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Nightgown: pattern, model selection, sizes. Women's nightgown
Nightgown: pattern, model selection, sizes. Women's nightgown

Every woman can sew a nightgown. The details of the decor will depend on the skill of the dressmaker, but the basis will not change. In a few hours, a piece of material will turn into a new thing. There are so many different types of knitted lace, ribbons, nets and appliqués on the shelves of sewing stores! Of course, you can buy a ready-made nightgown. You don’t have to build a pattern for it, but a self-sewn thing has the warmth of human hands. This is a good gift for a loved one and an opportunity to take care of him.

You can sew a summer dress, sundress, top or tunic using the same pattern. So it's useful in every way. Usually, even a course of cutting and sewing begins with the tailoring of a nightgown. On the processing of the neck, hem, side seams, skill is worked out. On the construction of coquettes, pockets, collars - modeling.

Size: fabric count

The principle of constructing a nightgown pattern is that the drawing is repelled from the most voluminous place of the body. For some it's the chest, for some it's the hips. Be that as it may, you will need two pieces of fabric with a width equal to halfcontrol volume plus an increase in freedom of ten centimeters. If the chosen material is 80 centimeters wide, for women's clothing, you will have to buy four lengths.

DIY nightgowns

This product parameter is measured from the seventh cervical vertebra through the highest point of the chest to the desired length. At the same time, it is necessary to stand straight so that there is no distortion in the measurements. It's best to have someone help you take your measurements. For each detail, add five centimeters to the hem of the floor. If the fabric calculation is carried out in a store, five centimeters are added to this number and multiplied by two or four, depending on the width of the fabric.

To process the seams and the neck, you will need a bias trim to match the fabric. Some, on the contrary, choose a contrasting one, and then it acts as an element of decor. Threads - cotton, size 50 for chintz and 40 for flannel. They also match the tone of the fabric. Lace, seam, braid, ribbons are best picked up, having material with you. It will be a shame if the purchased decor does not match in color.

One piece sleeve product

Nightgown should be comfortable, not hinder movement. According to the principle of a nightgown pattern, they sewed a lower Russian shirt in the old days. Instead of darts, assemblies were made on ribbons. The place where two pieces of fabric were sewn together was covered with embroidery. A nightgown can also be made in the Russian style and trimmed with braid with ethnic motifs. It will hide uneven seams that a beginner will make.

One-piece sleeve nightgown

For the first experiencechoose a model with a minimum number of seams, cuts, without yokes and set-in sleeves. If the material allows, you can build a pattern directly on it on the wrong side. To do this, you need a washable felt-tip pen. Those who are afraid to work with a felt-tip pen can purchase tailor's colored crayons or take a remnant. You will get a clear thin line.

The construction of the sleeve is based on the principle of the vest. To do this, lay off 24 centimeters (for size 48) from the control point in both directions, drawing a square. Add eight centimeters and draw a smooth curve as shown.

The easiest pattern: choosing a style

This model is a bit more complicated. Fold the fabric in half, getting a rectangle. The fold runs along the shared thread. The figure shows a simple nightgown pattern built on the back of a piece of old wallpaper. If it is decided to use them, then pin the details as close to the fold as possible. How to build such a pattern will be shown below.

Sleeveless nightgown

After marking the length of the product (point A - point 102), measure one fourth of the chest circumference. Draw a horizontal line. Its level is determined when taking measurements. From it draw a line of the side seam, using the entire width of the fabric. Adjust the length of the product. The bottom part is ready. The top is built according to the drawing, using individual measurements. The back of the nightgown is cut out in the same way - several lines are built along the control points and connected.

Strap nightgown

Some bottom modelslinens are very expensive. Designers are working on their creation so that a woman in all outfits is good. What to do when there is no money for elegant nightwear? Many models can be sewn by hand. To create an elegant sleep dress, you will need a base pattern of a semi-adjacent silhouette, which was removed from French clothes and put into Soviet production. The dress sewn on it fits very well. You can even find drawings in old editions.

The figure shows how to model a women's nightgown with straps. Sundresses and open dresses to the floor are sewn according to the same pattern. The difference lies only in the material from which the products are made. For a nightgown, satin or batiste is suitable. Cotton sewing combined with knitted fabric will look good.

Nightgown with straps

The chest side tuck closes during modeling, while at the waist it expands. When cutting a skirt, these elements are not taken into account. Insert lace strips from sewing. In the side seams, six centimeters are added to freedom on the chest and 8–12 on the hips. An elastic band is inserted into the place of stitching the skirt and bodice. The length of the straps is determined individually. Tape is inserted in the side seam.

Raglan nightgown pattern

The model of a shirt with such sleeves can be built in two ways: using the classic base of a semi-adjacent silhouette or a modern boho-style tunic pattern. The figure shows how easy it is to do this in the second case. The neck is collected on a ribbon or elastic band and forms a beautiful line in folk

Raglan sleeve nightgown

for this model, you can arbitrarily increase the length of the sleeves or the bottom of the product. It is easy to build. Its disadvantage is that a beginner can easily confuse a sleeve with a shelf or back. Therefore, it is necessary to mark not only the detail of the nightgown pattern itself, but also the side seams, the neck and the seam of the sleeve. Then it will be impossible to get confused.


The exciting journey into the world of clothing creation begins with the very first garment. For some, it will be a simple nightgown. A pattern with or without sleeves is not so important. The main thing is the beginning of the creative path.

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