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How to make a doll wig for a cheap price
How to make a doll wig for a cheap price

BJD has the ability to change body parts, including wigs. Thanks to this, you can make your original image. But this hobby is not the cheapest. Material costs are high, but you can always find an inexpensive alternative to this. From our article you will learn how to make a wig for a doll with your own hands and inexpensively.

how to make a wig

Wig materials

To make a wig, you will need the following materials:

  • silk ribbon or piece of curtain fabric;
  • thread and needle;
  • bag or cling film;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • tassel;
  • PVA glue;
  • cotton fabric.

Meter of wefts for doll wigs costs from 150 rubles. If you have a Barbie-sized doll, then this is not a problem. But if your doll is more than 70 cm tall and the toy has a big head, you will need a lot of curls, which means there will be serious costs.

You can use ribbon instead - unravel it and straighten it eithergently curl the threads, then you get beautiful strands. In addition, you can dissolve the fabric of the curtains. It is shiny and smooth, making the wig look beautiful.

There are many options for how to make a wig at home for a doll at no great cost. This article will use curtain holders. They are woven from smooth threads, and unraveling them is quick and easy.

Preparation for work

Wrap the top of the doll with cling film or a plastic bag. Better with a film, as it will sit tightly and will not slip. Try to pull it properly over your head so that there are no wrinkles left.

how to make a doll wig

Prepare a bowl or bucket of water to wash off the glue from the brush and hands. When creating a wig at each stage, the hands must be clean. This is painstaking work. Any negligence can affect the quality of the wig and its appearance. How to make a wig is easy to understand, the main thing is to learn how to make it carefully.

Making a cap for a wig

Apply glue to the head with a brush.

how to make a wig with your own hands

Wrap it around with the pieces of fabric. Flatten the edges.

how to make a wig at home

Put another piece of fabric on top, cut its edges so that it is convenient to press them to the head.

doll wig

After you have firmly pressed the pieces of fabric to the head of the doll, make sure that they will not bulge and peel off. Now wait for it to dry.

cap for wig

After the cap has dried, trace the outline of its edges with a pencil and cut it out. The contour should pass above the forehead, above the ears and be slightly above the neck. You can see what should turn out in the end in the photo in the article.

cap doll wig

Preparation of strands (tresses)

Now start unraveling the material you are using into threads and curls. A tip on how to make a wig in a comfortable way: use a large, strong needle or a small hook.


After the strands have been untangled, you need to start connecting them into a tress. Just take one long thread and start tying strands to it.

wig strands

Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb. If combing is difficult, dampen your hair with water and even apply a conditioner.

preparing a wig

Straighten the strands with a regular iron, but it is more convenient to do it with a curling iron, and it will turn out better. And if you want to curl them, then moisten them, wind them on the handle shaft and run an iron or curling iron over them, or put them near the battery and wait for them to dry. However, the temperature from the curling iron or iron will be more effective.

Sewing wefts to the cap

Strands can also be attached with glue. But if you are not sure of your accuracy, it is better not to use it, otherwise all the strands will be stained with it, and it will be almost impossible to clean them. In addition, the preparation of tresses is the most painstaking work. It would be a shame ifeverything will go down the drain.

Draw circles on the hat with a pencil, focusing on which you will fasten the strands. Be sure to do this if you are doing this for the first time. Otherwise, it will turn out crooked, and you will not understand: is it possible to fix it and how. Making a wig is not so easy in practice, but the process is easy to remember.

sewing weft

Tie a knot of thread at one of the edges of the hat in front. Make sure the knot is strong enough. Start sewing on one weft in a circle until you reach the opposite edge. Do not make the thread too long so that it is enough for the entire stage of work. In any case, in the process, she will get confused in her hair. Unnecessary knots will appear. Many puppeteers note that making doll wigs requires a lot of patience and great care.

strands sew to the hat

Here is a cap completely trimmed with strands. But you haven't fully learned how to make a wig yet. At this stage, he does not look attractive enough, and there is no parting.

bjd wig

Take another piece of tress. The thread to which the strands were attached will become parting. Place it on the toy's head as you like and sew it on. Guide the needle exactly along the parting. Better spot stitches.

Trim your hair at the end of the work. If they stick out, dampen them, compress them with cling film and rubber bands, and leave overnight. After that, they will be more obedient.

doll wig

How to make a DIY wig: some more tips

IfIf you want to make a wig of an unusual shape, it is better to prepare a sketch in advance and think over the course of work. It will not work to make an unusual wig from the material that was proposed in this article, especially if it is small in size. Therefore, separately make braids, bundles, jewelry and glue or sew them to the wig. It is better not to use hot glue, as it will pull strings that can get stuck in the strands. It will be extremely difficult to clean this without damaging the wig.

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