How to make a nun costume with your own hands
How to make a nun costume with your own hands

Halloween may not be considered an official holiday in our country, but this is not a reason to stay at home, especially if you want some kind of entertainment, or there has been an invitation to a party dedicated to this unusual event for a long time.

The nun costume is one of the simplest and most common clothing options used on holidays. It is absolutely not necessary to make an expensive purchase in the store, because you can sew with your own hands if you know how. Separate additional elements of decoration can be: blood, fangs, dropped eyes, but all these are details. Now it is worth dwelling in more detail on how to make an outfit for yourself. The main element is black fabric, which will be needed in large quantities.

Costume Options

What will be the outfit for the holiday - everyone decides for himself. It can be a discreet classic, represented by a hoodie that hides legs, or with a corrected length, a slit and an unusual make-up option that complements the look, which is sure to attract the attention of all party guests.

Another option for a do-it-yourself nun costume for Halloween would be a bikini made of black fabric orunderwear with lace. It all depends on the theme of the party, as well as the courage of the one that picks up an outfit.

The nun costume can be made from a leather bodysuit. Here, high over the knee boots and mesh tights will be ideal additional details. It is important not to forget about the headdress, otherwise a modest or not very nun can be confused with other popular heroines of TV shows and comics.

Suits made of white fabric are no less popular. Yes, they are also monastic, and the image from American Horror Story served as a prototype.

nun costume

A more elegant option would be to create a fitted long dress and a high-cut skirt. Or put a translucent material on the skirt, and make the petticoat as short as possible. To complete the look, you should take care of snow-white stockings and a pair of high-heeled shoes.

Creating a version of the deceased nun will require a bit of work, making a few holes in the costume, and using paint to smudge the material. But the monastery novice should appear at the feast in a snow-white outfit, for which light, flowing materials will be needed. How different versions of the nun costume look like (see the photo in the article).

What else is important not to forget?

So, the costume is thought out and the necessary fabric has already been prepared. Here it should be remembered that not a single nun can do without an apostle. This is a scarf that covers the head and has a cutout for the face. Much needed detailhandmade or store bought.

halloween nun costume

Costume work

To create the perfect outfit, you will have to get a black fabric. Preference should be given to matter on which there are no decorations or patterns. With a pattern, everything is simple. The simplest dress can serve as a prototype, it is on it that a hoodie is sewn.

If desired, you can make a deep cut, but this detail depends on the chosen image. A white turtleneck will be a great addition to a nun's costume. It will serve as an imitation of a high collar and long sleeves.

nun costume photo

As mentioned above, a headdress is an obligatory addition. First of all, the hood is sewn together, here you need a white fabric. Then comes the turn of the rim, which is made according to the size of the head. A dark material is lowered from it to the shoulders. Preference should be given to soft tissues.

What else can I do?

A short black dress will suit those ladies who want to create a more extravagant nun costume. You can use a ready-made version or make it yourself.

Detailed instructions

Need to purchase black fabric and some long white satin ribbons. The black material is used to create a T-shirt with a cutout for the head. All parts of the outfit should have a rectangular shape. For convenience, armholes can be sewn using a modern okat, or you can refuse this option. suit lengthdone at the discretion of the owner, the only advice is to leave the sleeves wide.

For the headdress you will need a black fabric, from which you need to make a scarf. Front will be trimmed with satin ribbon.

do-it-yourself nun costume

The rest of the tape is suitable for a stand-up collar. Its length is calculated from the neck circumference and small seam allowances, it is recommended to add about 5 cm of fabric, the excess can always be cut off. As you can see from the above, making a nun costume with your own hands is very easy and simple.

Finishing the look

Complete any outfit, including a nun costume, shoes. The classic genre is dark boots, but for a solemn event you want something more refined. You can use stiletto heels or high boots. Fishnet stockings will also be useful. To complete the image, you should take the Holy Scriptures with you. It is not necessary to rush about in search of the original, any book with a color cover with a picture of a cross will do. Or you can give preference to the rosary, so as not to carry a heavy tome with you.

A few words about makeup

What is Halloween without makeup? It all depends on which particular image is chosen. The classic is represented by such an option in which as few cosmetics as possible are applied to the face. Those. it should look bare.

Sexy image suggests bright colors. You can get by with evening options, but use the whole bright palette. Particular emphasis is recommended to focus on the lips and eyes. Here you can usefalse eyelashes, bright lipstick that is not used in everyday life.

handmade nun costume for halloween

The most ordinary cosmetics will help complete the image of a dead nun, there is nothing complicated here. The open neck creates additional space for fantasy, the skin can be traced from the rope for hanging. Blue and red shades are perfect.

Scary make-ups are created using artificial wounds purchased in specialized stores. But where to stick wounds is a personal matter for everyone. Using artificial blood can make the image more creepy and therefore more memorable.

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