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How to crochet a pug
How to crochet a pug

Not so long ago there was a fashion for crocheted pugs. Maybe this was due to the fact that this breed resembles a plush toy. And when a pug puts on a sweater and goes out for a walk, it can be confused with a toy dog. Be that as it may, craftswomen knit overalls, booties and hats for their pets, and then create cute knitted animals.

To tie a toy, you need to think in advance what parts it will consist of. Usually the head is knitted separately: it has the most small details, so it is convenient to work not with the whole toy, but with some of its fragments. The crochet technique allows you to make changes to the original model along the way without dissolving the product.

Knitted pugs

Cute handmade toys have warmth and tenderness. Because the author made them with love.

There are many crocheted pug patterns. In the amigurumi technique, babies are knitted five to eight centimeters in size. Such a toy can be hung, pinned, put in your pocket. The process of its creation will take no more than an hour.

pug artist

Amigurumi - national traditional Japanesea toy. Along with the fashion for Japanese style, these kids came too.

Now you can meet many such funny pugs - they are worn on a bag like a key chain, hung over a car driver, decorate a children's room. Amigurumi is a good crocheted gift. Little pug artist, for example.

Cute knitted dogs

To photograph newborns, they make spy toys with their eyes closed. They are already larger in size - from ten to twelve centimeters. When the baby grows up, he will be happy to sleep with his friend.

sleeping pug toy

Pug souvenir toys can have many details, a wire frame inside and such toys are made for collections. Game pugs are knitted in the size of twenty-five centimeters. For a child of three to five years, this is a convenient size. Such a pug is knitted with a crochet or knitting needles. Such toys should wash well, so the yarn should not shed.

Universal toy

In order to decide to make a pug with their own hands, several models are selected. It is desirable to combine in them such qualities as ease of manufacture, ease of washing, and the absence of hard parts. A crocheted pug no larger than twelve centimeters in size satisfies these requirements. It's great for collection and play. Its small size allows it to be used as a souvenir, it can live in a bag or pocket.

For beginners, a toy knitted in a circle will be difficult: to maintain symmetry, you need to mark each row and count the loops. It is better to dwell on a model consisting of twohalves connected to each other. The pug toy will come out a little flat.

knitting pattern

Toy parts

The product has two large parts: front and back halves. They are distinguished by the presence of a muzzle pattern on the front part. The photo shows how to crochet a pug: in addition to these details, a pair of ears, a tail and a butterfly are knitted. Eyes, tongue, nose and eyebrows are done after.

toy details

First, the legs are knitted - two identical parts. Starting with eleven loops, knit five rows. Decrease one stitch in each row. Having connected five rows, close the loops. You will need four of these parts. The ears are knitted in the same way as the legs, only from black yarn. You need to link two parts.

The tail is one row of single crochets, connected on a chain of ten air loops. The thread remaining after fastening the last loop is left about five centimeters long.

The bow tie is knitted from red yarn. Ten loops are cast on for him and four rows are knitted with single crochets, after which the loops are closed. In the center, the butterfly is tied up with a red thread without cutting the ends.

Back and front halves

The tummy and back are knitted the same way, only the muzzle is knitted with colored yarn. Cast on loops through the wide sides of the legs, eleven loops each. In total, twenty-two loops are obtained on knitting. Six rows are knitted and at the end of the sixth row a chain of three air loops is added. In the next row, repeat the addition. These will be the pens.

Knitting shouldget twenty-eight loops. So three rows are knitted, after which two loops are reduced on each side. There should be twenty-four loops left. So knit two rows of the neck. Then the front half of the pug is knitted in one pattern, and the back in another.

knitted pug

Crochet back half of pug: diagram and description

After two rows of the neck are knitted, the head is knitted with beige yarn. Knitting pattern:

  1. 24 sts.
  2. 24 sts.
  3. Inc 1 st - 26 sts (inc 1 st).
  4. 26 sts.
  5. 26 sts.
  6. Inc 1 st - 28 sts (inc 1 st).
  7. 28 sts.
  8. 28 sts.
  9. 28 sts.
  10. 28 sts.
  11. Dec 1 st - 26 sts (dec 1 st).
  12. 26 sts.
  13. Inc 1 st - 24 sts (inc 1 st).
  14. Inc 1 st - 22 sts (increase 1 st).
  15. Reduce one st - 20 sts (reduce one st).
  16. Inc 1 st - 18 sts (increase 1 st).
  17. Inc 1 st - 16 sts (increase 1 st).
  18. Reduce one st - 14 sts (reduce one st).

