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Felt hot pads - simple and interesting ideas
Felt hot pads - simple and interesting ideas

Winter is coming, we are striving for warmth and comfort at home! As a rule, the kitchens are the most habitable and favorite place in the houses.

The atmosphere of our comfort is made up of many useful little things. Original hot pads made of felt will definitely help to lift your mood. By creating sets of them, you can please your family and friends! Moreover, it is absolutely easy to make - call the child and do needlework with him!

Felt is a fabric with a dense texture, produced by wet felting from wool and down. It is very similar to felt, but much softer and softer. This material is very popular in needlework, due to its properties:

  • Very diverse color palette.
  • High strength and wear resistance.
  • The edge does not fray.
  • No back and front side.
  • Extremely easy to work with, no edging required.
  • The sheets are completely different sizes.
  • Easy to sew on or stick on.

Simple do-it-yourself felt coasters

It is precisely because of these characteristics that this material is very often used for children's creativity. So it’s better to make coasters for hot felt with children. This will give you great pleasure and joy, and the kids will be very proud of their products!

owl stand

For work, prepare multi-colored sheets of felt, scissors, a needle and thread in the color of the fabric or PVA glue.

First, draw shapes on the fabric - circles, squares, stylized flowers - 2 pieces each from sheets of different colors. Do not make them too large, for example, let the diameter of the circle be about 10 cm. Each figure should be cut out with sharp scissors. Dumb ones will "chew" the fabric, and the cut will be sloppy.

Now put together 2 multi-colored pieces together and sew around the outline with small stitches or an over-the-edge seam.

hot mug heart

If you don't know how to sew at all - it doesn't matter! Just coat one part with glue and attach the second to it. Place under the press and leave to dry for a while.

Felt "lemons" and "oranges"

For a set of "citrus" coasters stock up:

  • Felt in matching shades - yellow, white, green and orange.
  • Threads for embroidery to match the fabric.
  • Scissors and needle.

From the tools you will need another compass and a pencil. For making one yellow felt hot padyou need to cut out a yellow circle with a diameter of 11 cm, 2 white circles with a diameter of 9.5 cm and 2 circles with a diameter of 8 cm. Cut the smallest circles of yellow felt into eight equal sectors.

Now collect everything in order - first comes a large yellow circle, then 2 smaller white ones and spread 16 yellow sectors on top (2 on top of each other).

At the beginning of the process, remove the largest circle and pin each double slice to the white circles with a pin. Sew in any convenient way.

Image"lemons" coasters for hot

The resulting "lemon slice" is attached with white threads to the largest yellow part. Done!

Sew several of these coasters together to make a cute set that you won't be ashamed to give!

Hot stand made of felt "autumn leaves"

The main decoration of the autumn season are beautiful leaves of very bright colors. For decor and "revitalization" of the kitchen interior, it is quite possible to start creating autumn leaves from felt scraps.

So, for work you will need:

  • Patches of felt "autumn" colors - red, yellow, orange and green.
  • Floss and needle.
  • Curly scissors (if you don't have any, use regular scissors).

Make patterns of leaves on thick paper. We need 2 - bigger and smaller. The difference should be 1-2mm.

autumn leaves

The cut out templates will be put on the fabric, circled and cut out. Choose different shades forcombinations in one sheet. For example, let in our case there will be a yellow part - larger, and a red one - smaller.

Sew veins on a small part with yellow threads. Then change the thread to red and, laying the patterns on top of each other, sew along the contour with any seam. Make sure that each stitch is even and neat - this way the leaf will turn out much more beautiful.

One "autumn leaf" under the hot cup we made. You can give them any shape - heart-shaped or oval - according to your taste!

Funny little animals under mugs

An extremely handy thing will be hot pads made of felt in the shape of animals. Cute cats, dogs, pigs will be an excellent present for any occasion!

Stock up on the following supplies:

  • Colorful sheets of felt.
  • Filler (it is better to take a synthetic winterizer).
  • Quick-drying glue.
  • Black felt-tip pen.
  • Threads that match the shade.
  • Small beads for eyes.
cat pattern

Firstly, we transfer the pattern to the fabric:

  • Main part - 2 pieces
  • Head - 2 pieces
  • Details from synthetic winterizer - one for the torso and head.
  • Muzzle - 1 piece

Then cut out with scissors and glue every little detail in place.

Insert the synthetic winterizer between the felt and along the entire contour, walk with any decorative seam - overcast is better.

felt cat

It remains to draw antennae, claws with a felt-tip pen orembroider them with thread.

That's how, by changing the color of the felt and the configuration of the muzzle, you can create a fun zoo on the kitchen table!

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