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How to make a transformer out of "Lego": instruction
How to make a transformer out of "Lego": instruction

The popularity of the Lego constructor, which has spread in recent decades in the post-Soviet space, has led to the children's desire to make popular characters from books, films and cartoons out of it. Interestingly, the designer is popular not only among children, but also among some adults. "How to make a Lego transformer?" is a question that many comic book fans have begun to ask. And after a number of films about transformers were released, fans of Hollywood blockbusters also joined them.

how to make a lego transformer

Who are transformers?

On the wave of this popularity, the concept of Lego characters was born, which have a humanoid shape, and when rearranging the parts, they take on the image of any vehicle. It was this important moment that served to develop interest in how to make a transformer out of Lego.

Transformers are robotic characters that came from comics. They gained popularity and national recognition with the release of movies about alien creatures called Autobots and Decepticons.Each of them is able to turn into any technological tool. It can be a car, a plane or something else.

In particular, many are interested in the question: "How to make a Lego Bumblebee transformer?" First you need to characterize this cartoon character. This is an Autobot transformer (translated from English as “bumblebee”), a famous character from the “Transformers Universe”. To create it from the Lego constructor, you need to take into account some nuances:

  • this transformer is one of the smallest in the "Universe";
  • colors that are present in its color: black and yellow;
  • he is very mobile.

According to these characteristics, Bumblebee can be constructed according to the universal instructions below.

how to make lego transformer bumblebee

Tips to get started

If we discuss the question: “How to make a transformer out of Lego?”, It is worth noting that there is a significant difference between assembling such a model and creating other characters. The fact is that each fragment has dual functions: it is part of the body of a humanoid robot and at the same time a mechanism. This point must be borne in mind during assembly. Another important detail regarding the creation of a transformer robot is the construction of a stand for a Lego figure. With the help of a reliable base, you can firmly install the toy in an upright position. If you wish, you should take a picture of it or make a video yourself on how to make a transformer out of Lego.

Assembling the robot

In case you need morea simple option, in which the robot will not fold into a vehicle, but will have an anthropomorphic shape, then it is much easier to implement such a plan:

  1. You will need two small Lego pieces to build the feet. They must be fixed on a pedestal parallel to each other.
  2. Then start building the robot's legs by stacking the parts one on top of the other. At a certain height, use two identical pieces to mark the robot's knees.
  3. The torso of the transformer should be massive (especially the chest and shoulders), so you need to fold a large rectangle, which in the upper part should be weighted with additional details and connected to the finished legs.
  4. If you want to give the robot a look that indicates a potential reincarnation into a vehicle, then the torso and limbs can be supplemented with fragments of the designer equipped with wheels.
  5. Further to the torso on both sides, you need to attach the robot's arms created from long narrow blocks.
  6. And finally, in the center you need to install a large cube - the head of the transformer. You can also attach small rectangles to the sides of it. Sometimes there is a special robot head in a Lego set: in that case, use it.
  7. At the base of the rectangles mounted on the head of the toy, blocks with wheels should be strengthened.

If the question is: “How to make a transformer out of Lego?” - decide together with the child, then the offspring can not only be occupied, but also develop figurative and logical thinking, imagination and memory in him. Good luck to you!

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