After the part is knitted, it is steamed with an iron and a tail is sewn on.

knitted pugs

Pug face

Having reached the neck, the front half begins to knit according to the scheme. Two colored threads are introduced for the muzzle pattern. When changing colors, the threads are crossed with each other so that empty gaps in the canvas are not obtained. Like all toyssingle crochet and knit the head of a pug.

Scheme and description:

  • Crochet pull a dark thread after the fifth beige column.
  • Knit four stitches and change the thread to beige.
  • Knit six stitches and change the thread to dark. Each time the threads are crossed when changing colors.
  • Knit four dark stitches and change the thread to beige. The row ends with five columns.

Knitting the head in rows:

  1. 5 beige, 4 dark, 6 beige, 4 dark, 5 beige.
  2. 5 beige, 5 dark, 4 beige, 5 dark, 5 beige.
  3. Add one loop - 6 beige, 5 dark, 4 beige, 5 dark, 6 beige (add one loop).
  4. 7 beige, 12 dark, 7 beige.
  5. 7 beige, 12 dark, 7 beige.
  6. Inc 1 st - 8 beige, 2 brown, 8 dark, 2 brown, 8 beige (inc 1 st).
  7. 7 Beige, 3 Brown, 8 Dark, 3 Brown, 7 Beige
  8. 6 beige, 16 brown, 6 beige
  9. 6 beige, 16 brown, 6 beige
  10. 7 Beige, 6 Brown, 2 Beige, 6 Brown, 7 Beige
  11. Reduce one st - 7 beige, 4 brown, 4 beige, 4 brown, 7 beige (decrease one st).
  12. Reduce one loop - 26 beige (reduce one loop).
  13. Reduce one loop - 24 beige (reduce one loop).
  14. Reduce one loop - 22 beige (reduce one loop).
  15. Reduce one loop - 20 beige (reduce one loop).
  16. Reduce one loop - 18 beige (reduce one loop).
  17. Reduce one loop - 16 beige (reduce one loop).
  18. Reduce one loop - 14 beige (reduce one loop).

The threads used to knit the muzzle are carefully fastened. They can be linked together. Sew on the eyes. The nose and eyebrows are embroidered with black yarn, a loop is made with pink yarn - this is the tongue. Sew on a red bow tie.

How to assemble the toy

After the front and back parts are completely ready, they begin to sew them together. To do this, both parts are tied around the contour with a beige thread, leaving the upper part of the head uncovered - synthetic fluff is stuffed through it. Start stuffing in small pieces, tamping them in the paws with a pencil. If this is not done, they will hang like flippers.

The torso is not stuffed too much to keep the toy soft. After stuffing the head, continue and finish sewing the product.

How to sew on ears

Amigurumi toys are traditionally sewn together with sewing threads. They are not visible against the background of a knitted product, but modern techniques do not use such methods. Crocheted pug ears are steamed with an iron through a damp cloth and checked for their identity. If after steaming one ear is larger, you can bandage it.

ear tying

To assemble separately connected parts, a seam is performed without knitting a column. To do this, insert a hook into the extreme loop of the part and one of the loops of the canvas to which it is tied. Having folded the end of the thread in half, pull the loop. Without knitting it, repeat the operation again. There are two loops on the hook. Stretch the second through the first, as in an air chain. All the details are fastened with such a seam.


To tie a funny dogcrochet pug, any light yarn in natural shades will do. It will take a little, so the product will not become costly. Instead of ready-made eyes, you can sew on buttons, and glue a disk of s alt dough on the holes in their center.

pug amigurumi

Knitting a toy is always fun. Invite your child to make a friend and help them crochet a pug.

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