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Felt cake: description with photo, pattern, step by step instructions and expert advice
Felt cake: description with photo, pattern, step by step instructions and expert advice

All children just love games related to food - feed baby dolls, sell it in the store, invite "guests" to restaurants and cafes. And any little hostess, playing with her doll, must definitely feed her some yummy! To do this, let's sew a dessert in the form of a cake.

It does not have any small details and sharp corners. When working, neither glue nor dyes are used - accordingly, there is no threat to the he alth of children. So there are absolutely no age restrictions!

This game will allow your child to develop various skills needed in adulthood. Try to create at least 1 chunk first. We promise that you will like it and you will make a whole felt cake! It can be used not only in the game. It can also be used simply as a kitchen decor.

A simple cake for a doll

To "cook" it you will need:

  • Felt in various suitable shades - pink, brown.
  • With matching threads.
  • Smallbeads.
  • Sequins.
  • Filler - synthetic winterizer, cotton wool or holofiber.
  • Scissors, pencils, compasses and ruler.

At the beginning of work, do it with a compass (if you don't have it, use any object that fits in size - a saucer, a mug).

Divide the resulting circle into 6 equal sectors. These will be the details of the felt cake pieces. Transfer the pattern to the fabric of both shades.

cake patterns

The side of the piece is also needed - it will be five centimeters in width, and the length depends on the perimeter of the triangular top. Let's make it from brown felt.

Cut another pink strip equal to two long sides of the triangle - this is the "cream" layer.

Parts are ready, let's start sewing!

A narrow pink strip is fixed with pins in the center of a wide brown one and stitched along the entire length. Then, starting from a sharp corner, with a seam "over the edge" the sidewall is attached to the upper triangle - let it be pink for us. The lower part is sewn in the same way - do not forget to leave a small hole, here we will put the filler.

That's it, the "biscuit" is ready! It's up to the decoration.

Embroider the entire perimeter of the pink triangle with beads and sequins. Decorate with "marshmallows", "fruit slices" - the methods for making them are given below.

So we made one piece of cake! Make 5 more and you will get a wonderful puppet dessert!

Felt cakeDIY in 1 hour

And sometimes a cake is just urgently needed for the festive table - after all, the doll has a birthday! In this case, there is an option in which it will take about an hour to cook.

Required tools and materials:

  • Sheets of felt.
  • Satin ribbon.
  • Strip of silk fabric.
  • Thread and needle.
  • Sintepon or cotton wool.

So, we make a "quick" felt cake with our own hands. The patterns here are quite simple - 2 small circles (12 cm is enough) and a strip 4.5 - 6 cm wide, and its length will be equal to the length of your circumference.

birthday cake

First, cut out all the details from felt. Next, attach a satin ribbon to the side part, decorating it with beads. And after that everything - the top, the side part and the bottom - are sewn together and stuffed with any filler.

Drape silk with an accordion and sew this strip along the top joint, imitating a cream strip. Strawberries or berries can also be sewn from pieces of fabric.

Foam rubber will also come in handy

But the easiest way to make a treat for a doll party is the following way. You will need a piece of foam rubber 4-5 cm thick, felt shreds and a needle and thread.

piece of cake

Cut out a circle with a diameter of 12 cm from the foam rubber. Apply the same circles on the felt - these are the upper and lower parts of the cake. The side part will have a width equal to the height of the foam - 4 - 5 cm, and a length - the circumference - 38 cm.

Sew all felt parts with any seam convenient for you. Decoratea similar dessert can be artificial fruits, beads, material crafts, etc.

Do-it-yourself Velcro cake made of felt

But the most important thing about this craft is that it can be used not only for playing "daughter-mother", but also as a wonderful educational toy. Kids learn to play with each other, carefully "cut" with a toy knife, count, add and subtract, distinguish between color shades, etc. So, by making such a felt cake with your own hands, you will get an educational and educational toy.

Prepare a set of felt sheets, matching threads, synthetic winterizer or cotton wool, Velcro.

To sew a felt cake, you first need to make a pattern. The size can be any, based on the amount of material available and your desire.

Sew one side of Velcro on the triangular details of the top.

For one piece of felt cake, you need to connect two triangles and one sidewall, not forgetting the filler hole. Having put a synthetic winterizer inside, sew up this place as well.

Image "chocolate - strawberry" felt cake

Thus, you need to sew 6 "pieces".

To decorate pastel-colored felt, cut out the details for the marshmallow. How to do it is described below. From below we sew the second part of Velcro.

Done! Attach all the marshmallows to the pieces and play for your he alth!

