Garter stitch - the easiest pattern to make
Garter stitch - the easiest pattern to make

The very name of this unpretentious pattern speaks of its main purpose - garter stitch is used for knitting scarves. But the excellent quality characteristics of the fabric knitted with such a viscous make it possible to use it to create a wide variety of clothing models for adults and children.

Garter stitch

In appearance, garter stitch on knitting needles is very similar to the wrong side, but it has a looser structure, tends to increase the size of the knitted fabric in width and shorten its length somewhat. In addition, the knitting is two-sided, i.e. the front and back sides of the knitted fabric look identical.

It should be reminded once again that garter stitching is done with flat knitting needles. When knitting the fabric with facial loops on stocking or circular knitting needles, you get a stocking surface. As for the knitting technology, it is one of the simplest; even knitters with no experience can use it to make products. To get a positive resultyou only need to master the technique of casting loops and learn how to knit one type of loops. Garter stitch is knitted either with facial loops in each front and back row, or with back loops. Knit the front loops in the first way.

garter knitting

As a result of using different types of loops, the fabric will be slightly different in quality: when using purl loops, the fabric will be more voluminous, but more loose.

What are the benefits of garter stitch

Garter stitch is characterized by the formation of a strong, not prone to twisting edge. This made knitting very popular for knitting collars, plackets, waistbands and cuffs. Knitting has become especially relevant today, when knitted products without traditional elastic at the bottom are in fashion. Knitted in garter stitch, the fabric is not prone to deformation when washed, retains its original shape and dimensions well.

Garter stitch is ideal when creating products from textured, irregular yarns. Such knitting favorably emphasizes the beauty of the thread itself. Even the most inexperienced knitter who manages to master one type of loop can easily create an interesting model.

Knitted garter stitch

Another nice feature that garter stitch has is the ease of knitting a striped product. Very interesting models are obtained by alternating rows connected with threads of different colors. You can change the color after any even number of rows, if desired. The canvas connected in this way looks quite attractive, andits wrong side and front have a different look.

Where garter stitch is used

Garter stitch is used for knitting men's and women's sweaters, vests and jackets, coats, children's suits, scarves, scarves, hats. This type of knitting is perfectly combined in one product with braids, plaits. Garter stitch in this case is used as a background pattern. For dividing the plane between the background pattern and finishing stripes, braids or plaits, the wrong side of the stocking surface is used. When knitting summer products from thin threads, garter stitch can be quite interestingly combined with openwork finishing stripes.

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