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How to make figures from balls with your own hands?
How to make figures from balls with your own hands?

For a long time, balloons have become an integral part of festive events. A variety of photo zones, airy bouquets, decorated entrances, huge balloon figures have firmly entered our lives. How not to get lost among the diverse assortment and choose what you like? First you need to decide what type of decor will be used to decorate the holiday.

Decoration of the holiday with ordinary balloons

The simplest decoration option is ordinary balloons inflated with air. Moreover, they can be not only round, but also in the shape of a heart, star or butterfly. You can link them together to make figures from balls or original bouquets. In order for the composition to keep its shape, it is possible to fasten the individual elements of the resulting structure together with double-sided tape. This will allow the pieces to remain in the position in which they were originally pinned. A geometric figure made of balls can be an excellent universal decorate the photo zone. Colorful balloons in the shape of a rainbow look very bright and impressive, such an arch can be an excellent basis for decorating a children's holiday.

balloon rainbow

Using helium filled balloons

The balloons filled with a special gas - helium look very impressive. Their main feature is the ability to stay in the air, which allows you to more creatively decorate the room. To prevent such balls from flying all over the room or flying out the window, special weights are attached to them from below, with which you can adjust the height of the decoration.

When choosing filled balloons, you should pay attention to whether they are pre-treated before they are filled with gas. Treated ones will stick to the ceiling and delight children much longer than untreated ones. Balloons that have not undergone special treatment can fall to the floor in just a few hours, and high-quality inflated balloons can please the eye even for a month.

helium balloons

Combining helium balloons with ordinary balloons, you can decorate the room on the occasion of any celebration. For a birthday, balloon figures will be a great decoration element, and a festive party will look bright and creative.

Figures in the form of animals from long balls

Children are very fond of balloons, so adults are constantly inventing new ways to use them. Toddlers are delighted with figures twisted from long narrow balls. Surely everyone at least once saw howa clown in a circus or a seller in a park would take a sausage ball and deftly make a dog, a sword or a giraffe out of it. At first glance, it seems that making figures from balls with your own hands is quite difficult. But if at least once you see how a professional does it slowly, then everything becomes extremely clear.

Elephant from a long ball

First of all, it is necessary to inflate a long balloon not completely (there should be a remainder at the end, this is necessary so that the balloon does not burst when the figure is twisted out of it), then the balloon is tied. On the resulting workpiece, it is necessary to make bends in certain places and twist them, rotating parts of the ball in different directions and crossing them. You can try to make balloon figures step by step using the instructions below in pictures.

balloon dog

It is easiest to twist a sword out of a long ball. To do this, on the one hand, you need to make a handle (scroll the ball several times so that several air bubbles form, make a loop on its edge and thread the long part into it).

ball sword

For the manufacture of some types of animals, you may need not only long, but also round small balls. For example, by tying several different balloons together and drawing eyes on the round balloons, you can get a cute octopus.

balloon octopus

By doing simple manipulations from one long ball, you can get a huge number of different shapes. Showing the children how to make shapes out ofballs, you can have fun with the whole family and invent new outlandish animals.

balloon animals

Shapes from connected balloons

Professional decorators make amazing compositions that decorate not only children's birthdays, but also corporate parties of various companies, holiday openings of supermarkets and photo zones of large shopping centers.

Balloon figures for March 8th often involve bright colors and a huge figure eight made up of many round small balls. Children's birthdays are decorated in the style of characters from a cartoon. For weddings, they usually make a romantic arch of soft-colored tied balls and decorate it with beautiful flowers. It should be remembered that creating a large figure from balls requires certain skills. Therefore, before starting to connect them together, it is worth considering in advance the composition of the structure that will support them.

Balloon flowers

The easiest way is to make a "Flower" shape. To make it, you will need 2-3 long green balls (this will be the stem and leaves), 5-7 small bright balls (petals), one small round yellow one (the middle of the flower).

Decor of balloons and flowers

Recently, among florists, a composition made up of fresh flowers, a wicker basket and a helium balloon is gaining popularity. In shape, it resembles a balloon, looks quite original and romantic. Such a composition is very easy to make on your own, but at the same time it will be an excellent alternative to a regular and will certainly please the birthday boy.

Ball with flowers

If the composition of balloons is intended to decorate a girl's birthday, then you can't do without flowers. It's so easy to combine balloons and flowers into a single bouquet or decorate the thread with which the balloon is tied with bright colors. But the result will make the birthday girl smile and give guests a bright mood!

Designing a photo zone using balloons

Given the popularity that photos are gaining on social networks, many girls tend to organize an elegant photo zone at their holiday. Guests are happy to take pictures against the backdrop of compositions of balloons and flowers. Even a few helium balloons tied into a bundle will make the holiday more fun, bring some lightness and brightness to the photo. You can order a ready-made photo zone from professionals, or you can get creative and make balloon figures yourself, add some beautiful flowers, a couple of garlands to them.

Balloon photo zone

What do you need to decorate the holiday with balloons?

If you decide to decorate the festive interior with balloons yourself, then you must have the following available:

  • Different types of balloons (round, long, curly, balloons with inscriptions).
  • Inflation pump (can be manual or automatic).
  • Ropes, ribbons, bows (for tying inflated balloons and forming beautiful bundles).
  • Wire, frame (if you plan to make some kind of shape from the balls, then they will need to be attached to something solid,that can keep its shape).
  • Scissors.
  • Adhesive tape, including double sided tape (may need to stick the balloons together or attach them to the wall).
  • Artificial or paper flowers (needed if you plan to assemble a composition of balloons and flowers).
  • Fantasy (no decor design is complete without creativity and original ideas).
  • Ball pump

The technology for creating a composition of balls is quite simple. Just 5 simple steps - and the holiday will become brighter:

  1. Inflate balloons with a pump.
  2. We tie them so that air does not escape from them.
  3. We form beautiful shapes or bundles from inflated balloons.
  4. Complementing the composition with decorative elements (flowers, ribbons, etc.).
  5. Fix the resulting composition on the wall or frame.

How to complement the decor of balloons?

The decoration with balloons will look more impressive if you add some additional elements to it. The most commonly used for this are:

  • garlands (of flowers, lanterns, beads);
  • paper flowers;
  • ribbons, bows;
  • feathers;
  • serpentine;
  • glass or plastic balls;
  • banner stretch or canvas (used as the basis for the photo zone);
  • lightweight drape fabric;
  • other elements that fit with the holiday concept.

In the photo, figures from balls look spectacular and festive. No wonder this decor option is very popular forphoto zone design. A little patience and imagination will help create an unforgettable composition that will certainly surprise the guests of the holiday with its novelty and originality!

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