Collapsible cake with magnets

This wonderful construction set promotes the development of fine motor skills of hands, memory, thinkingbaby.

To work, you need to purchase:

  • Felt sheets - any suitable shade.
  • Metal washers - about 1 cm in diameter - sixty pieces.
  • Round magnets - sixty pieces.
  • Hotmelt.
  • Glue (you can take "Glue instead of nails - a transparent seam").
  • Crayon or remnant.
  • Thread and needle.
  • 3mm Styrofoam.
  • Piece of foam - thickness 3 - 4 mm.
  • Pearl beads - 0.5 cm in diameter.
  • Flizelin.

First, draw a circle with a diameter of 20 cm and divide it into six sectors. In one of the triangles we make 2 holes - here we attach magnets.

Let's draw 13 details on the foam rubber and cut them out with scissors.

felt circles for cake making

This is one piece of felt cake. In the first cake there will be 3 layers of foam rubber, in the cream layer 2, in the second cake - 3 more, in the second cream layer - 2 and in the third - 3.

We take 5 parts and cut holes through them for magnets. In five more blanks, we make recesses to the middle - here we will put washers.

3 do not touch the details - leave as is.

Then, put the pucks into the prepared "nests" and gently grab them with threads to the foam rubber.

Let's do the same with the magnets, observing the polarity! Also fasten on both sides.

Now let's assemble the "cream": take 2 parts - top with a washer, bottom - a magnet - and glue them with drops of glue applied to the magnet.

"Korzhik" is assembled in almost the same way, alternating a piece with a washer, foam rubber without inserts and a piece with a magnet.

So, we have to collect three "biscuits" and 2 cream layers. For reliability, you can also sew the edges with a thread - very freely, without tightening the edges and avoiding deformation.

Constantly check the magnets for polarity, because we definitely need to magnetize the layers!

Next, take the felt, template and cut out triangles, with an allowance of 2 mm - 2 for each layer. You also need strips of various widths - "cream" 1 cm each, and "biscuit" 1.5 cm. Their length is the same and equal to 32.5 cm.

Choose the color yourself, to your taste - after all, a felt cake can be "chocolate", "strawberry", "pistachio", or maybe assorted.

If white felt is used in the work, then the magnets will shine through. This is not very beautiful, so glue the details with interlining, and only then sheathe the material.

Sew all the details together with a seam "over the edge" or "overlock", putting foam rubber inside.

So we got only 1 piece. To create a whole cake, sew 30 "layers" - 18 "biscuits" and 12 "creams".

At the end of the work, simply fold all the layers together and decorate with "fruits" of felt.

Each cake can be rearranged, creating new types of dessert - this will give the child the opportunity to experiment with the composition.

Cake decorations - felt meringues, waffles,marshmallows

Decorating cakes is a must, even if they are felt ones. And what else to dress him up, if not crafts from the same material? Moreover, the felt perfectly holds its shape and is perfect for creativity!

For example, an airy "meringue" is very easy to create from pieces of white matter. The scraps left over from making the cake will do.

For one airy cookie, we need to cut 4 circles with a diameter of 3 cm. Now cut three of them into 2 parts. Fold each half in half and sew the free edge with white thread. Glue a bead in the middle of the funnel.

apples for cake decoration

Then glue all 6 parts to each other, hiding the seam inside. We attach the fourth circle from below. Done.

After creating a few of these decorations, you can arrange them on the cake.

But pastel-colored felt makes an excellent marshmallow. For him, cut out a circle and cut it in eight places, evenly distributing the cuts around the circumference. On the one hand, we round off each of the sectors, and stitch along the sharp edges. We put a lump of any filler inside and tighten the thread. The top can be decorated with beads or sequins.

"Fruit wedges" for cake

For this purpose, you will need hard felt and polystyrene foam, which was included in the list of necessary materials for a cake designer. It is a filler for slices.

So, cut out the necessary details from felt - they are round, but then (when the embroidery is ready) we will fold them in half andglue to the lining.

Glue must be used in minimal quantities - just so that the felt does not move out. All stitches are sewn with a needle and thread that matches the color.

felt fruit

This is how orange, lemon, apple slices are created. With your imagination, you can easily make kiwi, strawberries, carambola, etc.

Kiwi seedlings can be drawn with a permanent marker or sew on with black beads, and embroider the veins.

To decorate the cake, 6 pieces of each piece of fruit are sewn. It is not worth attaching to the surface, because the child can use these crafts to prepare another delicious dish - a "fruit" salad, for example!

Here are some delicious felt cakes you can make for your favorite kids!

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