beautiful. From white toblack.

Panel on wall or floor

This crane can be hung on the wall, but it will also look beautiful on the porch of the house, in front of the front door. This is quite a difficult job. To complete it, you will need not only to collect stones of the desired shape, but also to cut them with a grinder. This is delicate and dangerous work. You must follow the safety regulations. After all, all the details are very small.

compositions in glass vases with stones

For the background, you need to collect pebbles of the same size and shade. For flowers and leaves, elements of the same tone and size are chosen. You can use marble chips. It is used in construction in the manufacture of floors. It comes in a variety of colors, so finding the right one is easy.

The crane will have to work hard. For the wing it is necessary to find thin and elongated stones. The remaining elements will have to be cut out. But such beauty will decorate your house for a long time. After all, stone is an eternal and natural material.

Colorful lanes

Patterns of stones are used when laying paths in a summer cottage or in private homes. Such elements sometimes look like works of art and become bright accents on the territory. To make such beautiful paths and alleys, you need to have an artistic taste and great patience. After all, the amount of work is quite large, and at the same time you need to act carefully.

natural stone compositions

Even one incorrectly laid stone can destroy the entire composition. Before starting work, you need to draw a pattern onpaper, make a kind of drawing. This is especially true for repeating clear elements. For convenience, when assembling stones, you need to divide them into parts, depending on the color, size. Then, according to the drawing or drawing, it will be easier to find the desired element for the pattern.

The work is difficult and painstaking, but you must admit that it turns out very beautifully. Every day, walking along such an alley, you will receive aesthetic pleasure.

Stone is a very fertile material for crafts. Surround yourself with beautiful things and life will be brighter and brighter.

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