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Chamomile from balls with your own hands
Chamomile from balls with your own hands

A balloon chamomile or a whole airy bouquet will surely become a wonderful decoration for any holiday, whether it's a child's birthday or a theme party. You can create such beauty with your own hands, following the detailed step-by-step instructions. There may be several options, and you can choose any suitable one to your taste.

chamomile balls

What do you need?

Chamomile from balls is very easy to make. You will need balls of only three colors: 5 white and 2 yellow, as well as a green sausage ball. You can use a pump to inflate. To fasten balloons together, you need to prepare elastic bands.

how to make chamomile balloons

Decorative bouquet

Turning ordinary balloons into an elegant bouquet is not only interesting, but also very simple. This is an original and at the same time uncomplicated way to decorate the perfect party for a little princess or a gazebo for afternoon tea in the garden. Or maybe you just want to spice up your best friend's birthday with a little token of appreciation? An airy bouquet or even just one chamomile from balloons can liftmood and bring a smile.

Step 1

We take a sheet of cardboard and cut out two round holes of different diameters in it. Suitable sizes are 15 cm and 10 cm. You should not worry about the beauty of the circles. This is just the template needed to adjust the volume of the balloons.

how to make chamomile balloons

Step 2

To create flower petals, take five white balls. Using a pump and a template with a hole of 15 cm, inflate all five pieces so that their sizes are almost the same.

chamomile from balls of sausages

Tie the ends of the balloons together with an elastic band.

do-it-yourself chamomile from balloons

Step 3

To create the center of the flower, you need two small yellow balls. We use a 10 cm template and an inflation balloon. Balloon chamomile does not have to be yellow and white, other colors can be used.

how to make chamomile from balls of sausages

However, it would be desirable to use one-color petals and a core of a different shade for contrast. When the balloons are inflated, you should also tie their ends.

chamomile balls

Step 4

Connect the petals and the core so that the flower looks about the same on both sides.

chamomile balls

It turned out to be a magnificent chamomile from balls. It is very easy to make such a creation with your own hands. It remains to attach the stems to it, and that's it - the original gift is ready! Can be decoratedroom. You can make several of these original flowers.

how to make chamomile from balls of sausages

Air design basics - original balloon arrangements

Bouquets made from the simplest materials, such as paper, can be a great alternative to natural flowers. Very popular today is the creation of stunningly cute and cute compositions from balloons. The art of assembling simple and complex structures from them is called "aerodesign". Modeling air crafts includes a ton of crafting options.

How to make a chamomile out of sausage balls?

Often, to create flower bouquets, special oblong-shaped balls are used, which are called sausages. First you need to learn how to form basic structures, which can then be connected to each other in a variety of ways.

how to make chamomile from balls of sausages

Various flowers, including daisies from sausage balls, are obtained as a result of twisting. This is the name of the art of twisting oblong balls to design various crafts. It can be not only flowers. Almost anything can be made from these balloons: cars, dolls, dogs, favorite cartoon characters, gates and entire houses.

chamomile balls

Everyone loves flowers

There are few people in the world who would be indifferent to flowers. However, living plants quickly wither, lose their freshness and attractiveness. It cannot be said that chamomile,made of balloons will delight you for years, but in any case it will be a wonderful and original gift from a person who wants not only to make a pleasant surprise, but also to take care of nature and the environment.

Expensive or cheap?

If you buy a ready-made bouquet of inflatable daisies, you will have to fork out, since manual work is highly valued today. The good news is that such beauty can be completely created right at home, with your own hands and with minimal investment. If you use ordinary balloons, you can also inflate them with your lips. As for the "sausages", here you still need a special pump. These balloons are not easy to inflate by hand.

chamomile balls

Additional decorations

In addition to the basic materials (balloons, a pump, rubber bands, a stencil with circles), you can use bright ribbons and bows, paints, felt-tip pens and sparkles to decorate crafts.

Recommendations for aerialists

If sausage balls are used in the work, then it is good advice not to inflate them to the very limit, but to leave a small tip, about 3-4 cm long, to tie a knot or attach another element. It is much easier and faster to make crafts from ordinary balls. For example, to make a chamomile, you need only 4-5 petals of the same color, which are held together with elastic bands or threads, and one or two balls to make a core.

Green ball-sausage will perfectly cope with the role of the stalk. If you are planning to make a bouquet, then in this case it is the bestThe principle works: the more - the better. A huge armful of even fake flowers, which barely fits in your hands, will always be an incredibly cute and pleasant surprise not only for children.

chamomile balls

An unforgettable holiday experience for adults and children

Balloons are an essential attribute of almost any holiday or festive event. Everyone is happy with them, regardless of age. They say balloons make people a little happier. So why not bring some bright variety into your life? Absolutely incredible and original figures can be made just by filling with air colorful pieces of latex.

There are a large number of ways in which aerial masterpieces are created. The design of large rooms using massive and complex structures, of course, is best left to professionals. But many bizarre and elegant crafts, including a chamomile made from sausage balls, can be done on your own, without outside help, armed with materials for work and a great mood.

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