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Book "Secrets of the Xia Dynasty" by Julie Po
Book "Secrets of the Xia Dynasty" by Julie Po

Today, almost every second person wants to know their fate and learn how to manage life. But fortunately, the time has passed when everyone blindly believed fortune-tellers, sorcerers and other pagan beliefs. The Chinese school of numerology, including the Xia Dynasty book, does not predict fate, it is able to reveal all the layers of the human subconscious in layers and provide answers to the most exciting questions. That is, in simple terms, a person gives answers to himself using numerology.

Secrets of the Xia Dynasty Book

science numerology
science numerology

In the essay written by Julie Poe, just the same, all the subtopics of numerology are revealed. After reading it and studying some points, you can easily predict your future based on the nature and events in the present. Based on the ancient system of hexagrams, which is also described in a fairly simple form in the book "Xia Dynasty", you do not have tobe content with approximate predictions, because numerology, based on mathematical formulas, numerology gives the most accurate coordinates of the answer to an exciting question.

For example, just by the date of birth, or rather, by the code embedded in it, you can determine what type of person a person belongs to, and, accordingly, what will happen to him and has already happened in life. For those who believe in reincarnation, there is an opportunity to find out what kind of creature he was in a past life.

Karma and Prediction

These two factors are fundamental niches in the author's book "Xia Dynasty". Here it is also necessary to say that the author studies the school of Hexagram numerology, which significantly affected both Julie and her works.

Not everyone believes in karma, but that doesn't matter. The Xia Dynasty book is written in such a way that anyone will find in it what they need.

About the author

finding answers
finding answers

Julie Poe (real name and surname kept in the strictest confidence) is a theoretical writer. A great numerologist and lecturer, a wonderful poetess and just a person who knows almost everything. Julie from childhood was a child who was drawn to knowledge and always tried to get to the truth, this left an imprint on her fate. Just during the search for Truths, she met the great Buddhist Lama Kor, who advised her to quench her thirst for knowledge with the help of numerology.

Interesting fact: many followers of Julia believe that she is not a person, but an artificial intelligence sent to earthalien beings. All this is explained by the fact that the author has a very powerful energy and great productivity.

Also, Julie Poe has developed several unique techniques for studying the picture of Life, Destiny and Man himself.

Chinese School of Numerology

Ancient China
Ancient China

This is another book in the same series as Secrets of the Xia Dynasty. Many readers advise reading both works in order to fully understand the author's idea. One of the key factors in the book "The Chinese School of Numerology" was to uncover the myth that China has its own history and cultural undertakings.

Unfortunately, most of the facts relating to the historical past of this civilization are kept secret, especially no official mention can be found about the power of Great Tartaria. Therefore, Julie literally collected the events of those times, in which our ancestors were participants, literally bit by bit.

Being descendants, and, therefore, successors of the family, people keep certain knowledge and experience of centuries. But if you stop restoring the past of mankind, then you can forever lose the strength of your kind and people. In the book Secrets of the Xia Dynasty, Julie Po tells how to get all the secrets and information left by the ancestors from the human subconscious. The main difficulty lies in the belief in rebirth. Since a large stream of memories is associated with past lives, which are intertwined with the necessary information.

Xia Dynasty by Julie Po

In fact, as the author says, not the whole story that has survived to this day isreal. A lot of fabricated moments do not allow alternative historians to build a complete picture of the world. You have to study tons of materials to find nuggets of truth.

And again an example about China, knowing that all of its ancient history was fabricated only 3 centuries ago, the entire Eastern esoteric system is being questioned. And all due to the fact that the magicians who, according to legend, developed this work, lived just the same in the period of antiquity. Esoteric knowledge, according to Julie, was most likely transferred to China from the Great Tartarians.

All assumptions made in the book are justified. Julie brings up a lot of evidence each time. The same happens with the above example. The author found evidence of the transfer of knowledge in ancient legends and myths about the Gods, which brought the sacred teachings.

History of the Dynasty

Xia dynasty
Xia dynasty

The story about pseudo-China did not just get into the book, it turns out that the leaders of the Land of the Rising Sun were the White Tsars of Tartaria. It is they who are described in the myths about the Gods. The first dynasty of the Di kings transferred all its powers to the Yu family, these are the direct descendants of the Xia. This is further proof that Ancient China did not exist as we believe it.

Of course, it is very difficult to know who was the first from the Xia Dynasty. The reason for this is that the Chinese people rewrote history many times in their own language, so many words and names sound completely different in the New World.

Slavic origin

Ruler of the Xia Dynasty
Ruler of the Xia Dynasty

The Xia Dynasty is considered truly sacred in all parts of the world, especially in China, and this is obvious. Yu according to official sources is considered the first emperor of Zuan Di. But the fact that this ruler has Slavic roots is usually kept silent, although this is one of the main secrets of the origin of the Xia Dynasty.

Legend says that Shun, the last emperor of the Great Five, transferred power and all powers to Yu. Chinese archaeologists are inclined to believe that the capital of the Xia Dynasty, and hence their origin, is the city of Erlitou, which flourished during the Bronze Age. True, no written evidence of this theory has been found at present.

The entire Dynasty chain consisted of 17 rulers, the last was Xia Jie, who lost the whole country to the Shang people because of his lifestyle.

The decline of managerial power

Dynasty Resolution
Dynasty Resolution

Really don't blame Jie alone for the end of the dynasty. The collapse started much earlier. Already at the time of the 7th ruler Zhu, troubles began, for example, by moving the capital to the new city of Laotsu, he set the people of China against himself. And already with the 13th king of Cain, a significant decline in trust in power begins. In fact, the sovereigns worshiped numerology, and, not trusting the number thirteen, they themselves plotted intrigues. And when Kunja comes to the throne, the institution of power falls, management becomes disorderly.

All these facts help the vassals to strengthen themselves, including in the eyes of the Chinese people. And, waiting for a good moment, Shang Tang from the Xia-Shan tribe conquered the throne, which had alreadythe Xia Dynasty occupied for many centuries. Jie's fate was unfortunate: when he was captured, he fell ill, and died a few days after his release.

Author of the book

Despite the fact that Julie Poe sometimes puts forward theories that are hard to believe, for example, that the earth is flat, she is still an interesting theorist. Everything she says is always backed up by arguments and facts, so she cannot be called empty talk. The Xia Dynasty is no exception. Although it talks more about how to know yourself, there are moments of exposing the Chinese state. And even if a person does not believe in numerology, at least for the sake of historical moments, this book is worth reading.

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