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Trick with cards. The easiest way to surprise
Trick with cards. The easiest way to surprise

It so happened that at any age, regardless of whether it is a student party or an office corporate party, a person who knows how to show at least one trick with cards will always become the highlight of the program. All viewers understand that they were deceived somewhere, but hardly anyone can prove, and even more so show how this happens. Therefore, you should not immediately reveal your secrets of tricks with cards, because the longer the audience remains in the dark, the more attention will go to the lucky fakir. And the girls will gladly give the hero their kiss in exchange for revealing the secret of mysterious manipulations.

Card trick secrets

Easy trick - four aces

The simplest trick with cards is when the spectator is asked to divide the deck into four arbitrary piles, after which he shuffles them, and at the end he discovers that an ace lies at the top of each pile. There is no limit to surprise and puzzlement. After all, a voluntary participant in the show knows that he himself divided the deck, shuffled it himself, took out the cards himself, and therefore what happened can only be explained by mysticism. Although notnothing more simple than this trick, because the person who volunteered to help will do all the necessary work himself, exactly following the instructions of a home-grown magician. To perform easy tricks with cards, no training is required, it is enough to have a confident look and know a few secrets.

Preparation and performance

So, for the successful performance of this number, you need a deck of cards, a table and a volunteer, and, of course, precise instructions. To begin with, all four aces should be placed at the top of the deck. Naturally, neither the guest nor the assistant should see this. Having asked the spectator (or assistant) to divide the deck into four parts, you need to note for yourself where the stack with aces lies. It usually ends up on the extreme left or right.

Focus with cards

After that, you need your assistant to remove the top three cards from the pile without aces and put them in the bottom, and then spread three more on adjacent decks. The same must be done with the rest of the packs (without the 4 pictures we need). At the end, there will be a turn and decks with aces. The assistant will shift the top three cards that fell into this pile from neighboring ones to the base, and the freed aces will put them in their places on top of the decks. Now you can ask one of the guests, or, again, an assistant assistant, to turn over the cards that are on top, and the whole audience with bated breath will see with delight that these are really four aces.

The self-ordering deck is another easy math trick

This trick with cards can be done both by yourself and again entrust the deckto one of the spectators and only direct his actions. But let's imagine that the corporate magician decided to do everything himself. Then the deck must be prepared in advance. All cards must be sorted by suit into four sets. The first will be an ace, then a two, a three, a four, and so on until the king. Having stacked all the packs on top of each other, you can show the deck to guests.

Having counted exactly 21 cards, so as not to knock down the sequence of their arrangement (of course, no one should notice that they were divided by count), the top pack must be placed at the bottom of the entire deck. Now you need to split the deck 9 times anywhere. Again, you can do this yourself, or you can invite one of the guests. After these manipulations, it is necessary to decompose the pack into thirteen piles, sequentially one after the other. Everything, the focus is ready! Now you can invite spectators to make sure that the whole deck is packaged according to its value: aces, twos, threes and so on.

Focus with cards training

I won! Pay with a kiss

The meaning of the whole trick is that a man bets on a kiss that he will guess the card chosen by his companion. This trick with cards is not only simple, but also very easy to perform. It is enough, having divided the deck into two parts, ask the girl to put the chosen card on the bottom pile and see which card will be at the base of the top one. After that, you can safely cut the deck several times and begin to remove and turn over the cards one at a time. As soon as the card that was peeped appears, you can announce that the nextwill be hidden … and pluck a kiss from the lips of a surprised beauty.

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