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How to knit a round yoke with knitting needles: the basic principles of expansion, diagrams, description, photo
How to knit a round yoke with knitting needles: the basic principles of expansion, diagrams, description, photo

There are several ways that are most often used to decorate knitted wardrobe items with a yoke. The most popular are two: a coquette inscribed in raglan and a round one. Both one and the second can be performed from the bottom up or in the opposite direction. In the first case, it will be necessary to shorten the loops of the product in the gap between the armhole and the neck, in the second - add.

Features of knitting a round yoke

For many craftswomen, a round yoke knitted with knitting needles is a real challenge. This is not surprising, because when performing a classic raglan on top, the yoke fabric gradually expands along with the product. Usually this happens in every second row (for example, in the front). Four points are marked with markers and new elements are added before and after the marked loop.

It is worth noting that it is quite difficult to make a mistake when doing such work, since the whole algorithm is simple andunderstandable. But a completely different picture opens up when you have to deal with the calculation of a round yoke - there are no clearly marked points for forming new loops.

If a round yoke is made with knitting needles from above (for women, men or children), then it expands by adding loops in the pattern itself. At the same time, the craftswoman must be attentive and have a developed imagination in order to do the job correctly.

round yoke knitting

Why then do we need such a round coquette? It is easier and faster to knit raglans with knitting needles. The fact is that in the first case, the decor will be divided into segments by raglan lines, and in the second case, the yoke is a continuous strip of ornament that beautifully and smoothly fits the shoulders.

If a round yoke is knitted on top for children, this is convenient for experiments

Children's clothing is good because it is very fast to make and requires much less material than a product for an adult. A small cardigan or sweater is an excellent wiggle room. And if an error is found in the process of work, then you will have to dissolve a little. As a last resort, if you find that making a round yoke with knitting needles is too difficult, and the scheme is incomprehensible to you, then such an unsuccessful project is not a pity to dissolve.

Plain sweater with yoke

The photo posted in the article shows an interesting and rather simple model: a children's jacket with buttons. Its main decoration is a round yoke with knitting needles. The product is made of yarn of the same color. It should be noted thaton such models it is very convenient to learn new tricks.

round yoke with knitting needles from above for women

The drawing schematically shows this jacket in finished form. The dotted line here indicates the line, which is the last row of the coquette. The whole detail should be knitted according to the scheme proposed in the image.

round yoke with knitting needles from above for women description

Please note that after casting on, you need to perform the sequence shown in Figure A.1. Then go to the diagram in Figure A.2.

One large sheet is a pattern repeat. For a child 6-9 years old, there should be six.

round yoke with knitting needles from above for children

Be careful when adding stitches. The first half of the rapport provides an expansion of the coquette canvas. New elements are formed when making yarn overs. In normal openwork patterns, each crochet is balanced by the subsequent reduction of the loop, but there are no reductions here.

The second half of the rapport is a flat canvas without additions. There is a balance here between new stitches obtained from yarn overs and elements cut in the same row.

The above scheme is also relevant in cases where a round yoke is knitted with knitting needles from above for women. The description should only be slightly corrected and compared with the planned size of the product.

Performing the back and shelves

When the yoke detail is complete, the canvas should be divided into five sections:

  1. Right shelf.
  2. Right sleeve.
  3. Back.
  4. Left sleeve.
  5. Left shelf.

Boundaries between sites are best marked with markers. Next, loops for each sleeve are transferred to a thick thread (sections No. 2 and No. 4).

The detail of the back needs to be slightly expanded. To do this, the first 5 cm are knitted, adding two loops in each front row (at the beginning and at the end of the row). The resulting bevels form armholes. The same bevels need to be tied on the shelves. Then the fabrics of the back and shelves are transferred to common circular needles and knitted together.

When the product is long enough, work a few centimeters in garter stitch and close all loops.

Finishing work: knitting sleeves

To finish the work, you need to sequentially pick up the previously removed loops of the sleeves on the knitting needles, knit 5 cm with bevels (decreases in every 2nd row) and knit the details to the desired length. They can be narrowed to the cuffs or left wide. Instead of the front surface, you can use literally any ornament.

It is interesting that even the simplest model and an elementary pattern will look advantageous if you knit a neat round yoke with knitting needles from above (for children). The master class presented by us covers only the main points, and the craftswoman will have to perform her own calculations herself. No matter how detailed the description, the difference in the thickness and composition of the yarn will negate all calculations.

A more complex model for diligent and diligent

The photo at the beginning of the article shows a dress tied from above. It features a round jacquard yoke.

The pattern with sizes is shown below.

round yoke with knitting needles from above for children master class

To tie a product of a larger or smaller size, you should use various schemes. For children 3-8 years old, the picture on the right is suitable. And for those whose age is in the range from 9 to 12 years old, as well as for adult clothing, you will need the diagram on the left.

round yoke with knitting needles from above for women

According to the designer's intention, the pattern contains only two colors, but if desired, many more shades can be added. Have a good experience and beautiful products!

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