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How to play 36-card solitaire: step by step instructions
How to play 36-card solitaire: step by step instructions

Solitaire is a type of card game for one player. Solitaire layouts have become one of the standard entertainments of the famous operating system. There are layouts for 52 and 36 cards, the article will describe several varieties of the game and give the rules for how to play solitaire (36 cards).

Solitaire is a great way to relax and pass the time. There are not only playing, but also fortune-telling types of layouts. Although in this way you can only get yes / no answers from cards to very simple questions.

How to play 36-card Klondike Solitaire

Klondike is one of the most popular and famous solitaire games around the world. This type of layout was included in the standard set of games in the widely used operating system. The layout rules are extremely simple.

how to play solitaire kerchief of 36 cards

For the layout, decks of 36 and 52 cards are used. To play solitaire (36 cards), as in every other card game, you need to know the rules. There is a variant of a large layout for 104cards from two decks (52 cards). For this version of the game, 10 rows are laid out, for playing one deck in 52 - 6 rows, for a regular playing deck (36 cards), the rows are reduced to 5. The cards are laid out face down. The first row is laid out 1 card in each column, in the 2nd row they are laid out on a card only in 5 columns, in the third - in 4 and so on. The last card in each column is turned face up.

The remaining cards are set aside and used when the options for moving the layout run out. You can turn over a deck of three cards. The last one in the top three is considered active, you can take the middle one only after the one closest to the player. In the Big layout, you can turn over the deck only once; in the layout for 36 cards, the use of coupon cards (from the deck) is not limited. To simplify the game, beginners can take one card from the coupon.

how to play solitaire 36 fortune telling cards

Rules of the game (36 cards), how to play solitaire "Kerchief":

  1. Aces serve as the basis for collecting a deck by suit. When opening an ace, it is laid out separately, further collection of the suit is carried out in ascending order, from smaller to larger.
  2. After moving the active column card, the next one must be turned face up.
  3. Only cards of different colors can be stacked on top of each other in playing columns, for example, spades on hearts or diamonds on clubs.
  4. The cards are arranged in columns in descending direction - from the king to the sixes.
  5. A king of any suit can be moved with the whole stack in placefreed column.

That's all the rules. Solitaire is considered laid out when all the cards of the corresponding suit are collected on aces.

How to play Spider Solitaire into 36 cards

Spider Solitaire rarely uses a playing deck. It can be laid out with one, two or four suits. For the game, they take 2 or 4 decks at once, depending on the desired complexity.

how to play spider solitaire 36 cards

Step-by-step instructions for 4 decks of 36 cards, how to play Spider Solitaire:

  1. Lay out 6 cards in the first 4 rows and 5 in the rest. There must be 54 cards on the playing table in total.
  2. Lay the last row face up - these are active cards.
  3. The remaining 80 cards can be folded into a deck - coupon, or can be laid out to the side in 8 lines of 10 cards face down.
  4. The cards are laid out on top of each other in order from the highest to the lowest of the same suit. Ace is considered the lowest card!
  5. If there are no more options for moving cards, you must take one of the set aside lines and place one card face up on each row in the game.
  6. In place of an empty column, you can move any card or a continuous combination of them, starting with the highest one.
  7. If in a column it is possible to collect a sequence from king to ace of the same suit, such a combination is removed in a pile away from the alignment. The goal of the game is to clear the field of cards.

You can play with fewer decks, then the number of rows is also necessarydecrease. So, for 3 decks (36 cards), you need to make 8 columns, one half of which has 7 cards each and the second - 6 pieces each. Playing with fewer decks is not as fun.

Grandma's layout

Very simple but interesting variant of 36 card solitaire. The deck is laid out in 3 identical columns of fans of 3 cards, as shown in the photo below. The goal of the game is to collect sequences of each suit from ace to six.

36 card solitaire

The active card is the top one in each fan. Dropped aces are immediately laid out on the sidelines. You can only stack cards of the same rank on top of each other, but their number in a fan should not exceed four. In a deadlock situation, the deck is collected, interfered with and again laid out in triplets. Solitaire is considered completed if the combinations are completed in three hands.

