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Deer from cones: how to make
Deer from cones: how to make

What kind of materials do not go to the manufacture of all kinds of crafts. It can be paper, and plasticine, and newspapers, as well as pine cones. Such gifts of nature are ideal for becoming funny little animals or birds from the forest in skillful hands. The article will talk about how to make a deer using cones and plasticine.

crafts from natural material deer from cones

What you need for work

Before performing the original craft, you need to take care of the necessary materials at hand. In this case, you will need:

  • thick carton;
  • scissors;
  • spruce cones;
  • foil;
  • adhesive tape;
  • a few small twigs.

Step by step actions

  1. A small platform-stand is being created, on which the craft will stand. There is nothing difficult here, just put moss on the cardboard, which will create the illusion of a forest glade, or use an unnecessary piece of brown or green fabric to create an association withearth.
  2. Deer from cones is made very simply. The cone itself will play the role of the body, and you need to attach branches to it using plasticine. So the forest dweller will have legs. The head of the craft is also made from a cone, only of a smaller size. Here you need to make horns and eyes, the latter are molded from plasticine, and the first from branched twigs.
  3. At the final stage, you need to connect the two parts of the deer with glue.

So, the first version of a deer made of cones and plasticine is ready.

deer from a cone and plasticine

How else can you work on crafts

Here you will need to acquire the following materials:

  • a pair of cones of different sizes, one of which must be closed;
  • rowan clusters;
  • plasticine;
  • a few autumn leaves for decoration.

General recommendations

deer made of cones

It is best to make a head out of a cone with closed scales. A deer made of cones must have eyes that are easy to mold from plasticine. Sharp corners are recommended to be left. The pupils are made black. You can finish the design of the eye with cilia, for which rowan leaves are perfect. They need to be cut into thin strips.

For the mouth you will also need a piece of plasticine, it is attached to the top of the cone, and the eyes take their rightful place on the sides of the craft.

The next step is to make horns with hooves. An excellent decoration for the head of a deer from cones will be rowan clusters, but notexactly as they were prepared. It is necessary to cut off the berries, and the remaining branches will be the horns. This part is fastened with a piece of plasticine.

After the head is ready, it remains to fasten the two parts of the craft. It turned out to be a wonderful forest dweller. Legs, if the bump will stand without them, it is not necessary to do. In another case, branches of sufficient thickness are used as legs to support the weight of the craft.

It remains for crafts from natural material - deer from cones - to make a stand, for which thick cardboard is quite suitable. For more entourage, you can use autumn leaves, which are laid out on a cardboard box.

So, the article described how to make several variants of deer using pine cones and plasticine.

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