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Do-it-yourself St. George ribbon: simple recommendations for beginner craftswomen
Do-it-yourself St. George ribbon: simple recommendations for beginner craftswomen

A worthy decoration for any national holiday in our country, no doubt, is the St. George ribbon. This symbol of victory, respect and patriotism is worn by both adults and children. The decoration is sold in many stores, and for needlewomen, a St. George ribbon made by hand will become a real source of pride.

St. George's ribbon do it yourself

Preparation for work

Before you go to the store for the necessary materials or look for the necessary blanks in the bins, it is recommended to decide on the type of decoration and the technique in which it will be made. The simplest, but at the same time, the original version would be a do-it-yourself kanzashi-style ribbon. This technique allows you to embody any fantasy of the craftswoman and make an exquisite patriotic brooch, hairpin and even a bracelet from improvised materials. But we will consider the option of making a classic kanzashi-style brooch.

Kanzashi St. George ribbon with their ownhands

To create a unique decoration you will need the following tools:

  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • needle and thread;
  • candle or lighter;
  • pencil or marker;
  • tweezers;
  • glue gun.

If all the tools are available, then there will be no problems with making a St. George ribbon with your own hands. But if the craftswoman does not have a glue gun in her home arsenal, you can use any polymer glue.

Purchase of material

Before you go to the store for materials, you should consider how to decorate the middle of your brooch. If there are no skills in making kanzashi jewelry, it is better to opt for a beautiful bead and half bead. But experienced craftswomen who like needlework can professionally decorate the St. George ribbon with their own hands: make a flower, spikelet or other decorative element from satin ribbons.

So, to make jewelry you will need:

  • 2.5-6 cm wide satin St. George ribbon;
  • large bead (half bead) or decorative center;
  • metal base for the brooch.

For those who want to turn their product into a real masterpiece, you can purchase beads of the appropriate colors. From it you can weave an original decor for the center or decorate the edges of the ribbon.

Getting Started

At the first stage of creating a kanzashi St. George ribbon with your own hands, you should prepare 5 pieces of ribbon 7 cm each. To do this, carefully measure the pieces and cut them very evenly. OtherwiseIn this case, the material will begin to crumble, and the flower petals will not be the same. We light a candle or a lighter and singe the edges of the blanks. In this case, it is better to use tweezers to avoid injury and burns.

Take the piece inside out, form a right angle. Then we lower the second edge, clearly overlaying it on the first. It turns out a petal with a sharp upper edge. Next, fold it in half to the wrong side, aligning the edges. From below we fix the resulting fold with tweezers and turn the edges inside out. We solder the lower part of the finished petal over the fire. We make 4 more blanks in the same way.

Next, we collect a flower of 5 petals, gluing them with polymer glue or a glue gun. In this case, we apply the adhesive mixture only to the middle of the side of the workpiece.

St. George ribbon do-it-yourself needlework

Assembly decoration

We take the remaining piece of tape 25 cm long, fold and process the edges. Each side should be soldered with fire, after cutting off the middle part to get the so-called "flag". Even for those who do not know how to make a St. George ribbon, this operation will not cause problems.

Lay the tape on the table with the wrong side up, bend the side edges, laying crosswise. In this case, the edges of the tape can be aligned to one length or stop the choice on their non-symmetrical arrangement. We sew the resulting loop from the ribbon in the center and immediately sew on the metal base for the brooch. After the thread, we glue it in order to avoid unforeseen situations when wearing it.

Let's go to the finish line

On thisAt the stage of work, we have already prepared two main elements of decoration: a flower and a base with fasteners. We connect them with glue and press at the junction until dry. Thus, a do-it-yourself St. George ribbon needs only decoration. Glue a bead or any beautiful center in the center of the flower and enjoy the beauty of your creation.

How to make a St. George ribbon

Even for beginner needlewomen, the process of creating a St. George ribbon with their own hands will take no more than 20 minutes. And an unusual strict decoration will become not only a symbol of patriotism, but also a source of pride for its owner.

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