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Felt chicken: do-it-yourself pattern, description, interesting ideas
Felt chicken: do-it-yourself pattern, description, interesting ideas

Crafts for entertainment, home decoration, as a present for festive events are best done by yourself. For example, a felt chicken, the pattern of which can be very different, will be a wonderful present not only for a child, but also for an adult.

felt chicken pattern

Comfortable material

It is most convenient to sew simple toys from felt, because for such crafts it is a universal material. It holds its shape well, does not wrinkle, is easily processed with ordinary scissors, does not crumble or crumble, it can be sewn with a regular needle without any effort. And there is no need to talk about the colors of felt in today's textile market - such an abundance that your eyes just run wide.

felt chick for easter pattern

Sewn felt chicken, the pattern of which can be chosen at will, will be a bright decoration for a child's room, a matching interior toy for the living room, a functional element of the kitchen.

Felt principle

Since felt is a poorly wrinkled material, crafts from it are sewn mainly with the seams out. This can even serve as a kind of plus for this type of creativity, because the seam can becomeadditional decoration of the toy. The seams used in the manufacture of felt toys are most often the simplest - needle forward, overcast. However, if desired, a felt toy can also be made voluminous by removing the seams inside, but first the allowances for them will need to be cut, and cut off at the corners as close to the line as possible.

Pendant toy

It is convenient to make flat toys from felt, they consist of two identical halves, the space between which is slightly stuffed with synthetic fluff. This is how you can make a chicken out of felt. Pattern it can be quite easy.

do-it-yourself felt chicken patterns

You need yellow or white felt as the main one, and red, orange or brown for small details. According to the proposed pattern, the toy can be made double-sided, then all the details are cut out twice in a mirror image.

  • body - 2 parts;
  • wings - 2 pcs;
  • beak - 1 piece;
  • comb - 1 piece;
  • paws - 2 parts.
Easter chicken from felt pattern

Since felt is a fairly dense material, small flying parts can be cut out and sewn one at a time. But if there is a desire to do painstaking work, then the scallop, beak, paws can be cut out double, and then sewn together. First of all, a wing is sewn in place on the body, then the two halves are folded inside out, the beak, scallop and paws are placed at the location, and everything is sewn with the selected stitches. Can be attached to the combring or make a loop out of braid to make a pendant.

Easter Surprise

Easter is one of the brightest church holidays. And it was not without reason that a painted egg and a chicken with a chicken became its symbol as the beginning of a new life. You can give a handmade souvenir for Easter. By the way, as a gift there will be a chicken made of felt for Easter. The pattern of such a souvenir is simple and resembles an ordinary egg.

handmade felt chicken

Used white and yellow felt - for egg and chicken. The symbol of Easter can be arranged as your heart desires - beady eyes, a beak from a piece of felt. Although these same elements can simply be embroidered when the entire toy is practically assembled. Having issued the front side, you can sew the two halves of the souvenir with a seam forward needle on the front side.

felt chicken pattern

Easter decoration

On Easter you can make a lot of interesting decorations for the house, for treats. Using the following pattern, you can sew an egg decoration - an Easter chicken made of felt. The pattern should match the size of the eggs on which the decorations will be attached. It is also cut from two halves and sewn along the front side, and complemented by an applique of small details.

Easter chicken from felt pattern

Details are cut from paper and then from felt. A similar pattern can be used for decorations for a birthday cake, for example. At the same time, the lower part of the toy is also not sewn up, but is glued insidebase stick, such as a bamboo skewer or cocktail straw.

do-it-yourself felt chicken patterns

He althy Chicken

Felt crafts can be not only beautiful toys or trinkets, but also useful things. For example, a do-it-yourself felt chicken is sewn quickly and can be a pretty kitchen potholder. This household item is made quite simply. A yellow or orange piece of felt should be folded in half and, using a dessert plate, draw a circle, add 5 millimeters around the circumference and cut out two blanks. Using the same plate, cut out the filling from a piece of batting, do not add anything. Cut out wings and paws from felt.

handmade felt chicken

Fold all three blanks like a puff cake - the wrong side, the filling, the front side, put a piece of braid inside so that you get a loop. Place chicken wings and legs in place. Sew all the pieces together with an overlock stitch or seam-first needle. Decorate the front side with embroidery or appliqué. Potholder ready!

Easter chicken from felt pattern

Home theater

You can make very small finger toys for showing a home performance with and for children. For example, a do-it-yourself sewn chicken made of felt can become the hero of a fairy tale. Patterns of such a doll are not difficult to make on your own - circle the finger of the future puppeteer, add five millimeters to the freedom of fitting and sew a finger toy from two identical halves,complementing it with characteristic details.

handmade felt chicken

Souvenir from the heart

Cute DIY surprise gifts bring a little joy to everyday gray days. You should not look for an excuse to say kind words and show a small sign of attention. The felt chicken, the pattern of which is universal, will be such a cute reminder of friendship and love. For a presentation, you need to draw a heart on a piece of paper or use a simple pattern.

felt chicken pattern

Decorative elements are being prepared - beak, tail, scallop, wings. They can be very different, it all depends on the desire to decorate the craft. The two main parts are folded together, decorative elements are placed inside. The whole toy is sewn with matching or contrasting threads. If such a toy is made small, then it can become a cute keychain. If its dimensions are sufficient, you can fill it with sintepuh before sewing it to the end. Such a toy will become a sofa cushion.

handmade felt chicken

Needlework means to enjoy creativity and the process of work. The felt chicken, whose pattern can be very, very different, will be an occasion to create beautiful and necessary household items.

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