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How to crochet a panda: diagrams and description
How to crochet a panda: diagrams and description

Pandas are probably the cutest animals. These funny black and white teddy bears seem to be made for play. Maybe that's why they compete even with Teddy bears.

The hand-made movement has long gained momentum. No matter how many models the craftswomen came up with! Among the master classes there are also tips on how to crochet a panda. For this, the technique of making Japanese amigurumi toys is suitable.

They are all knitted using similar patterns that create three-dimensional shapes: a ball, a sphere, a hemisphere, a cone, a drop. The same principles are used to create the teddy bear.

How to crochet a panda

You can imagine a toy in the form of several separate parts: head, torso and limbs. The panda's head is knitted according to the ball pattern, the torso is knitted according to the drop or ball pattern. The paws start as a ball, but then turn into a cylinder and end in a sphere. A separately connected muzzle in the form of a hemisphere is sewn to the head. Ears are knitted in a semicircle. The tail is a chain of air loops, which is then sewn to the product.

panda crochet

To create a ball in each row, add six loops, reaching the desireddiameter, begin to reduce each row of six loops. To make a cone, six loops are added through a row.

Schemes of the torso, legs and head

The picture below shows how to crochet a panda. Symbols are standard.

panda knitting pattern

Work begins with the amigurumi ring. A thread of yarn is wound around the finger, forming a ring. Six columns without a crochet are pulled out of it (in the diagrams they are shown with crosses). Additions and decreases of loops are indicated by a double checkmark. If its ends look down, then two loops are knitted into one. If up - two loops are knitted from one loop.

Head making order

The order of knitting of individual parts is not so important. After all, then they will all come together, and there you will need to act strictly according to the instructions: first sew one element, then the other. However, there is one subtlety in the crocheted panda: her eyes have, as it were, black glasses. If you try to knit a pattern on such a small model, it will turn out very sloppy and rude. The panda can even become menacing (if the elements are square).

Therefore, for a crocheted amigurumi panda, sewing a chain of air loops in place of the "glasses" is provided. Carefully, row after row, the chain is laid in a circle and fixed with black sewing threads or floss matching the shade. Eyes are sewn onto ready-made "glasses" or factory-made elements with fasteners are used.

Variant of knitting panda "glasses"

After this operation, sewa muzzle connected in the form of a hemisphere. Sewing thread is also used for it. It is very important to make sure that the stuffing does not accidentally get into the seam, does not crawl out in the corners, and the muzzle does not warp. It is convenient to sew it on before the bear's head is stuffed. Yes, and it will take less time.

When these operations are completed, the head is stuffed with synthetic down to half and continue to knit to reduce the volume, gradually reporting the filler and closing the loops at the end.

How to assemble the toy

When knitting, identical parts are not obtained. This is understandable, because manual work is characterized by some deviations from the ideal. But there is an important point in the assembly: before sewing, the limbs are fixed with pins. This is necessary to determine the center of gravity of the product. It will be a shame if the bear cub cannot stand or sit, but will fall on its side or fall prostrate in front of its creator.

When assembling, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Connect the torso and front legs. If it is supposed to make them movable, a large needle is passed through the paws and torso through and through and sewn on a button on each outer side of the limb. It is better to choose small fittings to match the paws with two holes for fixing.
  2. The head is sewn on, after checking the center of gravity. The stuffing of the torso is made denser so that the head is more stable and does not hang out.
  3. Attach the legs by pulling the thread strongly when fixing with buttons. The tummy of the toy should stick out forward. Only then will the panda be able to stand well.
  4. Lastly, fix the ears, embroider the nose, mouth, claws,antennae. On a white background, black floss threads in four additions are used, on a black one - white.
little panda amigurumi

Some craftswomen use the same yarn for tying details as in work. In this case, do not use a needle, but work with a crochet. Knitting an amigurumi panda is difficult only at first glance. The more details, the prettier the toy will be.


Schemes help novice needlewomen to connect the selected model. Over time, just by looking at the toy, you will understand how to crochet a panda or some other animal. A real artist is not one who knows the technique of drawing. The main thing is to see the beauty. So in any creative business, knitting is no exception.

Understanding what elements make up the figure of a toy is the basis of knowledge. The next step is to put them into practice. Good luck with this hobby!

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