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DIY homemade toys
DIY homemade toys

You can often see a picture when a child has a lot of purchased toys, but he pays all his attention to a nondescript home-made toy. It is explained simply. It is in such crafts that a piece of the soul of his mother or father is invested. Girls love to play with sewn-on rag dolls that need to be painted faces or sew outfits, play with homemade furniture that dad made for the toy house.

In the article we will look at several examples of making interesting homemade toys made by parents for their baby, we will give detailed instructions on how to make such crafts at home, what you need to purchase additionally, how to decorate it.

Race car

To create such a car, a toilet paper roll was used. It is strong enough so that you can play with it for a long time. Additionally, you need to pick up a piece of thick cardboard and cut out four identical wheels using the circle stencil.

bush race car

A hole is cut in the central part of the bushing like a letter"H" and the edges are bent back and forth. The back part serves as a backrest for the driver, and the steering wheel is drawn on the front. Then comes work on decorating a homemade toy. It is necessary to paint the wheels and the body of the car with gouache. Stripes, arrows, serial number of racing vehicles will look spectacular. A Lego man is suitable as a driver.

The wheels are put on metal sticks from another broken car or fastened to paper clips. It is advisable to make them rotating, as children love mobile toys. So that the paint does not stain the baby's hands, you can cover the homemade toy with acrylic varnish.


You can make a beautiful two-story doll mansion for your daughter out of a used packing box. To do this, the box is placed on the end part. Closing parts are carefully cut off and subsequently used to create ceilings on the second floor and for the attic. With a sharp knife, windows are cut out, drawn in advance with a simple pencil on cardboard.

box house

A door is cut out on one side that can be opened and closed. You can make a pen with a bead. The roof is made from an additional strip of cardboard bent in half. All parts are attached with adhesive tape. Each floor has furniture, which can also be made of cardboard. It is easy to make such a homemade toy with your own hands in a couple of hours, involving a child in the work. You can color the house with paints, markers or glue it with colored paper or cloth.

Cooking stove

Putting a hand-sewn fabric cover on an ordinary chair, you can make a wonderful stove for games. To cut the cover, you need to draw a rectangle, the length of which is equal to the height of the chair, plus the length of the seat, plus the distance from it to the floor. This will be the main cape. The sides are sewn to it, the width of which is equal to the length of the seat, and the height is the distance from it to the floor. The edges of the craft can be sewn on the sides, or can be worn with ties, as in the photo below.

children's cooker

Such a home-made toy for children is made with fabric appliqué. Attach burners, oven, side pockets for dishes. On the top, you can attach a plastic dryer for toy dishes or make a window with curtains, as in the photo. The cover plate is easy to put on and take off, so that the rest of the time the chair will perform its main function.

Rag doll

Before sewing such a homemade children's toy, you need to make a pattern for the pattern. It is easy to make it, it is enough to draw the contours of the head, torso along with legs and arms on a piece of drawing paper. The head can be drawn with the body together. Before cutting according to the pattern, on the fabric, simply leave one centimeter from each edge for the seams. The craft is sewn from the back side, then, leaving a small open area, turned inside out. For convenience, you can use a knitting needle to carefully level all corners. Then the doll is stuffed with synthetic winterizer or cotton wool. The last open area is sutured. Hair most often for rag dolls is made fromknitting threads with a hook.

doll made of cloth

Facial features can be drawn with a marker or embroidered with floss threads. It remains only to sew clothes. As a rule, children love such toys very much, they are soft, you can go to bed with them.

Homemade soft toys

Such a funny cat with sausages is easy to sew even for a beginner handmade master. First of all, a template is made on paper, as in the previous version of sewing a doll. Draw the animal completely with the head and paws.

soft cat craft

Material is better to use natural, as the child will often hold the toy in his hand, maybe even want to sleep with her in bed. If you want the toy to be soft and pleasant to the touch, then the best option for sewing would be felt. It can be cut, glued, sheathed with appliqué. Felt sheets usually have bright and saturated colors.

When transferring the contours to the fabric, do not forget to add 1 cm for the seams. The two halves are brought together by hand with threads on the wrong side of the fabric, then the craft is turned on the front side, and the filler is inserted into the middle. You can use a synthetic winterizer or artificial cotton wool. At the end, the cutout is sewn with an internal seam. The tail, small parts and sausages are cut out separately.

Toy book

You can easily sew a home-made book from felt sheets, in which a new educational task will be given on each page. This is not just a toy, it is a didactic educational tool for the baby. Felt sheets havebright coloring, so that all the elements of the book will be interesting to the child at first sight.

book-toy for a child

Each page has a task, such as making sneakers with laces. It will be easier for a child to learn how to tie shoelaces with the help of such a toy. On another page, arrange geometric shapes with Velcro or make an abacus with beads.

You can come up with different tasks: assemble a pyramid or find the missing piece for a rug, put apples on an apple tree on buttons, arrange objects by color and size, and more.

A book of several pages is sewn together with lacing, the sheets are also attached with seams. The book can be fastened with a button or Velcro.

Homemade Puppet Show

As a homemade paper toy, you can make a puppet theater for a child. The characters are drawn on a sheet of cardboard, painted and cut out along the contour. To prevent the figures from getting dirty, they are sealed with transparent tape.

homemade puppet theater

The theater itself is most conveniently placed in an old cardboard box, which is pasted over with cloth or self-adhesive. Curtains are pulled on top of the fishing line, and the inside is shaped like a stage. It can be changed for each performance. Figures of characters are made on stands or glued on ice cream sticks, pushed through a hole cut out at the bottom of the box.

Theatrical activity develops not only grammatically correct speech, the memory of the child, but also fantasy, the ability to convey the emotions of the character, use inscene means of expression.


As you can see from the text of the article, making toys for children on their own is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. It is enough to prepare the material and free up one hour of your time for the baby. Joint creativity is very useful for bringing parents and children together, and this is also important. Yes, and creating toys with your own hands, you save a lot of money, because toys cost a lot, and children always want something new. So do not be lazy, but get to work, involving kids in the manufacture of crafts.

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