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How to make a beaded necklace with your own hands
How to make a beaded necklace with your own hands

Today, handmade beaded jewelry is very popular. With a certain amount of perseverance and certain skills, you can get an original individual craft, the equal of which can no longer be found. We are talking not only about bracelets, earrings, hairpins, but also about more complex works, for example, about a necklace made of beads with your own hands.

A bit of history

Homemade jewelry is firmly in vogue, but it's rather problematic to say how it all began. Some jewelers liked the idea so much that they began to produce collections of products with simple designs. And if such a masterpiece is quite difficult to repeat due to the high cost of materials, then you can always opt for a more budgetary craft. Moreover, it will in no way be inferior in beauty to an ornament created by a jewelry master.

DIY beaded necklace for beginners

What you need for work

Most needlewomenprefer simple materials that can be purchased at a specialized store. A wide selection of components allows anyone to make a beaded necklace with their own hands. Before you get started, you must have the following:

  • mouline threads - 2 skeins of a suitable color;
  • beads;
  • beads of the chosen color, it is better to take large ones;
  • small round rhinestones;
  • wire for beads;
  • thread matching the color of the selected materials;
  • special needle;
  • scissors.

How to make a necklace

Beaded necklace for beginners is quite easy to make. Proceed as follows. All skeins of floss are divided into 3 equal bundles, each about 80 cm long. The bundles are tied together so that the ends of the threads remain behind the knot. The rest is braided. This is what will serve as the basis of the decoration. The length is calculated based on the size you need.

The base must be set aside for a while and proceed to the manufacture of the next part. You will need a thread and beads of the same color. Cut the thread and pass it through the first bead so that the ends meet each other. The ends are tightened, further work is carried out in a similar way. It is necessary to create a beaded thread that has 1/3 of the length of the warp. At the end you need to form a knot. Another part of the beaded necklace is made by hand.

DIY light beaded necklace

To make the next part of the necklace,you need to take the wire and beads with rhinestones. Rhinestones are strung on a wire, which must be bent, passing through the last pebble, do the same with the other end. Both ends are drawn into the upper hole of the rhinestone located in the middle, and the wire is tightened. To fix the element, the metal is twisted from the wrong side.

The next step is stringing unused small beads. It remains to connect all parts of the necklace with the base - and the original jewelry can be safely tried on. As you can see, making a beaded necklace for beginners is not difficult.

What other decorations are there

In this part of the article we will talk about making an air necklace. To work, you need a crochet hook. As a result, a do-it-yourself airy beaded necklace will have volume and is perfect for an evening dress, it is not a shame to demonstrate it at an official event. As for the manufacturing process, the skills of working with a hook will be very useful for a needlewoman to make complex loops that will give the desired volume to the decoration.

DIY airy beaded necklace

What you need in the work

In this case, you will need additional tools:

  • line;
  • medium hook (2, 5-3);
  • fittings;
  • pins with rings;
  • caps;
  • locks, carabiners or "screws".

The thickness of the hook should be exactly this. This size is suitable for line work. It is important! Otherwise, difficulties arise with a set of loops andline tension.

DIY beaded necklace photo

Procedure for making jewelry

Let's consider how to make a beaded necklace with your own hands. Initially, beads should be strung. The needlewoman should remember that it is better to immediately measure and cut off the required length of the fishing line. It will take about 4.5 meters. While stringing is in progress, you need to monitor the uniformity of the arrangement of the beads so that you do not have to stop work to pull the pebbles.

5 cm retreat from the bottom edge and tie a knot with a loop into which a hook will be inserted to form air loops. Then the beads are pushed up (the quantity is at the discretion of the needlewoman). In the process of knitting, you need to increase and decrease the elements to give the necklace an openwork. Part of the loops can be made with beads, part without it, in the latter case, the loops are made larger. For convenience, you can use the following scheme: for example, 4 - 3 - 4 - empty - 4 - 3 - 4, etc.

A light DIY beaded necklace implies the presence of air loops that do not need to be pulled together. The hook is threaded into the loop, then the fishing line is captured and pulled through the selected loop. This method allows you to perform the simplest air loop, which serves as the basis for the selected technique.

Features of the formation of the first layer

The first layer should consist of a beaded chain with a length of 0.4 meters. When performing work, everything is based not only on the future beauty of the product, but also on the ease of further assembly. Empty chains are knitted behind the first chain.loops in the amount of 5 pieces, which play the role of a conductor separating the rows of the necklace. This approach will make it easier in the future to separate the knitted chain into rows and assemble the voluminous decoration.

With a length of the first row of 40 cm, the next one will need to be increased by 2-3 cm. The third segment with air loops and beads also increases. It is important not to forget to leave free loops between them.

Work continues until the beads run out, by this time more than 10 blanks of the future necklace should be ready. The number of rows depends on how tight the knitting was done. The last chain ends with five air loops, the fishing line is fixed with a knot so that the decoration does not crumble.

DIY beaded necklace

Shutting down

We proceed to the last stage of the formation of a beaded necklace with our own hands (photo - later in the article). First you need to put all the layers of the workpiece on a soft surface. You can use a pillow for this purpose. You will also need enough pins.

The chain is stretched in layers, and the pins act as clamps and are fixed where the air loops were formed (5 pieces). The result should be a voluminous, long, zigzag chain of beads.

how to make a beaded necklace with your own hands

How to make a clasp

At the end of weaving, it remains to assemble the decoration. You need to use pins with rings and pliers to unbend the ring. It is necessary to put on loops on it, starting from any end.necklaces, gradually removing the pins. When all the parts are on the clasp, you need to bend it, do the same with the loops at the other end of the decoration and put on the end switches. The pins can be decorated with beads to hide the wire.

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