Pyramid Solitaire

"Pyramid" - a very easy way to play solitaire (36 cards). You need to shuffle the deck and lay out 9 rows of 4 cards, the last ones in the column with the suit up. Next, you need to look for pairs of the same value of cards, such pairs are eliminated from the layout, and the cards under them are opened. Nothing can be done with empty column spaces. The spread is considered stacked if all cards are eliminated.

Rules for card divination

It's no secret that cards can reveal the future. How to play solitaire - divination from 36 cards? There are several simple signs and requirements for a fortune-telling deck. You can't guess with playing cards. Strangers should not touch the deck.It is better to keep several sets of cards, one for personal use, the second for divination by outsiders. Do not ask questions of cards in a bad or depressed mood.

how to play solitaire 36 fortune telling cards

Each divination deck should have its own storage place, for example, a beautiful velvet bag. You should not ask all the questions in one scenario, many answers will not even be approximately correct. Also, do not seek the help of cards for nothing and ask the same question twice. The most accurate layouts are made for a period of time no more than 3 months.

Description of desire

There are very simple divinatory solitaire games (36 cards) for wish. How to lay out one of them is described below. Before starting the layout, it is worth holding the deck in your hands, thinking about your desire. Next, it is worth shuffling the deck well and laying out two cards face down next to each other. The remaining cards are equally laid out in 2 rows with the suit up, it is necessary to start the layout from the last ones laid out.

how to play solitaire 36 cards

The first four is considered, if in each column there are cards of the same denomination, they are put aside, attention goes to the next four. For example, in the first column there is a nine of spades, and in the second a nine of crosses, they can be located opposite each other or diagonally. The end result should be two cards up and two cards up. The wish will come true if the paired cards are in the same column. If the alignment comes to a standstill earlier or the samethe face value of the cards will be in different columns, you should not expect the fulfillment of your plan.

Divination Solitaire

"Divination" is another way to play solitaire (36 cards) for a wish. Make a wish and shuffle the deck. The cards are laid out face down in 5 piles of 7 pieces, the last one is opened. The exposed card becomes the intended suit.

how to play solitaire 36 cards

Next, the piles must be sequentially opened one card at a time. A suit that does not match the intended one, and cards with a value of less than 10 of any suit are removed from solitaire. For example, the last card was a cross, the pile is opened until a ten, jack, queen, king or ace of clubs is found. The action is repeated for each column. Found and not open cards are collected from the end - from the last to the open one, the deck is already decomposed into 4 columns without mixing. The whole sequence of moves is repeated until 5 cards remain in the hands. Solitaire converged if all five cards of the hidden suit and value are higher than 10. In any other case, there are obstacles on the way to fulfilling the desire.

Solitaire "Loves - does not love" layout

Very popular modern fortune-telling solitaire. Before starting, you need to share with the cards the name of the young man who is being divined. A deck of 36 cards is shuffled and laid out in 2 rows of 6 pieces. Next, you need to remove all pairs of the same value diagonally. The remaining cards are shifted one at a time to an empty space, starting with the first cards laid out, the cards of the bottom roware moving up. From the deck you need to lay out the number of discarded cards, repeat the selection. If there are no more matches, another row is laid out below.

When the deck ends, the remaining cards are collected in order from the last laid out to the first. Then the layout is carried out for 5 cards in two rows, without interfering. Actions are repeated sequentially, reducing the number of cards in a row to two.

Solitaire "Loves - does not love": interpretation of the result

The result of divination depends on the number of remaining pairs on the table. If there are two cards left, you can order a dress and look for comfortable wedding shoes. Two pairs that did not leave speak of a strong feeling, three of interest, four indicate the young man's longing for a fortuneteller, five pairs mean slight interest, six pairs of betrayal. If there are seven or more pairs left on the table - the solitaire has not converged, you must try to play it again.

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