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Original paper crafts: origami cat
Original paper crafts: origami cat

Origami is a very ancient tradition that has come down to our time. Mastering the technique of folding various figures from paper sheets is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Gradually, you can move from simple works to voluminous figures that will look extremely original.

The article will talk about how to make an origami cat.

The easiest classic option

Here you will need two sheets of paper shaped like identical squares. Work is performed in the following sequence.

One leaf is folded diagonally, then the corner on the left is slightly folded to the right side to look like a tail. This is what the torso of an origami cat looks like.

origami cat

How to make a head

But to make the head, you have to work a little harder. The paper should be positioned so that one of the corners looks up, then you need to fold it down through the middle so that you get triangles.

Then you need to add both vertices of the resulting figures so that theyaligned with the top at the bottom. After punching the folds, all the same corners need to be bent up, but not completely, so that a pair of triangles is obtained in front with another corner, which is located in the middle. Gently pulling the corners in different directions, we straighten the folds that we got earlier.

The result is a triangle whose vertex is at the bottom and 4 fold lines. Then you need to separate the paper layers, and press the paper inward where there were already folds from past folds. The final shape should be a diamond with ears.

The top part folds back, the resulting fold must be properly ironed and tucked into paper so that there are no protrusions on the back.

At the very last step, you need to connect the body with the head and spread the paws on the sides of the craft.

Another craft option

Here, you will need two sheets of paper to work, as well as in the manufacture of the first version of the cat.

origami cat

The first sheet is folded in half diagonally to form a triangle. The upper part of the resulting figure must be bent to the center by 2/3. The corners remaining below are bent up. Then you need to turn the workpiece.

For the torso, the paper also needs to be folded in half, then unfolded and cut in a triangle in an arc, starting from the lower left corner of the paper so that the cut goes to the upper right corner.

At the next stage, stepping back a few centimeters from the fold line, you need to cut out a small triangle.The resulting long piece is bent and becomes a tail.

It remains to glue the head with the body and draw a muzzle for the cat. Paper origami cat is ready.

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